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this is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now, and instead of calling it work, realize it is play ~ a.watts

계속해서 머리 풀어헤치는 울 스퀘어로사를 위한 처방 ➡️ 👧🏻.
❓이래도 되죠? @atique__ @bonitte

When you’re so excited about your new vegan @drmartensofficial that you wear them out of the shop and stage a spontaneous photo shoot outside a corner shop 😂🌱💁🏼‍♀️ #vegan #drmartens #shoes #shopping #greenerliving

When shopping for gift wrap, make sure it’s recycleable. The really shiny stuff isn’t! #greenerliving #recyclethis #christmastime

What we put into our bodies directly affects our life experience. So why not nourish it with the most powerful, beautifying, sexiest, regenerating, perfect foods on the planet? Plant foods.🌿 #plantbased #lifeforce #vegan #greenerliving

Well, I've managed a whole month on a #vegan diet without any slip ups. I've found it surprisingly easy to cut dairy, eggs & fish out of my diet so I'm just gonna keep on going. Eating this way has meant that I fit a lot more pulses into my diet too 👍😊 If you've considered shifting to a plant based diet I'd totally recommend giving it a go 🌍💚🌱🚫🐮💩 #vegan🌱 #plantbased #greenerliving

Just popped into the grocery store with Kallie bear on our electric scooter. We have many modes of transportation at home (including our feet!) and we try to use the ones kinder to our planet more often in order to lessen our carbon footprint. What are some of the things you guys do to try to preserve our precious earth? #saveourplanet #greenerliving 🌎


It’s going to be a hot one today in the Riverina, find out how to reduce the temperature of your home this summer http://bit.ly/2AZTyDf #hotsummer #greenerliving #keepcool

Was in a red mood this morning --Red Refresh Herbal Tea (thanks to one @medero_green_moments road trips 😉) with a dash of Sulfurzyme. Yes I know it's cold, but I have a thing for iced teas 😍). What's your color today?

this is the real secret of life -- to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now, and instead of calling it work, realize it is play ~ a.watts

Current reading, for a greener life. 📗🌱Leitura actual.Suspeito que este vai ser um daqueles livros, que vai mudar a minha forma de estar na vida. E porque quero levar uma vida mais verde, hoje falo de um exemplo inspirador no blog, o da minha avó. #greenerliving #ecology #ecologia #ecologicalliving #consumoecológico #lagom #bookstagram #booklover #bookblogger #bookblog #amantedelivros #environmentalism #ambientalismo #tulips #bookaddict #bookaholic #protectnature #protegeranatureza

we stumbled across this cute little @nomnomkorean eatery. there’s loads of options we’ll have to go back to try them all. this was the vegan bibimbop with mushrooms 🍚 🥢

Are you doing Secret Santa this year? I don’t and I am happy about it. I find that a lot of the times you buy and receive gifts you don’t really need, right? So, if you are looking for a Secret Santa present this year, why not give selfmade brownies? Or the mix for them to bake. I found a great „DIY in a jar“ brownie mix on the blog of @originalunverpackt last year which is super tasty. Just put all the dry ingredients on top of each other in a jar. They are: 150 g spelt flour, 150 g cane sugar, 3 spoons vanilla sugar, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder, 6 spoons cocoa, 50 g chocolate sprinkles & 5 spoons chopped nuts. The person receiving it then just have to mix in 3 eggs, 8 spoons of water and 10 spoons neutral oil. Then bake on 180 C for 20-30 mins. Great #greenerchristmas present, right? The glass can even be reused 🌱 P.S. Yes, I know it is not a brownie on the picture 😄
Wichtelt ihr? Ich dieses Jahr nicht und ich bin eigentlich ganz froh darüber. Denn oft kaufen und erhalten wir Geschenke, die wir nicht wirklich brauchen, oder? Wenn ihr dieses Jahr wichtelt, warum verschenkt ihr nicht mal selbstgemachte Brownies? Oder die Backmischung dafür so dass der Beschenkte sie selber machen kann. Ich habe letztes Jahr auf dem Blog von @originalunverpackt ein Rezept für eine „DIY in a jar“ Brownie Mischung gefunden, die toll schmeckt! Schichtet die trockenen Zutaten einfach in ein Glas. Diese sind: 150 g Dinkelmehl, 150 g Rohrzucker, 3 EL Vanillezucker, 1/2 TL Salz, 1 TL Backpulver, 6 EL Backkakao, 50 g Schokostreusel, 5 El gehackte Nüsse. Der Beschenkte muss dann nur noch 3 Eier, 8 EL Wasser und 10 EL neutrales Öl dazu geben. Bei 180 C für 20 - 30 Min backen. Ich finde, das ist ein tolles #greenerchristmas Geschenk, oder? Das Glas kann natürlich wiederverwendet werden. 🌱 P.S. Ja, ich weiß, dass das auf dem Foto kein Brownie ist 😁

#secretsanta #diy #sustainableliving #zerowastepresent #wichteln #nachhaltigkeit #wenigerplastik #greenerliving

*Day 1 closed. Congrats @d__money * Good Morning!! Today is the first day of giveaways! Who wants to win some Norwex Ultra Power Plus HE laundry detergent?!?! Fragrance free, with no fillers and safe for septic tanks, this biodegradable detergent is Safe for all! (Read some of the key features and how to use above) How do you win? 1️⃣Must be following me. 2️⃣Then like this post AND 3️⃣TAG A FRIEND. The more tags, the more entries. I will announce each winner the following day when the new giveaway is posted. Giveaway will be open all day/night. Good luck everyone! Thanks for helping me make our houses greener! #norwex #nochemicals #kidfriendly #greenerliving

We're never too old for Christmas or the wonderment that surrounds it!
Don't forget to get your free shipping until December 17, 2017. Use Code:Jingle2017
#seelinkinbio #allnaturals #allnaturalskincare #naturally #greenerliving #naturalsoaps #nontoxicskincare #nosyntheticsneeded #nofakesmile #genuine #christmasjoy #tinytots #joyful #christmasjoy_2017 #wonderofachild #eyesallaglow aglow #nevertoooldforfun #nevertoooldforchristmas #believes

Happy 2nd advent! What have you done today? Has it snowed where you are? I hope you stayed warm and cosy. I have spend most of the day snuggled up in bed 😊Fitting to today’s mood my #greenerchristmas challenge today is: read a book! There are great books helping you living more sustainably. What helped me a lot in the beginning was the book of @zerowastehome. Did you read it? If you haven’t and you live in Berlin I am happy to lend it to you! What other book can you recommend? 🌱

Einen schönen 2. Advent wünsche ich euch! Was habt ihr heute gemacht? Hat es bei euch geschneit? Ich hoffe, ihr habt es euch warm und gemütlich gemacht! Ich hab die meiste Zeit eingekuschelt im Bett verbracht 😊Dementsprechend ist meine #greenerchristmas Challenge heute: lest ein Buch! Es gibt jede Menge Bücher, die euch helfen können nachhaltiger zu leben. Mir hat zu Beginn vor allem das Buch von @zerowastehome geholfen. Habt ihr es gelesen? Wenn nicht, leihe ich es euch gerne aus, wenn ihr in Berlin seid! Habt ihr weitere Empfehlungen?
#zerowaste #sustainable #books #nachhaltigkeit #bücher #greenerliving #greenyourlife

Nothing better than a home cooked meal that generated zero waste in my kitchen ❤️ ps. Breakfast foods are my favorite foods .

100% recyclable. Music to my ears when I’ve forgotten my reusable bottle, thanks @buxton_water #recycle #cleanerliving #greenerliving #wastefree

It's that time of the year!

Be creative, many ways to REDUCE your waste and still show your love! 🌿🌱🌲🌳🌴🌻🌵🌾💐🌸 Akhir tahun sekali lagi sudah tiba.

Berpikirlah secara kreatif untuk MENGURANGI sampahmu, dan tidak berarti kamu tidak cinta kepada penerima hadiahmu!

When you’re so excited about your new vegan @drmartensofficial that you wear them out of the shop and stage a spontaneous photo shoot outside a corner shop 😂🌱💁🏼‍♀️ #vegan #drmartens #shoes #shopping #greenerliving

Weekend mood, we can’t get enough of this combo; houseplants, wood and rattan. Did you know adding plants and natural materials to your interior makes you more creative? Happy weekend 🌱

#interiorinspo #deco #styling #plants #wood #houseplants #naturalmaterials #rattan #bohemian #cali #greenerliving #weekendmood #sourceunknown #boostyourcreativity

Über was wir uns diese Woche gefreut haben: 1. Handschriftlicher Weihnachtsgruß @hygge.magazin. 2. Zuwachs für die #Plantgang aus dem Hotel eines Bekannten aufgrund von Dekowechsel. 3. #Cuptogo als ein Giveaway der Firmenweihnachtsfeier aus #Bambus. #Analogstattdigital #Printlover #Instapaper #MoreMoments #greenerliving #bamboo #coffeelover #coffeetogo #lesswaste #lesstrash #zerowaste #hygge #mitWenigerzumMehr #wenigeristmehr #lessismore #Minimalismus #minimalism #secondhand #wenigerNeumehrGebraucht

It's that time of the year!

Be creative, many ways to REDUCE your waste and still show your love! 🌿🌱🌲🌳🌴🌻🌵🌾💐🌸 Akhir tahun sekali lagi sudah tiba.

Berpikirlah secara kreatif untuk MENGURANGI sampahmu, dan tidak berarti kamu tidak cinta kepada penerima hadiahmu!

When shopping for gift wrap, make sure it’s recycleable. The really shiny stuff isn’t! #greenerliving #recyclethis #christmastime

Yum yum yum!!! Get in my belly!

I’ve been making mushroom masala lately which is quick and easy. I've been using this recipe inspired by @swasthisrecipes without the cream to make it vegan. check out the link in the bio for the recipe 🍛

Holidays are upon us, end of the year when many of us will travel.

Just remember, plastic straws, more often than not, are unnecessary.
Find out how to say "no straw, please!" in local language, wherever you go. 🐳🐋🐟🐠🐡🐙🐚🐌🐢🍷 Masa liburan akhir tahun sudah di pelupuk mata, dan banyak dari kita akan bepergian.

Seringkali sebenarnya kita tidak memerlukan sedotan plastik.
Cari tahu bagaimana mengatakan "tidak pakai sedotan plastik" dalam bahasa setempat, kemanapun kamu bepergian.

Photos credits: @beachdontkrillmyvibe @byebyestraws
@strawfreesac #oneworldoneocean @oceantraceless


Green washing: "The practice of promoting environmentally friendly programs to deflect attention from an organization's environmentally unfriendly or less savory activities." In the beauty industry "green washing" is when a company claims to offer safe products with clean ingredients, when in fact their products still contain many harmful chemicals. They often use words such as "all natural" or boast having ingredients such as vitamin E or antioxidants. Upon turning the bottle over you often find an array of other ingredients that aren't so "natural", such as parabens, phenoxyethanol, synthetic dyes or fragrances.

#greenerliving||gorgeouslife #greenwashing #cleanliving #knowbetterdobetter

Jeg leter febrilsk etter mere energi hver dag.. Dette er det eneste som virker! 💚 Raw fuel 💚
#energitillivet #rawfuel #ginger #chia#vegetables#leaves#greenerliving#tasty

Sudahkah kamu pesan produk-produk yang lebih ramah lingkungan?

Pemesanan kami terima paling lambat 11 Desember.
Pembayaran kami terima paling lambat 12 Desember.
Pengiriman barang terakhir 13 Desember.

Semua pemesanan dan pembayaran yang diterima setelah tanggal-tanggal tersebut di atas, hanya akan di proses mulai tanggal 8 Januari 2018.

Comme une envie de faire pousser des projets toujours plus beaux, pour qu’ils soient toujours plus grands 💚

I don’t know about you, but Mondays always requires a lot of coffee for me! Did you know that when global warming continues like this, half of the surface suitable for growing coffee could be lost by 2050. Doesn’t this make you appreciate it much more? Ironically coffee really isn’t the most sustainable drink there is. F.ex. 140 litre if water is needed for 1 cup! There are differences we can make when drinking coffee though and so my #greenerchristmas challenge today is: drink Fairtrade coffee only! This does not only make a huge difference to the living conditions of coffee farmers. But Fairtrade also means complying with environmental standards. Farmers even receive training in more sustainable practice leading f.ex. in less use of pesticides and reducing the water needed. So, for me Fairtrade is always my first choice when getting my coffee. 🌱

Ich weiß nicht, wie es euch geht, aber Montags brauche ich immer besonders viel Kaffee! Wusstet ihr, dass, wenn die Erderwärmung weiter ansteigt, bis 2050 die Hälfte aller für den Kaffeeanbau geeigneten Flächen verloren gehen könnten? Da schätzt man seinen Kaffee doch gleich mehr, oder? Ironischerweise ist Kaffee kein wirklich nachhaltiges Getränk. Für eine Tasse werden z.B. 140 Liter Wasser verbraucht! Wir können aber Unterschiede machen, wenn wir Kaffee trinken und daher ist meine #greenerchristmas Challenge heute: trinke nur Fairtrade Kaffee! Das macht nicht nur einen riesigen Unterschied für den Lebensstandard der Kaffeebauern. Fairtrade beinhaltet auch die Erfüllung von Umweltstandards. Bauern erhalten sogar Schulungen für nachhaltigeren Praktiken für den Kaffeeanbau, die z.B. dazu führen, dass weniger Pestizide eingesetzt werden und weniger Wasser verbraucht wird. Daher ist für mich Fairtrade immer die beste Alternative!
#fairtrade #coffee #sustainability #nachhaltigkeit #Kaffee #öko #eco #greenerliving #greenyourlife

Happy Sunday! So today it‘s not a #greenerchristmas challenge, but a Tip. So, you have bought all these vegetables at the market yesterday, which is great! But now it’s important to avoid them getting off before you can eat them. Did you know that a third of all the food produced is actually been thrown away per year?!? Or in numbers: 1.3 billion tons!! 🙀 A reason is often that it goes off before we can eat it. Storing food correctly can prolong its life. Did you know f.ex. that tomatoes actually don’t belong into the fridge? And carrots as well as herbs keep longer when you put them into a glass filled with a bit of water, like flowers. Or you can wrap a wet towel around the herbs. Do you have any more storing secrets? 🌱

Schönen Sonntag! Heute gibt es keine #greenerchristmas challenge sondern einen Tipp. Du hast gestern also all das tolle Gemüse auf dem Markt gekauft, was super ist. Aber jetzt ist es wichtig, darauf zu achten, dass es nicht schlecht wird bevor du es essen kannst. Wusstet du, dass ein Drittel des produzierten Essens pro Jahr weggeschmissen wird?!? Oder in Zahlen: 1.3 Milliarden Tonnen!! 🙀Ein Grund hierfür ist, dass es oft schlecht wird bevor es gegessen werden kann. Die richtige Lagerung kann helfen, das Leben von Gemüse zu verlängern. Wusstest du z.B. das Tomaten nicht in den Kühlschrank gehören? Und Karotten und Kräuter halten sich länger wenn man sie in ein Glas mit ein bisschen Wasser stellt, wie Blumen. Kräuter kann man auch gut in ein feuchtes Tuch schlagen. Kennst du andere Tips für die Lagerung von Essen?

#sustainability #sustainableliving #nachhaltigkeit #foodwaste #lesswaste #wenigermüll #greenerliving

My #greenerchristmas challenge today: buy only (or as much as you can) regional and seasonal food. Again the market is a great place for that. It is surprising how much great food is available even at this time of year, such as cabbage, kale, potatoes etc. You can also still get Pears and apples. Did you know that 1 kilo of Kiwi transported from New Zealand needs as much energy as 6.000 kilos of apples from Germany (when bought in Germany of course 😜)? So, it‘s worth checking out the regional options, right? ✅ Maybe you can even get some dried fruits or self-made tomatoe purée from the market? By the way, if you love all this autumn and winter veggies like I do, you can make them last a little longer, f.ex. by fermenting it! Do you buy mostly regional food already? What‘s your favorite? 🌱

Meine #greenerchristmas Challenge heute ist: kaufe nur (bzw. soviel wie möglich) Regionales und Saisonales. Auch hierfür ist der Markt toll. Es ist erstaunlich, was für tolles Gemüse es um diese Jahreszeit noch gibt, wie die ganzen Kohlsorten oder Kartoffeln. Sogar Birnen und Äpfel bekommt man noch. Wusstest du, dass 1kg Kiwis, die aus Neuseeland hierher transportiert werden, genau so viel Energie verbraucht wie 6.000kg Äpfel aus Deutschland (natürlich nur wenn sie auch hier gekauft werden 😜)? Da lohnt es sich doch auf Regionale Produkte umzusteigen, oder? ✅ Vielleicht bekommt ihr sogar getrocknete Früchte oder selbstgemachte Tomatenpureé auf dem Markt? Wenn du das ganze Wintergemüse auch so liebst kannst du es übrigens haltbar machen, z.B. indem du es fermentierst. Kaufst du schon hauptsächlich regionales Gemüse und Obst? Was ist dein Liebstes?
#regional #seasonal #winterfood #wintergemüse #saisonal #nachhaltigkeit #sustainability #greenerliving #greenerchristmas #eco #öko

#Regrann from @pasarsemesta -
Bagaimana cara kita bisa hidup zero waste? Yuk simak cara-caranya bersama bareng Evoware, Enviplast, Navakara, GIDKP, dan Sea Soldier!
Tanggal: Dec 3
Waktu: 13.00-15.00
Tempat: Union Yoga & Burgreens Darmawangsa
RSVP di bit.ly/signupsemesta
@enviplast_ina @iddkp @seasoldier_
@unionyoga @burgreens @projectsemesta

Come to @pasarsemesta today and tomorrow.
Dec 2-3

Learn and share with other curious and like-minded people, of knowledge and information of better products for you, of conscious living, and of finite sources from Mother Earth.

@studio.dapur @taneuh @orvia_id @nazavawater @duasenja.id @evowareworld @burgreens @rahsa.nusantara @hellosunshine.id @sukkhacitta @_osem @cottonaries @peekme.naturals @yagicocoabutter

at Union Yoga & Burgreens Dharmawangsa

Navakara - Ways to Zero Waste joined @pasarsemesta for their first festival!

From yoga classes, fun DIY workshops, sustainability talks, movie screenings, bulk-store... to sustainable brands bazaar.... Free entry!

@evowareworld @burgreens @enviplast_ina @seasoldier_ @dietkantongplastik @sayurbox @bersihnyok @fash_rev @unionyoga @thegoldenspaceindonesia @sukkhacitta @yum @the_aid_kit @_osem @shunyata.id @limitlesscampus @sdsnyouth @gemass.indonesia @wwf_id @thamrinschool @dbsbankid @coworkinc @impacthubjkt @hardrockfm @cosmopolitanfm @projectsemesta

happy december! 🌿
I made this succulent wreath at a workshop with @rossmalloch at @hundredacrebar. I’m so proud of it! ross holds terrarium workshops too so keep an eye out for his next one 🍃🌵

Start thinking about those Holiday Gifts?

Our Greener Notebooks is Rp60,000
(plus shipping & handling)

All beautifully handmade* using recycled-compostable carton and paper, and the front-back covers are using banana-fiber with natural dyes.

The wire/spiral to bind is reusable and recyclable. *Handmade by our working partners, ex-Jakarta street children. 🌲🌳🌷🌿🍀🌴🌻🌾💐🌸🍃🌱 Sudah mulai merencanakan hadiah-hadiah akhir tahun?

Greener Notebooks seharga Rp60,000
(plus shipping & handling)

Semuanya adalah buatan tangan oleh eks anak-anak jalanan di Jakarta.
Buku terbuat dari karton yang bisa didaur ulang dan dikompos, begitu juga halaman dalamnya.
Kemudian bagian depan dan belakang dilapis kembali dengan kertas yang terbuat dari pelepah pisang dengan pewarna alami.
Kawat spiral penjilid dapat digunakan kembali, atau didaur ulang.

It‘s starting to feel like Christmas 🙂 With the 1st of December also comes Advent Calendars. This year I would like to do a different kind of Advent Calendar - a sustainable one. It works like this: every day starting tomorrow I will post a suggestion - or challenge if you will - for living more sustainable. Not all of them will have to do with Christmas, but some of them will. If you incorporate any of them in your life, let me know how you get on by using the hashtag #greenerchristmas. 🌱

So langsam wird es weihnachtlich 🙂Am 1. Dezember ist es auch wieder Zeit für Adventskalender. Dieses Jahr würde ich gerne eine andere Art von Adventskalender ausprobieren- einen nachhaltigen Kalender. Das geht so: ab morgen poste ich jeden Tag einen Tip - oder eine Art Challenge - für ein nachhaltigeres Leben. Die Tips haben nicht alle unbedingt etwas mit Weihnachten zu tun haben, aber manche schon. Wenn ihr hiervon etwas umsetzt, lasst es mich wissen, indem ihr den Hashtag #greenerchristmas nutzt.
#sustainability #sustainableliving #greenerliving #challenge #nachhaltigkeit #nachhaltigleben #greenyourlife #adventskalender #adventcalendar

Start thinking about those Holiday Gifts?

Our Greener Stainless steel Straws Set is Rp75,000
(plus shipping & handling)

1 reusable recyclable straight 8mm straw
1 straw brush
Small Soft Pouch made of left over sofa fabrics 🌲🌳🌷🌿🍀🌴🌻🌾💐🌸🍃🌱 Sudah mulai merencanakan hadiah-hadiah akhir tahun?

Greener Stainless steel Straws Set seharga Rp75,000
(plus shipping & handling)

1 sedotan stainless reusable recyclable 8mm
1 sikat sedotan
Kantong Small terbuat dari kain sisa kursi sofa

Dinner 🍴 #Chicken #Filet #Cubes in #sweet sauce + #sunnysideup egg 🍳+ noodles 🍝 and #vegetables #stirfry + #sidesalad for #greenerliving
Bon Appetit 💋

I’ve been home for just over a year and in this time I’ve saved so much wrapping, bags, boxes and ribbons that I’m all set for christmas. save what you can from your gifts and shopping to reuse throughout the year. you’ll find that you won’t need to buy any wrapping 🎁🎄

Start thinking about those Holiday Gifts?

Our Greener Bamboo Straws Set is Rp75,000
(plus shipping & handling)

4 reusable compostable bamboo straws
1 straw brush
Medium Soft Pouch made of left over fabrics 🌲🌳🌷🌿🍀🌴🌻🌾💐🌸🍃🌱 Sudah mulai merencanakan hadiah-hadiah akhir tahun?

Greener Bamboo Straws Set seharga Rp75,000
(plus shipping & handling)

4 sedotan bambu reusable compostable
1 sikat sedotan
Kantong Medium terbuat dari kain sisa pabrik tekstil

Every time I talk to someone outside of Canada or Edmonton, I tend to get caught up in how grateful I am to live here. This is one more step in the right direction. Pushing forward changes that need to be made for a more sustainable earth and future. Thank you for constantly changing and putting out the information needed. 👏 🌳
#climateforchange #yeg #edmonton #greenerliving #becomeeducated #ecofriendly #energyefficient

The documentary movie "Trashed" with Jeremy Irons was first released in 2012.
Unfortunately, that movie is increasingly becoming even more important by the day, as we're all racing (and losing?) the race against worldwide pollution... Navakara's regular community service this month is at @jakartainterculturalschool
Movie screening for parents, and well-attended! Thank you for also caring! Together, we can always do something positive!

Start thinking about those Holiday Gifts?
Let Navakara help you make it a greener holiday gift giving!
And we'll also help you with making it cheaper to get your gifts to you and yours!

For all orders placed between Nov 27 until Dec 11, totalling Rp100,000 and above, we offer flat rate of Rp10,000* and no handling fee!! (*valid for JABODETABEK areas only)

Navakara - Ways to Zero Waste joined @pasarsemesta for their first festival!

From yoga classes, fun DIY workshops, sustainability talks, movie screenings, bulk-store... to sustainable brands bazaar.. Save the dates:
December 2-3, 2017
at Union Yoga & Burgreens Dharmawangsa

Free entry!

@evowareworld @burgreens @enviplast_ina @seasoldier_ @dietkantongplastik @sayurbox @bersihnyok @fash_rev @thegoldenspaceindonesia @sukkhacitta @yum @the_aid_kit @_osem @shunyata.id @limitlesscampus @sdsnyouth @gemass.indonesia

I love this chia green smoothie recipe from @natashacorrett. chia is awesome for your skin and energy. blend all these ingredients together and it makes two serves. ↠ 25g kale
↠ 55g pak choi
↠ 1 tbsp chia seeds
↠ 100g honeydew
↠ 4 tbsp coconut milk yoghurt
↠ 360ml water

Patiently waiting for my Black Friday diaper haul to arrive! 😬😬 In the meantime I’ll just admire some of my current beauties. It’s pretty crazy how much someone can love cloth diapers! 😂😇
When I first learned about cloth diapers it was all about the cost savings for me (haha, that didn’t last long 😜), but then I learned about the environmental impact of using disposables, along with all the chemicals being used and higher risk of diaper rashes. The more I learned, the easier my decision became and I have never looked back.
I absolutely LOVE using cloth with my kiddo and it makes me so happy knowing that I am doing my part to keep trash out of landfills while saving my family money. Yay for cloth!! ♻️💚🌿
#makeclothmainstream #greenerliving #doingmypart #laundrynotlandfills #clothdiapering #reuseandreduce #buildingmystash #blackfridaydiaperdeals #shopsmallbusiness #shopmamaowned #mamakoaladiapers #diaperlaundry #buyallthediapers #clothdiaperingmama

When your tootsies really got a work out over the weekend. plus they just can't seem to get warm.

Start thinking about those Holiday Gifts?

Our Greener Holiday Jar is Rp200,000
(plus shipping & handling)

20 compostable forks
20 compostable knives
20 compostable spoons
6 reusable-compostable bamboo straws
1 straw brush

All packaged in reusable recyclable jar. 🌲🌳🌷🌿🍀🌴🌻🌾💐🌸🍃🌱 Sudah mulai merencanakan hadiah-hadiah akhir tahun?

Greener Holiday Jar seharga Rp200,000
(plus shipping & handling)

20 garpu compostable
20 pisau compostable
20 sendok compostable
6 sedotan bambu reusable-compostable
1 sikat sedotan

Semuanya dalam kemasan toples kaca yang dapat digunakan kembali dan/atau didaur ulang.

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