I need to 're tighten the plastic after work today but I'm starting to be proud of being at a point in my life where if I want something no matter how bat shit crazy or long it may take I get it. Lol now if I could do that with every thing I want to or actually help the world in some way. But this was a fun project and I was thinking I've got a lot of different things in this build. The old boat trailer was to be scrapped and got the main bit of plastic from my friend Paul. Got a different plastic for the rear and doors and 3 inch screws from my friend Ed, got the irrigation tubing to weave the roof and front from my friend Pieter. Got hinges for the doors from my grandpa. Got the sheet of aluminum and a fold out step from the Winnebago. My friend Matt helped me with fitting the plastic the first time. My girlfriend Kelsey helped me finish the doors today. The plywood, 2x4s, zip ties, idea, and a a lot of time came from Justin. Lol it's going to work out great. Only thing out of pocket for me is the cost of the ply wood the rest is basically from being respectful and people giving me either junk or new stuff to help with a project and it's cool to have built something like that. #GreenHouse #GreenHouseGoals #MobileGreenHouse

One of the coolest #webs I have seen. Totally horizontal, the universe of this #spider. Hiding out behind our #greenhouse #atx #organicgardening #macrouniverse #microuniverse

Wrapped up the hoop house project today. See what I did there? Still more farm projects on the list: rabbit tractors, chicken tractors; hopefully I’ll have some time for some real woodworking soon.
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Stop by the Greenhouse and purchase a seedling! We have a wide variety #goga #seedling #gardening #greenhouse #georgemasonuniversity

I want stars, strength & balance in my soul

Here’s an amazing fact.
Eyes have muscles that focus on various distances from them. Sitting at a computer screen constantly can make the eyes tired. Set a timer for half an hour either step away from the computer or if near a window look at something far away, then mid distance and something very close.
Do this for a minute or so. This excercises the eye muscles.
So looking at a green plant/tree allows the eyes to focus at a different distance than the screen. Ideally a person should stand up and move around with some stretches to help the body as well. Sitting in the exact same position without movement is also not good for the body.
Try it, the next time you are stuck on your screen for a long time, try looking at a tree or plants out of your window.
Your eyes will feel refreshed! .
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Seedlings from crossing my Prickly Pete plants. These have a lot of potential at only 8 months old!

Целое маленькое приключение и открытие случилось у нас с @kriszubtsova.
Уж очень мне хотелось устроить съёмку в оранжереи. Тут с Кристиной совпали наши желания, не раздумывая долго мы забронировали оранжерею в Ботсаду для съёмки. Записали нас и даже не заказали в какую оранжерею то записали.
Помнится мне ещё со школы, там было всего две оранжереи: тропики и цветущие. А записали нас в новую оранжерею "Кактусы и суккуленты" и выяснилось это за 10 мин до съёмки. Мы уже успели немного расстроиться, что это там за суккуленты такие. Маленькие поди, не интересные...
Нас встретили, проводили к месту съёмки и когда мы вошли в оранжерею, нашему восторгу не было предела! Все такое красивое, ухоженное, стильное!! Огромные КАКТУСЫ!! Я видела такие только в кино про дикий запад! Лавочка, дорожки, выложенные камнем, водопадик! Ну такая красота!
В общем, кто ещё хочет составить мне компанию в это прекрасное место, вэлкам!

My kind of paradise.

Earth day rides with Jinji

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