A good book and sweet coffee. Good company and an incredible view. Does a man need more?

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Good morning! Happy Monday 😘
Time for honesty again.
I have spent most of my life running away from every camera, there are roughly 10 photos of me from the age of 13 to 29.

Up until early this year, I hated seeing myself in a photo. It looked wrong, I looked too big and soft and round, and it was hard for my brain to accept.
And then I was honest about this to a friend (@karolinaspirulina), and she took photos of me. She was very direct through the shoot, but she made me smile, and for the first time, I didn't hate the photos, they finally looked like me.
Now I don't run from cameras, I have more photos of me this year, than I have from every other year of my life combined. It's taken years, and required self love, endless self care, friendship (and a professional photographer...)
Do you run from any camera? Do you delete every photo or untag yourself? Could you love yourself enough to accept how you look, exactly in this moment?

No not me ha ha

Got a poke fun at life even when it’s difficult!

5 weeks flew by. So grateful that you could be with us this summer 🙏🏽. Only the best opportunities will flow into your life, make the most of them and be happy n healthy😘❣️. Onto the next adventure in your life. Love you Laiks safe travels. Stay blessed 😇 Angels are watching over you❣️😘. @alaiqamalik @sushmalik @aaryamalik #greatlife #newadventures #newchapter #love #gratitude

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