Almost done!
The museum is getting a lot of attention this year and a proper welcome desk is the first step. ❤️

Need to get back to renovation inspiration. This lady needs some tlc, but when we are done she will be grand old lady 👸
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Found this signature "R Kunes" on a brick on the side of the house 30 feet in the air in the middle of the house. I imagine it's from the person that repointed the brick about 20 years ago. Either that or the original mason from 1903. Pretty neat! #hiddensignature #brand #brickwork

Exceptional and rare Regency Greek Revival Klismos Armchair - tap on the photo for more information or visit @peacocksfinest website www.peacocksfinest.com

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Enclosed Stairs: Miss Mary's House Before Restoration, Wilson County, North Carolina
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I'm enjoying one last look at this stunning chimney before it gets sealed back in. I got a chance to see the old beams used to construct our home. One was very old and one a bit newer. This home, who built it, and its true age (we have 1834 in some records) is still a mystery, but I will keep researching old deeds and records in Boston. One thing I found through old records... it seems the LAND this home and surrounding homes are on used to be owned by General Prescott. He is known to have said "Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes". I am doing a little more to confirm my research though. #thisoldhouse #brickchimney #antiquehome #greekrevival #newenglandfineliving #newenglandhome #

We did it. We bought our dream home! 🏛 @gippyplantation #greekrevival #nationalregisterofhistoricplaces - also a huge thank you to @gumbrealestate for making it all happen!

Something different and unique. #maurice #greekrevival #homesforsale

Circa 1885 home on St. Charles Ave. - “Venerable, maternal live oaks arch protectively over 5 miles of avenue, shepherding the streetcars along between the palm trees and azaleas. The first time you turn onto St. Charles you're overwhelmed with a sense of green – ancient, fecund, and rich, a leafy, living tunnel. Then you see the houses. The Queen Annes and the Colonials, the colleges and churches, massive stone manors and dignified villas rise along the Avenue as if rooted in their setting, lined up as far as you can see. Some rise alone in the center of a full block, while most stand in groups of four, five, or even six in a span, leaning in at angles on the curves as if growing toward the sunlight. The jewel of America's grand avenues, St. Charles Avenue is the verdant ribbon connecting the oldest area of the city to the newer enclaves at the other end of its river-drawn geography. It weaves through the neighborhoods in both a linear and chronological progression, from Canal Street through the early-nineteenth-century commercial buildings of the Central Business District and around Lee Circle into the Lower Garden District, where many houses have stood since the 1850s. Continuing upriver, it moves through the sites of old plantations and settlements, where scattered rural villas were joined by newer construction in the 1870s, and then into the last stretches of the Avenue, with the universities and Audubon Park, a section of residences that appeared at the close of the nineteenth century. Rolling into what was once the far-flung village of Carrollton, St. Charles Avenue has connected both ends of the fabled crescent, neatly spanning five miles and almost two hundred years.” - Cynthia Reece McCafferty, The Majesty of St. Charles Avenue, by McCafferty and McCafferty (2004). #neworleans #architecture #stcharles

A little history on Gippy: Located on the western branch of the Cooper River outside of Charleston, SC, Gippy Plantation was a part of the Fairlawn Barony which was granted by King Charles II to Sir John Colleton, one of the original Proprietors of the Carolina Colony. In 1821, this particular part of the Fairlawn Barony was sold by Colleton’s daughter, Louisa Carolina Colleton - the fourth baronet, and her husband, Admiral Richard Graves of the British Navy,  to John White. With the newly acquired 1,875 acres, White established Gippy Plantation and cultivated rice, cotton and pine. After the original house was burnt down in 1852, Gippy was rebuilt from the ground up by enslaved artisans (so much history on this topic - be on the look out for an additional post about this soon.) In the 1920's when the home was owned by the Roosevelt family, it underwent a substantial renovation carried out by well known architecture firm, Simons and Lapham. Through this renovation, square columns were replaced with round Doric columns and additions were made on the backside of the main dwelling - including relocating the kitchen from a separate building outside the house to being placed off the dining room. Formal gardens designed by famous landscape architect, Loutrel Briggs, were also added to the property during this time. Placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2016, Gippy remains one of the most notable examples of Greek Revival architecture in Berkeley county. #greekrevival #nationalregisterofhistoricplaces

Today is the day we finally closed on our dream home! 🏛 #greekrevival #nationalregisterofhistoricplaces

Double-height windows on the main façade of the Monroe County Courthouse in Aberdeen, Mississippi (USA), designed by J.A. Pate and J.B. Taylor and built in 1857. Photo from December 2017. /
Les fenêtres colossales sur la façade principale du palais de justice de Monroe County à Aberdeen, Mississippi (E-U), dessiné par J.A. Pate et J.B. Taylor et érigé en 1857. Cliché de décembre 2017.
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Follow the link in bio to the full listing. It’s a rare opportunity to own a piece of fully restored/renovated Old Tippecanoe history!
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My field work lighting equipment got to come out and play in the @visit_thnoc Counting House today. Looking forward to seeing how Eli’s Oregon Wells vision comes together. #whenyouworkatamuseum #photoshoot #onetimeinnola #greekrevival #lightscameraaction

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