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These kids have been friends 10+ years before they were born.

Relaxing at La Paloma after a day on the track. Unbelievable! #continentalmom #forwhatyoudo

Finally met @dearcrissy in person and we went off-roading together! #ContinentalMom #ForWhatYouDo

Me, in a helicopter! In the air above #continentamom at Uvalde Proving Grounds. #forwhatyoudo

Aimee was a race car driver. #ForWhatYouDo #ContinentalMom

#TBT Baby Aimee edition, around 1972

Santa Monica Beach

No one beats Tropical Unicorns with @jeavoncally. Nobody. #monandjon

Pretty much my favorite gals in the world. @monikarun @chloebear

As you can tell by my ratty pigtails, it's windy out there today.

I do bathroom shots with @singjulie.

Pretty sure this is the longest my hair has ever been in my life.

Not as bad as it looks @rhiasnoise @airdubai

Christmas Eve with my bestie @chloebear

Fun night with my boys and @stoneleafdenver ❤️ #zoolights

I can't tell you how much I love these people. Even Ian.

My amazing friend and college roommate @mamamb knitted me a hat! XO!

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