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It was such an amazing week with these crazy kids. Truly blessed to be a counselor for these kids and along side my best friends. Definatly was the #greatestthingever #gsmcamp2017

what a fun week filled with new steps taken toward Christ, a whole lot of love, and of course our Spongebob role call 💘 oh how I miss these kiddos and their overflowing joy this week at the #greatestthingever 💛

This camp is more than just any other camp, not because of the activities or the things we do but the people I met and the relationships that were created. Being able to meet people at the beginning of the week and then being able to trust them like any other friend is truly a gift. When we all gave our life to Christ we created a covenant to ourselves and God. Hopefully this week at camp influenced and changed my friends like it did me. #GSM #GCC #greatestthingever

Yes, it's true. Angela and John enjoyed their 13th Wedding Anniversary with their 3 kids, and your 300 kids, at #gsmcamp2017. @gelakeim @johnkeim #greatestthingever @grangerchurch @gccelkhart @gsmlive

Had an amazing week at camp helping these guys take their next steps toward Christ and growing closer with my best friends. #greatestthingever #buckbuck

My heart is overflowing 💕 I was beyond blessed to lead these sweet girls this week, and I'm so excited to see where high school takes them. #GreatestThingEver #GSMCamp2017

D I S R U P T I O N // [Day 1] #GSMDevoDoodle⠀
Don't forget to check out the "Disruption" video on GSM's YouTube channel (link in bio)! ⠀
#gsmcamp2017 #greatestthingever

Bass Drops and Half Time sponsored by Ricola #campband #greatestthingever @gsmlive


OH MY GOSH. My nephew is the absolute greatest!! I couldn't stop laughing when he was laughing at his bestie Charlie! And she had no idea what was going on, just that she had her Noli Cannoli laughing! ❤️❤️❤️ #ilovebeinganaunt #greatestthingever #thingsthatmakemesmile #thingsthatmakemelaugh #NolanNeufeld #dogisaboysbestfriend

N I T R Ø ✖️F L Ø A T
elevate your coffee game •

#starbucks #nitrobrew #coffeegram #float #coffeegamestrong #greatestthingever #coffee #icecream #vancouver

P R O M I S E // [Day 1] #GSMDevoDoodle⠀
After listening to the "Promise" video on GSM's YouTube channel (link in bio), how did you retell Abraham & Sarah's story in SIX WORDS? Post a picture on your story and tag @gsmlive! #gsmcamp2017 #greatestthingever

#gsmcamp2017 reunion at tonight's After Party! Wear your camp shirt and bring $5 for dinner! We'll meet in the auditorium at 5pm! #greatestthingever

D I S R U P T I O N // [Day 2]⠀
From the beginning, God has always been about redeeming and restoring what is broken. #gsmcamp2017 #greatestthingever

D I S R U P T I O N // [Day 1] #GSMDevoDoodle⠀
Don't forget to check out the "Disruption" video on GSM's YouTube channel (link in bio)! ⠀
#gsmcamp2017 #greatestthingever

The Greatest thing ever is a kiss from my lil man ❤ he makes my day ❤ love him so much 😗 #greatestthingever #mumandsonkiss #lovemyson

C R E A T I O N // [Day 2]⠀
What does it mean for YOU personally to be created in the image of God? #gsmcamp2017 #greatestthingever

Last night with awesome people! Playing softball every Monday night! Come out and support ❤️😘⚾️ #softball #beentoolong #missit #greatestthingever #whyistherenosoftballemoji

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