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SALAD RAINBOW! 😍🌈 Lettuces are one of my favourite veg to grow 🌱. So many colours💚💜❤️, shapes🔸🔺▫️, textures and tastes! I really miss the crunch of a nice Little Gem lettuce that's been grown in the cool ❄️ spring weather! 😍😋 What's your favourite variety? Tell me below!⬇️💪

Punnett square of Sansevieria 'Hahnii' variegation - happy to have collected them all from @valleyviewgardens 😊🌿

The outdoors are in 🍃The selection of indoor greenery in store this week is off the hook! Open til 5 today! #indoorplants #flowers #houseplants #looseleafstore #greenery #plants

Working on the #propagationstation

Leaving tonight for a little vacation to Bruges, Antwerp and Amsterdam. If anyone has any travel suggestions or tips for these places, send 'em my way! Don't want to miss anything while I'm there. And if I'm a bit quiet over the next week or so, you'll know why 😉 // 📷 cred @houseof_kar // #prickleandvine

It was so exciting to work with @papress on this Ferns postcard packet! The quality is perfect, they feel like little watercolor paintings. There are 12 different ferns, 24 postcards total in each pack. Link in profile to order a set! 🌿

I think I see the world a little differently when I have a camera in my hands. I slow down, my thoughts slow down and I observe. I have always been a very patient & observant guy. I have been travelling a lot for many years now and no matter HOW I travelled, I'd always love to watch my surroundings, nature, the people around. It is such a fascinating world once you start noticing the small details around you.

I also tend to think a lot more and see the world with all of its beauty and monotony at the same time. Simply put, photography really makes me feel alive. What makes YOU feel alive? I would love to know... 😊💕


Хорошо когда свадьба сестры и экспозиция на выставке в одной концепции. Конечно #greenery тренд этого сезона, но изменить любимому сочетанию #copperandgrey просто невозможно 🌑💛. Новая порция красоты и вдохновения от #decorsland будет ждать вас на свадебной выставке 1-2 апреля в Радмире. Обязательно приходи, если готовишься к свадьбе и приводи с собой друзей #copper #grey #decor #wedding #wedding2017 #flowers #kharkov #weddingdecor #свадебнаявыставка #свадебнаявыставка2017 #харьков #свадьбавхарькове #декор #оформление #цветы #флористика #стильнаясвадьба #сервировкастола #love #happyness #bride #bouquet

"Sizing and Installation of Solar OFF Grid System and Fundamentals of Solar ON Grid System”
- A brief introduction to renewable and solar energy
- Components of Solar PV System
- Types of Solar PV System
- Sizing and installation of Solar OFF grid system
- Fundamentals of ON grid System
- Simulation for ON grid System
- Projects in Kuwait
- Practical Experiments
Course will be held on 28-03-2017 (3-4 Hours). Fees 45 KD
Certificate will be awarded
For Reservation Please Contact
Mobile: 69084153, 96669229
The workshop will be held at Al- Khaldiya, Kuwait University, College of Engineering & Petroleum, Entrance 1, Building 14KH, Hall 101 from 4pm to 8pm
مقدمة عن الطاقات المتجددة والطاقة الشمسية
- أجزاء ومكونات انظمة الطاقة الشمسية
- أنواع أنظمة الطاقة الشمسية
- تصميم و تركيب انظمة Off-Grid - تجربة عملية لربط وتوصيل انظمة Off-Grid
- أساسيات أنظمة On-Grid و الربط مع الشبكة الكهربائية
- أساسيات تصميم أنظمة On-Grid بأستخدام البرامج
- مشاريع الطاقة الشمسية في الكويت
موعد الدورة ٢٨-٣-٢٠١٧– مدة الدورة ٣-٤ ساعات
التكلفة ٤٥ دينار‏
هذا الدورة تشمل شهادة للمتدربين
للحجز يرجى الاتصال
موبايل: ٦٩٠٨٤١٥٣, ٩٦٦٦٩٢٢٩

مكان الدورة: الخالدية - جامعة الكويت- كلية الهندسة والبترول - مدخل 1 - مبنى 14 خ - قاعة 101
من 4:00 الى 8:00

#kuwait #kwt #q8 #kw #تدريب #الكويت #كويت #solarity #solar #enviroment #greenery #greenenergy #training #course #environmentallyfriendly #electrical #electronic #power #engineering #simulation

My two newest surviving and living happily in the sunlight 🌿🌝

#plantlife #mumlife #succulents #succulentoftheday #greenery #ikillplants #survivors

delivering flowers is hardly a chore when the weather is this beautiful 😍 (side note: utterly obsessed with these picotee ranunculus, expect a spam over the next few days) hope you all have a lovely weekend 🌞💐🌸🌺

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