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More of my satyress cosplay 😊
I'm trying to decide whether or not to wear my long wig.

So yeah I met @shappiworkshop this weekend :3 that was super cool :3 she was so sweet and cute and generally excited about being here.. She just warmed my heart. Guuurl I hope we 'll meet again in the future ^.^ #geokuromi #cosplay #greekcosplay #frenchmaidnidalee #annafrozen

The face that launched a thousand ships
#helenoftroycosplay #helenoftroy #greekcosplay

Going back to the golden times when you were still part of the reigning families.... #throwback2013

“The ending is already set for us. I told you. We can never be friends, family or lovers. I knew that all the things I say or do would hurt you and make you cry, but I still did it anyway. And I would absolutely understand if you hate me. Because I hate myself too. You should have been with someone else. Yoosung, who will always be there to light up your world. Jahee, who will always be there to listen to all your worries and share your burden. Zen, who will always shower you with all the love and care in the world. Jumin, who will always protect you with all he has unconditionally. Anyone but me. Anyone but me would be someone who truly deserve you. But you never left. No matter what I did. Why are you such a strange person? You could have ignored me, avoided me, got mad at me. But ever since Day 1 you have been sending me messages filled with smiles and love. And you’ve caught my attention ever since the start. I love how your face lights up laughing from the jokes I’ve made. And I begin to look forward to seeing you in the chatroom everyday. Just the sound of your voice can already light up my world and your words surround me with emotions that I never thought I would deserve to have. And it’s you who taught me that I am capable of loving, and being loved as well. Words cannot express my love for you. It only took us 5 days to fall in love and 11 days for you to change my world completely. And by the time I realized my feelings for you, you’ve already became my universe. Will you marry me at the space station?” There is gonna be a hell of a post, but it's so damn long so I will leave it in pieces in the comments~

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❄For more info on the photoshoot check my facebook art/cosplay page, Erinto❄
✨Wig: "Lily in Gold" by coscraft
The wig was styled by the amazing @gayest.heterosexual 💖 He does wig styling commissions and I was 100% satisfied with the result, so please consider him if your wig needs some extra glow~
FreshLook Colors by lentiamo in Blue (I do not recommend them for dark eyes since on mine they barely were visible without flash)
Both the sword and its case were made by @sgt_gasmask , but I have already praised him~ He also is open for prop comissions!
✨The rest of the props and clothes are all handmade by me with some help for my grandma💖
#coscraft #lentiamo #botw #botwlink #botwcosplay #cosplayphotoshoot
#greekcosplay #killme


I am loving how arwen Is coming along. The first layer is done. Time to bust out the velvet :3

I may have actual tears right now!!! The beading is finally done and now it's time for lining and sewing the rest of the sleeves. <3

Upper sleeve beading for arwen 's gown is done for the first sleeve. Took me 9 hours but I love the result. I used white - silver beads and unicorn skin sequins.

My first (no more) secret project for egaming, is arwen and her Requiem gown. Materials are bought and I started working yesterday. #geokuromi

Another photo of Sona because I missed this cosplay of mine (and it'll probably be my cos for the second day of DU.) Forgive me for no makeup I was in a hurry X'D
Photo by my sweet Ahri: @angiev_cosplay 😄
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My mask needs some feathers :3 I am very happy with the wooden effect.

Details from my nightmare robe set. The costume is almost finished and I am so proud of it

And I totally forgot about instagram guys sorry. New video is up on my YouTube channel. Link in the bio

Though ive made mistakes..
Though ive left you..
I still wonder why you didnt move on without me..
Then i realised
That i,myself was falling without you
I regret everything for sure..
But if that never happened,i would never realise how much i need you..
Asahi Azumane: Me
The smol cute bυt precious Rolling Thunder Aka Nishinoya Yuu : @_nishinoya_yuu_ -
Photographer : @elianakms
#haikyuu #volleyballdorks #asanoya #asahiazumane #nishinoyayuu #asahixnishinoya #cosplay #haikyuucosplay #asahiazumanecosplay #nishinoyayuucosplay #greekcosplay #greekcosplayers

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