My "Album of the Year" designation is a toss-up between Bloodcow's 2015 release 'Crystals and Lasers' and Belzebong's 2016 release 'Greenferno'. Both of these albums have gotten hundreds of listens this year. 'Crystals and Lasers' is a perfect album: great pacing, great songwriting, lyrics that paint a bizarre portrait of an everyman/madman, great production, and fucking big riffs. Standout tracks: Sock, Dick for Days, and the title track which is an epic all on its own. 'Greenferno' is an album that will reset your attitude. It's instrumental stoner rock/doom metal, and it is every bit as good as that description is not. It has blues grooves, huge riffs, long compositions that create anticipation, weird samples, weird guitar effects, and a overall tone that is chill AF. It's my go-to album for relaxation, mental vacation, and thinking about nothing. Both these albums are available on tons of streaming services, YouTube, Apple Music, etc... so go find them and give them about 100 listens each and report back. #bloodcow #belzebong #bestoflist #crystals #lasers #greenferno #metal #doom #heavymetal

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Excellent Sunday morning rippers courtesy of Polish outfit Belzebong. Seeing them all jam in unison 2 years ago at Psycho was truly a sight to behold. A+ album art as well, get a joint in your butt.

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Belzebong - Greenferno. Available at Shadebeast Records. Message if you don't live here and it can be mailed to you. #belzebong #greenferno #doom #stonerdoom #weedcore #stonersludge #sludgemetal

Belzebong • Greenferno
Constantly playing this one. I prefer side 4 to side 20 because Diabolical Dopenosis is a ripper, but both sides are recorded in (((stonero))) so it's hard to play favorites. Guess what they write songs about.

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