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One of the best things about my vacation so far - shopping with my sister! 💁🏼 Who is your favorite person to shop with!?!?! 💛 We couldn't wait to take advantage of @Neutrogena's #bestiesaleever and look at these goodies we got!! Head to Neutrogena.com to take advantage of the #BestieSaleEver now through 9/23! Lots of amazing deals going on. Click the link in my bio to read more about the sale AND what I am up to in St. George. #ad

Our SIXTH office in less than three years. This wake up, start up, and hustle is real. Starting construction on this space feels so good and we are grateful to be able to continue manufacturing in San Francisco. Thank you for supporting us as we grow - I am inexplicably grateful and sooo excitteddddd! New digZ, coming soon.

Come to the green side of life ! Heute bin ich bei @endemolshinegermany ! Schön grün hier ! #greenlife #greenbeauty #green #hulk 🌿🌱🌴🌳🌲☘️🍀🎄🌵🐲🐉🍏🥝🥒🥗🎾📟🔋🔫💚✅❎✳️♻️❇️💹🈯️

Reveal a clear and youthful complexion with the new powder-to-foam Green Ceremony Cleanser from @odacite! ✨🍵

The formula contains a harmonious blend of 🍵 premium grade matcha to fight free radicals, spirulina to slow down signs of aging, 🍯 honey to hydrate and increase moisture retention, coconut baby foam to efficiently cleanse, and aloe vera to soothe redness and inflammation. 🌟

Tap the link in bio to learn more!

Good thorough comparative review of our clean & vegan Eyebrow Definer vs. Ecobrow -- which one's right for you?! This is what makeup artist @loudartford_mua had to say...and MORE on her website 👀💗
"This last week I’ve been trying Hynt’s Eyebrow Definer which is described as cream to powder. Compared to Ecobrow it is harder in texture and the pigment is less dense...I think this is actually great for those who are more heavy handed. With the Ecobrow it could be easy to go a bit too dark, where as with this one I feel like you would get a lighter touch. The ingredients are a lot simpler and purer than Ecobrow, I think this does explain the difference in texture and pigment. However it was definitely still on at the end of the day so performance and longevity is great. These definers are vegan."
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Find @NorthportNaturals products and other leading brands at Urth Market -

Your GMO-free, Organic & All-Natural Marketplace for everything healthy with up to 30% cash back on everything!! #VeganSkinCare #OrganicSkinCare #CrueltyFreeSkinCare #Organic #Vegan #CrueltyFree #GreenBeauty #Beauty #Nature #Deals #CouponCommunity #Coupon #Fun #GMOfree #AllNatural


Протеин 👇The importance of protein is blown way out of proportion. When you eat protein, it gets broken down into protein building blocks called amino acids, and the amino acids are used for everything from cellular repair of all your damaged muscle fibers to a host of other metabolic reactions. if you don’t eat enough protein, you’ll be in negative nitrogen balance and won't be able to repair muscle after a workout, and if you consume too much protein, you’ll be in positive nitrogen balance, and while you’ll have what you need for muscle repair, there can be some health issues that arise when you achieve too positive a state of nitrogen balance – since ammonia is toxic in big amounts, urea and uric acid also has side-effects like accelerated aging and dehydration. If I don’t want to gain muscle a couple scoops of protein powder or eggs with breakfast, a can of sardines over salad and some fish with dinner is enough. And if I wanted to gain muscle I would add a couple handfuls of almonds and some coconut yogurt and I’d be good
Важность протеина, как мне кажется,чрезмерно завышается впоследнее время. В теле протеин разбивается на "строительный материал" - аминокислоты, которые используются для многих процессов от восстановления клеток поврежденных мышц до большого числа метаболических реакций. Если есть недостаточно протеина то тело находится в отрицательном баллансе азота и оно не сможет восстанавливать мышцы после тренировки. Если есть слишком много протеина то тело в положительном балансе азота. И тело будет восстанавливаться, но вместе с этим сильно положительный баланс азота приводит к побочным эффектам, так как (продукты распада протеина)аммиак в больших колличествах токсичен, а к побочным эффектам мочевины и мочевой кислоты относятся преждевременное старение и дегидрация. Для не спортсмена в день достаточно яиц или пару ложек протеиновой пудры на завтрак, банку сардин в салате на обед и рыба на ужин. Для спортсмена можно также добавить пару горстей миндаля и например кокосовый йогурт. И не беспокоится о том, достаточно ли ты ешь протеина.

Good morning 🍯❤️🍯❤️This girl gets a lot of love letters from you all. The Honey Love takes skin exfoliation to the next level- leaving you with a softer complexion, fewer breakouts and a more even skin tone 🙌 Show your skin some Honey Love 1-2x a week and prepare to fall in ❤️ watch our insta story to learn more about her!
Aloha lovelies 🌺

Essential oils of lavender and clary sage - in your wine glass? 🍷 Yep. You heard it here. Thanks @vervewine for helping us pick the perfect wines for our event tomorrow!
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So this morning I decided to try the red-ish orange eyeshadow under my eyes and I have to say, it kinda works! But I purposely chose this angle because trust me, you don't want to see what's growing on the other side of my face 😱Remember all that gabbing about stress the other day? Well, yesterday I developed a cold sore. Yes, I said it out loud! It's usually something we all tend to keep hush about (including me 🙋🏻) because of it's negative connotations but more than 80% of us carry the virus and most likely contracted it as a child, making them more common than we think. So instead of beating myself up over how gross and disgusting it is, I'm choosing to listen to what it's telling me about what's going on with me internally. Stress, fatigue, hormonal issues, weakened immune system and much more are all triggers. One more day and I will be taking it easy. Gonna be a whole lotta self care going on this weekend 💗
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One more day to enter our latest giveaway! You can earn up to two entries by entering on Instagram once and entering on Facebook once. Winner will be drawn at Noon CDT tomorrow (Friday, September 22). Check out the previous giveaway post for full details.

🌙 PM Routine featuring IS Clinical Cleansing Complex 🌙
Simply feeling exhausted, running around like a headless chicken. So I'm looking forward to switch that light off and get into bed tonight. Hope everyone else is having a better day. Here is a PM routine with IS Clinical Complex (note I am using a few travel kit products here).
First cleanse with @aureliaskincare Probiotics Miracle Cleanser followed by a second cleanse with @isclinical Cleansing Complex.
Spritz my face with IS Copper Mist + @niod CAIS 1% (Copper Concentrate) to help in speed up the healing process of my blemishes, scars + @versoskincare super facial serum with retinol 8 + @umaoils brightening face oil.
3️⃣ Targeted treatments:
@deciem Activated Serum White RX + massaging Aurelia Probiotics Cell Repair Night Oil all over my neck and shoulders to help me unwind for the night.

And the news keeps getting better. The bottles are finished and are in route. Once here, they are headed to our facilities to get filled. Then it's gametime! The journey has been amazing, and is a testament to God and His faithfulness. We will be launching with two products: Moisturizing Rejuvenation Serum & 4-in-1 Shave Oil. All of our products are USDA Organic Certified, multi-functional, and highly effective for all skin types, esp those with trouble skin. We are committed to ethical & social responsibility. We are Cruelty-free, GMO-free, and give a portion of our profits to charities that help communities in need. Stay tuned for our pre-launch coming soon.
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YOU ARE AWESOME "TEA" by @mydelightbox How delicious and relaxing!!🍵😍💖
I received a gorgeous collection of lovely #crueltyfree body care ( & tea ) in My Delight Box It is a new natural #subscriptionbox and I am impressed with the love and quality put into these delightful treasures!
100% Natural #cucumber #mask,
#Bathbomb, #bodybutter, #vegan #organic & natural #peppermint Love Scrub, #Jasmine #plumeria #GMOfree #Soap #veganbeauty #veganbeautybloggers
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We’re feeling rather festive today! 💃🏾🎉
Like a #thursdayfunday
⭐️ If you haven't already, simply follow @tsakabeauty on #Instagram and tag 1 bestie for a chance to win:
1 Tsaka SOS Hair Mask + 1 Escada Aqua del Sol perfume + 1 Escada cosmetic pouch. Entries open today 21/09/2017 and close on the 24/09/2017 at 23:59 GMT.
This #giveaway is open worldwide 🌎🌎⭐️We'll tag the luck one next week Monday.

Good luck! ✨
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~ Le soleil est enfin de retour !
Une envie de retourner en vacances ☀
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#Repost @marahoffman (@get_repost)
America is not just one thing. I will forever stand in a place of love, unity and inclusivity for ALL people. Commit to supporting and defending the people who need you. Commit to LOVE.

Words from artwork by @tlynnfaz via @jillyaintfromphilly via @womensmarch

C I T R I N E is the ⭐️ ingredient in our Citrine Coffee Body Scrub. This powerful crystal enhances your ability to manifest what you want out of life 🙌🏼 Energetically, Citrine is known to aid digestion, boost metabolism, and help the body to release fat. Adding this scrub to your bath or shower ritual will leave you with latte-scented skin that looks as good as it smells ☕️ ⠀
For more info and to shop the Etre Bien line, check out our website & our @etsy (link in bio). Products can also be purchased at Q Flatiron, a wellness center located at 224 Fifth Avenue, NYC 🏙 ⠀⠀⠀
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treat yourself to a visit at the mask bar this weekend | tag who you are bringing to the mask bar below ✨

When your #lipgame reaches different rainbow 🌈 levels! 🔸
These #lippies 💄 come in a full range of shades from @spelacosmetics
All #vegan, #crueltyfree, and #nontoxic! 🐰🌿
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Line 'em up! ✨🌱Some of the shop's trusted brands include Vermont's own @tataharperskincare and @ursamajorvt as well as @kyprisbeauty, @suntegrity @janeiredale, @zoeorganics, @farmaesthetics, @captainblankenship @eminenceorganics and more!!

Anybody else love to multi task? Clean house and clean pores! Thank you for sharing @lindseya79 💜💚
Who house cleans while masking??? 🙋 This gal sure does. Today's maskmonday is coconut matcha mask from @biodara . I enjoy this one, it's cooling and smells good and you rinse it off before it fully dries so if your short on time it's effective and quick. 💚💚 What are you masking today??

NOW LIVE // "5-Minute Streamlined Beauty Routine for the Busy Woman" by our Contributing Writer, Ms. Linda Lu @lindalu1919 is up on TERIMIYAHIRA.COM (click link in bio)😀🌸 If you're looking for the perfect 5 minute routine that's truly 5-minutes, Linda has got you covered! Linda knows what she's doing, she's wise, efficient, and has raised children and grandchildren while looking fabulous the entire time! 😻😘💋✨📷 @pinterest

Love this clip created by @astrowifey of the Restore Discovery Kit 🙏😍👏...and those nails are so on point 😍💕💕 ...User generated content inspires us to no end >> send us a video or photo and if we post it we'll send you any full size EVOLVh product if your choice 😊🙌

🌹WELCOME!!! Our fabulous PRE-FALL SALE is ON NOW through 9/22/2017🌹
⭐️⭐️⭐️15% OFF select items, plus amazing bonus gifts (for eligible orders) while supplies last⭐️⭐️⭐️
🌹S&H $9.99 on ALL PURCHASES ⭐️Our website is in the process of transitioning to an on-line store. In the meantime orders will be processed as following:
🌹Please email us at info@alteacosmetics.com the item name, item SKU#, quantity you wish to purchase, your name and e-mail address. 🌹Once your request has been received, we will send you an e-mail with an on-line invoice to complete the payment of your purchase via SQUARE. Please read the purchase policy prior to making the payment. 🌹Purchases for in-stock items are processed within 3 business days of receiving your order. ❤️PLEASE ENJOY BROWSING OUR SALE ALBUMS❤️

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