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Caught up with @craftguerrilla today... and she was feline fine on this frosty Friday the 13th! Learnt it used to be seen as a very lucky day for us Ladies! #greatgoddess #smashthepatriatchy

Because there is always light above the clouds
#sacrednature #greatgoddess

we are moon sisters ⠀
our bodies and hearts move together ⠀
in tune with the earth ⠀
with the ocean and the seasons and the stars ⠀
and the moon ⠀
our connection is timeless ⠀
we embody life ⠀
creation ⠀
expansion ⠀
chaos ⠀
and we will never contain that power ⠀
we will run naked ⠀
yelling at the top of our lungs ⠀
into the cool Atlantic Ocean ⠀
under a full moon ⠀
holding hands ⠀
fireflies tangled in our unbrushed hair ⠀
and we will giggle and whisper⠀
secrets about life and love and teach each other how to follow our hearts ⠀
we give each other the courage ⠀
to stand tall ⠀
speak loud ⠀
and live passionately ⠀
in a world that so often demands ⠀
we hide our bodies ⠀
silence our words⠀
and shrink our spirits⠀
we are moon sisters ⠀
we are in love with life ⠀
with each other ⠀
with freedom and truth and beauty ⠀
we are moon sisters⠀


"You gotta get in a picture with this!" A middle-aged woman directs her partner to stand closer to the drawing as reaches for her phone.
While taking the picture, she says, "You know this is SO funny. At the bar where I work, we were just having a conversation about what the right way to pronounce it is. CLIT-oris or cli-TOR-is."
She thanked us for creating art that raises awareness and then laughed again at the picture. "When I show my coworkers this, they are going to love it."


bright greetings to you all this beauty-full #fallequinox #Mabon time.... may you find the balance you seek and replenish your be-ing with the bounty of all you have sown.... love every present moment as our dear standing ones, the trees display their stunning colours as they help us to remember to simply...let go... with much love + hoards of light...wx (((💜))) Greeting to the Fall Equinox of Mabon…

Hail, Journeyer of the Heavens…
Queen of Brightness, King of Beauty…
Gifts of Gladness richly bringing…
Autumn sheaves and red leaves' fall…
Generous be the heart within us…
Open be our hands to all…
Harvest thankfulness our call…
- #CaitlinMatthews #gabriola #gabriolaisland #fallcolours #letgo #fallingleaves #beauty #goddess #greatgoddess #divinefeminine #divinefemininerising #blessedbe #harmnone

It is the eve of Navratri, the Festival of Nine Nights of celebration of and devotion to divine Devi.
Each night, an aspect of Maa Durga is celebrated with Durga Puja.
In some observances, Maa Shakti is celebrated with the first three nights devoted to aspects of Durga, the middle three to Lakshmi, and the final three to Saraswati.
It is a festival celebrating the victory of the Goddess Durga over Evil, restoring peace, harmony, and balance to the world. With everything current, this will be a particularly poignant Navratri- for not just myself- but many others who observe it, I'm sure.
Jai Durga Maa!

'We did need some time after the emotional Pisces moon to look at what life really means for all of us, and how we can possibly combine our hearts and our love—with our souls and our life.

Over the past two weeks since the last full moon, we have been dared to strip all of our armor and barriers away.
We have been asked to sit with the parts of ourselves and our lives that make us squirm—and to make love to them.

To see the why’s behind everything we do—every lie we have ever told ourselves and every time we chose doubt over hope.

Something has shifted now—we did bare it all, we did get naked and let out everything that has been inside—now that the clothing we wore no longer fits us.

This eclipse is going to be showing us in a big way what our old selves have outgrown—we are done with who we were—our mistakes are lessons that we can kiss good bye as we move into the future that is waiting for us.

If it feels like a lot has changed during the past few weeks—that is the welcome of the eclipse season making its mark on your life.

It’s the start of quick changes, and dramatic plot twists—the life that we thought we had figured out back in July or August?
Get ready to have everything turned upside down.

But the thing is—we will be smiling the entire time.

It’s showing us that sometimes a lot changes in a short period of time, and what we thought was true yesterday turns out to be false today.
It’s these moments of surprise, of change, that end up being the very same moments we never forget.

It is a time when anythings possible—it is guaranteed.
The new moon in Virgo will be our safe place—she will be there helping to bring us to the other side'. -K. 🌹 “And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” #happynewmoon #blessedbethefruit ♍️🌑

"Our blessed Earth Mother is a source of strength and will help us stand firm and strong - just like the Heron does..." - weaver #drumweaver #drumdreaming #heron #myphoto #gabriola #gabriolaisland #descansobay #pachamama #motherearth #gaia #greatgoddess #blueheron x (((o)))

Lower Temple views and our Pele altar in its beginning stages. It amazes me how different all the spaces and areas on our land feel. Some deep in mango forest and others wide open. Every thing is in such a state of constant change and when we play outdoors it becomes so apparent in every piece of grass, each rock, the light, the temperature, and on it goes. Static nature isn't. #changeisnatural #greatgoddess #wheelgoesround #pachumama #gaia #womb #pele #altar #earthwomb #hawaii

"Creation"- Esther Andrade @_esssther_
○Watercolor & ink on paper○
São Paulo, Brazil ~~Tribe de Mama vol. 9 : womb~~
This makes me feel.
☆ A day late but Happy world Goddess day! #worldGoddessday #greatGoddess #mamaGoddess #tribedemama #tribedemamamagazine #art #divinefeminine

#hoops ... gearing up to help guide 10 beautiful souls to birthing their open hearts.... #drumbirthing #drumbirthingceremony #drummaking on stunning #gabriola #gabriolaisland #drumweaver #drumdreaming ... x (((❤️))) #hoopoflife #center #oftheheart #pachamama #motherearth #gaia #greatgoddess #divinefeminine

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