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Luxembourg, a Grand Duchy, the only remaining in Europe, managed to be small in size but great in importance and decisive for the EU. The capital city center crossed by the Alzette river and old town surrounded by hills are a great sight and you need a couple of days to truly discover all that there is and do not catch the eye at first glance.
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Air quality here Spokane just hit “Hazardous”...needless to say I am missing crisp alpine air and views for miles


This moment went from blue sky to a blizzard of snow in seconds

Trier (in German) or Trevéris, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the oldest German city, founded around the 4th century bc by celts and taken by the roman empire in the I century b.c. renamed as Augusta Treverorum to honour the first emperor Augustos it then gained is status. The city has quite some relevant spots, the Porta Nigra, highlight and city gates due to the darkening of the III cent. stones, the St.Peter's Cathedral and Market square to name but few are all great sightseeing. Trier is also the hometown of Karl Marx.

Evening reflections in the alpine tarns

Heidelberg, an old but vibrant full of youth city in the valley of the Meckar river, best known by the oldest university in Germany and its role in medicine today. Besides the Haupstrasse (shopping and food mile) the Castle accessed by the funicular half way to the top where a full overview of the city and surrounds can be seen, are the key points not to be missed!

On the road to Haut Koenigsburg castle make a stop and enjoy Bergheim, you will be rewarded with some corners with castle on thd background and the stork in the church watching over the village entry.

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