Rare but here is a Eurasian collared-Dove! I thought it was a pigeon at first. It’s a North American bird that has spread fast due to multiple broods a year; Cool fact, collared doves are an eastern European species that was known in Britain 60 years ago.

In the mid 90s, I was at Murphy Field on Penn’s campus at ultimate frisbee practice when a Void men’s team alum stopped by to say hello. No one who knew Void in the 90s will be surprised to hear that they didn’t give him the time of day. I threw a frisbee with him for a little while and then he had to get back to work. Fast forward 15? years and he found me on Facebook and took me out for lunch in appreciation of my long ago long forgotten act. Our yearly or twice yearly tradition of meeting up and celebrating small acts of courtesy and deep friendships continues til today. Here, my first hot pot experience (extravagant! delicious!), followed by fine sake, and a walk along the canal. #hotpot #sake #forestbathing #delawareandraritancanal #greatheron #mushrooms #kingston #newjersey

A day on the river with a bird of a feather #greatheron #aheronsview
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My buddy near the path to Kellogg’s Beach. #greatheron #kelloggsbeach #pointloma #sandiegoyachtclub

Friends, we are living in Wilmington now, just in time for Hurricane Florence. While we are safe there are thousands without homes and relief delayed because of floods and downed trees. I just signed up to work for Red Cross and for the next month will be donating any proceeds of sales from my web site. If this is agreeable with you, good. If you would like to donate directly, there many local churches doing an enormous job and of course RedCross and others. Thank you, Bill and Sira. Www.CapeFearPhotography.NET .. #hurricaneflorence #northcarolina #wilmington #naturephotography #greatheron #naturalworld #hurricanehelp #charity #rescuedog #firstresponders

A day on the river with a bird of a feather #greatheron #aheronsview

Grand Héron au Parc Michel-Chartrand! grandheron#nature#oiseauechassier#greatheron

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