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this would look so much different under the greek sun #greekmonument #ancient #temple

Vue sur l'Acropole depuis la place Monastiraki #greatviewrooftop #athenscity #greekmonument #greece🇬🇷


📷 IG Carousel post (swipe left for images) 📷 Backstory: Considering my klutzy nature, a friend remarked, “Victoria, of all the places you could choose to visit, Greece is perfect for you because if you knock anything over and break it, no worries...the place is already in ruins!" 👣 As I strolled about the Roman Agora (corner of Pelopida and Eolou, Aerides), and the Ancient Agora (Adrianou, Monastiraki), I envisioned storefront signs that, back then, might have advertised, "Get your column here...25% off while supplies last!" 💥 Summing up my adventures at the Acropolis, hmmm, what can I say …. I came, I saw, I left to meet a friend for frappe. Still, I did form a few impressions while atop Acropolis ~ and over coffee. 🎓 Here are a few fun facts I learned during my adventures in Athens: ✨ Acropolis is literally overrun by tourists – all clamoring for the same photo-op backdrop – and is best avoided between the sun-drenched hours of 11 AM to 4 PM. And since the platforms of Parthenon and the Temple of Nike are reached by way of slippery marble steps, platform shoes are a poor wardrobe choice. ✨ This is the site where Poseidon whacked a rock with his weapon and ruptured a water main, while Athena lightly touched her spear to the ground and manifested an olive tree. Lesson learned: less is more. ✨ Athena and Nike are not one in the same. ✨ The Parthenon initially served as a temple, then a church, a mosque, and ultimately, a storage facility for gunpowder. Bad idea. ✨ The architectural design of the Parthenon can be thought of as the world's largest and heaviest jigsaw puzzle. ✨ The Parthenon is the world’s third most recognizable icon, surpassed only by la Tour Eiffel and the golden arches of McDonald's. ✨ The zenith of Acropolis is ideal for distance-spitting contests. But be careful. ✨ Refreshments aren't served or sold here – so bring your own water.

Its majesty the " Parthenon" 🏛 • The Parthenon is regarded as an enduring symbol of Ancient Greece, Athenian democracy and western civilization,and one of the world's greatest cultural monuments.

Izgrađen u vreme čuvenog vojskovođe Perikla, u V veku pre Hrista, u vreme tzv. „Zlatnog doba Atine“, Akropolj predstavlja simbol kulturnih i političkih dostignuća tadašnjeg polisa Atine.
Da li ste ga posetili? :) #akropolj #partenon #atina #grčka #grcka #acropolis #parthenon #athens #grees #greek #greekmonument #historicalheritage #historicalmonument

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