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This dude right here was my friend, encyclopedia, dictionary & father, all wrapped in one!
Happy posthumous birthday dad. Love you now and always.
Wish you met Ethan, his wits remind me of you everyday.
#happybirthdaydad #birthdayboy #greatestdadever #missyoualways #rip

Happy 33 ! 🎉
I don't know how you do it, my darling, but you have made magic since 2003! ✨❤️ #birthdayboy #greatestdadever #weloveyoutons

Dad and I, circa 1982... #greatestdadever #missyouforever

“A house with a strong foundation will stand the test of time. Gotta have a strong foundation stand for something or fall for anything.” Okay Dad.. ❤️😍 #mondaymotivation #greatestdadever

کودکی ، دخترکی ، موقع خواب

سخت پاپیچ پدر بود و از او می پرسید :

زندگی چیست ؟

پدرش از سر بی صبری گفت :

زندگی یعنی عشق

دخترک با سر پرشوری گفت :

عشق را معنی کن !

پدرش داد جواب :

بوسه ی گرم تو بر گونه ی من

دخترک خنده برآورد ز شوق

گونه های پدرش را بوسید

زان سپس گفت :

پدر … عشق اگر بوسه بود …

بوسه هایم همه تقدیم تو باد !❤️😍😘 ________________
The greatest gift
I ever had
Came from God
I call him #Dad ...❤️😍✨❤️ #greatestdadever ❤️

{April 23: it's hard to understand why God called you home "so soon" but one thing I know: I will see you again and I won't have to say goodbye ever again #Godknowsbest #2yearstoday #greatestdadever #whatalegacyyouhaveleftus }

老爸...there were so much not said, so much not done, yet you have to depart. You've watched me grow and mature. You've given me so much so much. But what you have not gave me is the chance to let me show my filial piety. .
Well, I know you are in a better place now. Importantly, painless. The 24 hrs that you've been thru was torturous. It pains me to see you suffer then. You and grandma now unite and please watch over each other. .
Thank you for your sacrifices for the family and me. Now is my turn to take over your role. Rest assured that the family will be well taken care of. But you are still irreplaceable! Given a choice, I will definitely choose to be your son again! 老爸, I love you and I miss you!! #iloveyoupapa #greatestdadever

#greatestdadever #teamdiaz #YCF
#happyfathersday #dadtoocool

"Why you never smile in your photo?"
Yeah, because only these people who can make me smile.
#family #greatestdadever #greatestmomever #familytime #saturdaynight


This dude right here was my friend, encyclopedia, dictionary & father, all wrapped in one!
Happy posthumous birthday dad. Love you now and always.
Wish you met Ethan, his wits remind me of you everyday.
#happybirthdaydad #birthdayboy #greatestdadever #missyoualways #rip

Happy birthday to one special man!! The guy who’s been there for dan and I this year so much. He helped us house hunt and then get our house turned into a home! Our relationship as grown so much this past year that it makes me realize even more than ever how you are such a huge component to this family and to my life! I love you Dad and thank you for being you! #greatestdadever #birthday #daddysgirl

My honey went back to work today :'(
Now we are all going to be so lost without him 💔💔💔 Thank you my love for taking all that time to run the house while I was dying and then starting new work ♡


On December 7th 2017, An amazing person had passed away.My Dad. He was like our best friend, trusting and caring. We miss him so much . In the morning, it was snowing for the first time, and my dad was doing perfectly fine, then around 9:30 am he had a sudden heart attack. It was a total shock to us. He will forever be in our hearts. We love and miss him so much. 💔. Lloyd Robinson R.I.P.
June 1st ,1954 - Dec. 7th 2017 #greatestdadever #restinpeace #misshim

Even though it was yesterday
Happy birthday to one of my closest friends big brother role model and gramps @lookitsnam
This is how i kno this is definitley one of my best friends .

Theres nothing more attractive than a man being an awesome daddy. #dadgoals #happychildren #greatestdadever #familylove #momsrelaxing #parenthood #teamwork #desertsun

Happy 70th Birthday Dad! 🎁❤️🎉🍰Love you 😘 #daddyslittlegirl #70birthday #greatestdadever

This is the first time I ever posted about your grave, 4 years ago and it still feels like yesterday. I hear your voice in my ears, your wisdom when I need advice, your protection in your duas. If I ever live to be a percent of the man and legacy of who you are, I have lived the best life. I miss you more than you could imagine father. RIP 5/9/13
#RIP #greatestdadever #missyoufather #oneandonly #legecyoflions #patriarch #goldengeneration #mypride

Love my dad!! ❤️❤️😘 #fatheranddaughter #greatestdadever

Happy birthday to the greatest father in the world 🌎. I love u to the moon and back and feel extremely blessed to have u as my dad. Today u get a little older and wiser but also it’s another year I get to spend with u. You have always been there for me and always will be there. That’s why u are my rock, my hero, and the best dad in the world. #happybirthday #love #family #greatestdadever #mynumber1 #dad #birthday #celebratinganotherdaywithyou #celebrate #bday #familygoals

You are the greatest dad. I miss you so much Aba 😥😥 3 years since you left to meet with The Almighty.
#dad #family #greatestdadever #aba #love

Dad and I, circa 1982... #greatestdadever #missyouforever

Happy Birthday to my dad. 🎉(Sappy Caption To Follow...) This man right here... He has been my rock and solid ground my entire life. He has been my biggest blessing and I honestly wouldn't be the woman I am today without him. When I wanted to quit school, he pushed me to keep going. I'd do it all again just to see how proud I made him on graduation day. (I get choked up every time I think about it.) When I was in grad school, working, in my internship and planning my wedding, my dad was out choosing our venue as a wedding gift to us. I get a good morning phone call from him every day on my way to work just to check in and say "I love you, baby". He has always been there for me. His strength amazes me. I don't know any other man who carries as much weight on their shoulders and keeps such a kind and caring heart. His jokes are suuuper cheesy and we get in some really great laughs together! I have never met a single soul who doesn't love and respect him. He honestly has to be the coolest guy on earth! I have truly been blessed with the best father and working in the field that I work in, I do not take that for granted one single day. The love that my dad has shown me is the kind that makes it easy to trust in Jesus because I know what a loving father really is. He has fully loved and accepted and cheered me on through my best and worst times. Always wanting better for my life and always ready with his camera to take pictures in our happy times. He always has an ear ready to listen and wisdom to share. He has been my dad, my best friend, my protector, my provider, my rock, my solid ground, my comic relief, and my very first love story. I'm so thankful for my dad. He is truly unlike any other. #HappyBirthdayDad #GreatestDadEver #Grateful #Thankful #Blessed #ILoveYou

Missing this cool guy right there. Coolest father ever. 27th November 1949 - 26th April 2017. My only peace is knowing that he is Resting In Paradise. 😭😢. #coolfather #greatestdadever #familyman #strongman #lovedriven #proudfather #flydresser #stylelife #diditmyway #family1st #trendsetter #coolestdadever #cooldad #greatdresser #johnny #originaljohn #john1 #1dad #greatfather

You've proven to be the greatest dad for these girls... You make sure things are all in place for them, including hair-dos for Leirija Gym's competition 😜, lifted a 40kg girl when ankle sprained after a Basketball's accident, and standy for every recitals and events that mommy misses... Thanks for always being there for them.
Happy birthday to our greatest hero of all time... ❤️
#birthday #husband #lifetimepartner #daddy #greatestdadever #hero #preciousmoments #grateful #thankful #blessed

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