Running is my homie. Anxiety is my nemesis. I am a business owner, a creative entrepreneur, a lover, a sister, a daughter, a friend and above all: a woman. Those are a lot of hats to wear. I have learned that its ok to say "not today". Its ok to turn off and tune out from the world. Sometimes, though, I've tuned out so much that I'm now surrounded by darkness. How did I get here? The fog is so heavy I can't breathe. Why don't they like me? Why do they doubt the words I speak, don't they know its only the truth? Don't they know I only truly want the best for them? Running is my homie. Anxiety is my nemesis. And so I run. I run so fast that those layers of self doubt and loathing peel right off. I run so hard each step becomes lighter. I keep running and running and running. And all of sudden, there it is: the light. I'm back in the warmth of self love and light. I remember who the fuck I am and why the fuck I was put on this planet. I cannot control what others choose to do or how they react or why they thrive on drama, no I cannot. But I definitely can make the conscious decision to stay true to myself and who I am. And I will. Running is my homie. Anxiety can go fuck herself #naturalbornhustler
Call your friends, you never know how much your hand can help pull them out of the dark 🌟#RunningRaleigh

My sweetest, my protector, my ride or die, my rock, my sister, my confidánt, my best friend legit, my everything. How lucky am I? You paved the road for me. You showed me and taught me all about life. You let me tag along when I was just pip squeak. Your honesty, loyalty, and genuine friendship have made me so proud to be your sister. Thank you for always being by my side 🌟👯♥️♥️♥️ #GreekSisters #ThickestBlood #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe

Mama ain't raised no bitch, part deux 💪❄️ Got my day 1 boo with me too ♥️ #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #TheDspot

#RussellPeters with Queen V 🎉🍾 Foreign jokes and ab workout aaaaall niiiiiiight lawng!! #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #Raleigh #comedy

We climbed the mountain, let's enjoy the view 🙌 yas booboo yaaas!! #Goldwell #kaoaex18 #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe

When the whole city shuts down for some snow flurries but mama ain't raise no bitch!!! #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #Karpenisi taught me everything 🙌

Καλή Χρονιά!! Υγεία Κάβλα κ Επανάσταση 🌟✨💫 Manifesting for the rest of my life 🙌 Gonna smash pomegranates and all that good good Καλή Χρονιά!! Υγεία Κάβλα κ Επανάσταση #TheMoreYouKnow#GreekLife #GreekBetch #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #naturalbornhustler

#Repost @sola__raleigh (@get_repost)
Sola Location: Pleasant Valley
With Sola Since: July 7, 2014

I feel 'Filotimo' in #mySola
#mySola is my 'Safe Haven'
Head to our Facebook for the full spotlight on Demetra and an incredible feature video on the D-Spot ⭐️ Check your girl out!!!! Yas queen YAS!!!! #naturalbornhustler #theDspot #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #RaleighSalon #919

Monday vibes.. actually, no. Every got damn day vibes for the rest of my life 🌟 #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe

#Greek night in #Charlotte betches 🍾💃🏻 Glendi for life!!!! #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe

Got 👏 dayum 👏 magnificence 👏 i tell ya boy, this place is something special 🌟#GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #naturalbornhustler

About 4,000ish years ago, #Athena and #Poseidon would argue a lot. Just like all brothers and sisters. In an attempt to become "Patron God" of the city, they presented gifts. Poseidon created a salt water spring by striking the ground with his trident, symbolizing naval power. Athena created the olive tree, symbolizing peace and prosperity. Of course Athena won. Inside the Temple of #Erehtheion lay the marks of Poseidon's trident and Athena's sacred olive tree. One side is held up by the beautiful #Karyatides statues. From the town on Karyæ, these women were known for being beautiful, tall, strong, and capable of giving birth to strong children. You see only 5 originals in the #AcropolisMuseum ..That is b/c Lord Elgin stole one and it is displayed in the British museum. A famous actress/activist #MelinaMercouri dedicated her life to having these stolen artifacts returned. A fight #Greeks have not surrendered to 🇬🇷
#GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #naturalbornhustler #Athens #Greece #Parthenon #Acropolis #ancientgreek #EU #democracy

🇬🇷 #Greece betch 🇬🇷

I grew up on the slopes of this mountain #Velouxi in #Karpenisi standing tall and proud at 6,150ft. #ΑχΕλλαδαΣαγαπω 🇬🇷 💙 #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #XionodromikoKentroVelouxi

I made it mama 🍾🙌🌟 THREE years of successful entrepreneurship. THREE years of keeping my dream alive. THANK YOU to all my lovers, believers, supporters, and sweet sunshines, THANK YOU!!!! #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #theDspot #Raleigh #naturalbornhustler #salon #solasalons #919

15 short days ago I had emergency appendectomy surgery. Tonite I "jogged" a 5k..in the woods..under black lights..with tons of glow sticks!! Foam party included 🦄 that shit was magical!! #GlowInThePark #naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe

You didn't know I rap? Yea, you know, just spittin' some bars about #Goldwell #MenReshade 🎤Holla at me and lets hook you up 🤵#naturalbornhustler #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #TheDspot #Raleigh #salonlife 🎥 @hayday2811

I'm so #blessed to have met this man. We are #soulmates 😍 He takes such good care of me. Always has my back and never lets me down. I pray girls can only be as #lucky as me. I finally #kissedMyfrog 🐸 I will definitely keep you all updated everyday with our #relationship 😘 #naturalbornhustler #fuckyomanigotabetterone #GreeceRaisedMeGreeceMadeMe #cream

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