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This man's name is Albert. He used to work hospitality for a major international hotel. He now runs a small shop in Ham Tin village. Albert also stores surfboards and has a small guest house he rents out on a nightly bases. He's a totally rad dude and only operates his store on the weekends as during the week he takes students into the hills around Ham Tin to teach them about different plant varieties and what they can be used for, medicine, food, etc and other outdoor skills. He's a totally rad dude that exudes wonderful energy. I salute you Albert! #greathumans #instadaily #hongkong #goodvibes #positiveenergy 🤙🏽 @explore_hongkong @discoverhongkong @hongkong.insta @everydayasia

Was great practicing with these legends,alot to learn from them #greathumans #goodvibesonly 👌👌

Had an awesome time with a couple of my favorite small humans tonight, and their bigger human counterparts @arkay3030 #goodparenting #greathumans #jackandro #twins

Отличный день👟🚗🔫 #словопацана #greathumans

With our thinking caps on, we're ready to take on the world! And though we live all across the country, we share one vision 🙋🏻 #worldvision #youthteam #greathumans #realhumans #WebEx!!!!

Dr. Hobbs gave us the 👍🏻 Pugsley is recovering nicely! Despite the one stitch he lost lol💗💗💗💗💗all my love to the VSEC animal hospital staff for being so good to us!💗💗💗💗#vsec #greathumans #animalangels

FAMILY over everything .
My babies are STUNNERS @tayd_dance @reeses_pieces77 💙💙 #greatHUMANS and #immabeastdancers

I still feel like your going to call me back and yell at me for not standing up for myself 😐⭐️🙏🏼 #RIP I love you super much and all month you will be celebrated. #greathumans #anthonymason #nba


What a great Saturday in Southern California. Had a nice running wod @crossfiteastcounty in the morning. Then nice little lunchtime ride with wifey @susannewman and @trapplivin (btw, I think she's diggin' the sidecar) then a nice evening of catching up with some great people @hiperformanceathletics @richwellcorrea and @afauxgram (Dena fix your IG!!). #socalliving #sidecarlife #bmwr100 #greathumans

Work never feels like work when I'm around this lot!👌🏼👌🏼#goodsouls #greathumans #tkcfamily #dinnerdates #farewellhugger

When u have a pretty horrible day but you have some pretty amazing friends❤❤❤ #muine #vietnam #hammockhangs #friends #friendship #travel #appreciationpost #greathumans

@adenikeoyetunde is my #wcw and I had to do this before the day is over.
I certainly do not know her personally, but I've come to know her through photos seen and how some of my friends who happen to be her friends talk about her... for me, @adenikeoyetunde is seeing God's love and Miracle every single minute and whenever I stumble on her photo, I stay there for a while, looking and feeling both happy and sad. Happy because she brings this warmth to my heart as all her photos are always that of her smiling or working, and I get sad sometimes because I feel I am not expressive of my gratitude enough to God, I feel some people who believe they have more don't groove like #Nike does, and I vex for myself just a nano second before I smile again because there's still life and that can be done too (I intend to have as much fun so help me God) I haven't met you, #Nike, but even a blind man knows you're full of life. .
As I use you as my #womancrushwedensday I say a big thank you for allowing God use you to bring smile to our faces, I say thank you for allowing God to use you to make the world believe more of His great works, I say thank you for ministering to us through your smiles, your Photos and the adventure you enjoy. And although I haven't met you yet, I am sure your personality is contagious and an encounter with you will certainly make the hopeless hopeful again about life... so until I meet you, I will continue to enjoy your photos, and every smile I see will do nothing but remind me that the world is indeed more than what we see, that the love and self we find in Christ Jesus is greater than any we can find in anyone, and His love is evident in the lives of everyone, all we just have to do is see. 👀
I can go on and on, but I'll stop here for now... not forgetting to say thank you once again for being happy, for allowing God use you, and for being all you want to be thereby bringing hope to so many... You Are Awesome!
With Love ❤️ -Linorajj🤗

#linorajj #inspiration #greathumans #love #happiness #purposefulliving #miracle #awesomegod #adenikesgratitudejarchallenge2017 #adenike #livinglifenomatterwhat #youarecrushable

Live life box free ❤💋

It's not what you have in life but who...🙎🏼‍♂️🙎🏻🙎🏼❤️
#lovethesesguys #happymothersday #mykids #greathumans #proudmumma

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