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When you talking sports & 'Old Skool' say some off the wall stuff. #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime

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Thirty-five years ago, the self-proclaimed "greatest" heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) visited the South Asian nation of Bangladesh, then only seven years old at the time, born of a deadly civil war in 1971. In February 1978, after he had lost the heavyweight title to Leon Spinks, Ali journeyed to Bangladesh with his wife Veronica for a week-long tour.

According to a documentary made of his trip called “Muhammad Ali Goes East: Bangladesh, I Love You,” Ali initially balked at the idea of traveling to the other side of the world, fearing the public's reaction to his recent defeat in the ring. (Ali wore dark sunglasses not only to protect himself from the sweltering Bengal heat, but also to hide the swelling in his eyes -- a brutal gift from Spinks.) However, Ali need not have worried.

Some 2 million delirious fans greeted Ali's arrival at the airport in the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka. During his stay in Bangladesh, Ali went to some of the country's most scenic areas, including the Sundarbans, a world-famous mangrove forest, tiger preserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site; the splendid Sylhet Tea Gardens; the beautiful lakeside town of Rangamati; and the coastal district of Cox's Bazaar. The champ even received Bangladeshi citizenship, courtesy of a passport, which prompted him to quip: “If I get kicked out of America, I have another home.” Perhaps the highlight of Ali's visit occurred at Dhaka Stadium, where he staged a “boxing match” with a 12-year-old Bengali boy who “knocked him out” (to huge cheers and laughs). Ali was also awarded a plot of land in the aforementioned Cox's Bazaar and had a stadium named in his honor. In the documentary, Ali speaks of returning to Bangladesh and building a home there, declaring “If you want to go to heaven, come to Bangladesh.” #RIPChamp #GreatestAthleteOfAlltime #JhalNYC

Happy birthday my little charm , you truly are one of the coolest people I know. You're dedication and resilience is so admirable. Growing up being your teammate was one thing but being your friend has been so much greater. I can't wait to see where this journey takes you! 🍀⭐️ #greatestathleteofalltime #suerstar #adigato 🎌 @daniweatherholt

The greatest!! Serena Williams looks absolutely amazing.
#SerenaWilliams #VanityFair #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime

The Domination Was Unreal! Congrats @SerenaWilliams 👑🎾 #serenawilliams #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime

Roger that! So amazing to witness the greatest comeback in history! #patsnation #greatestathleteofalltime #greatestcoachofalltime


This will never EVER get old... a year ago to the night I watched Usain Bolt win his 9th Olympic gold medal in Rio, no doubt the sporting highlight of my time out there for the Games. I've shared this video before but honestly I could watch it over and over and over again. What an electrifying moment and such a privilege to be there to witness the greatest athlete of all time. Sad to see him retire this season from international competition but he will forever be one of my heroes. Go Bolt!!!⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️❤️#olympics #olympics2016 #rio #brazil #experienceofalifetime #usain #usainbolt #usainbolt⚡️#greatestathleteofalltime #legend #sportinghero #goldmedalist #athletics #relay #tripletriple #amazing #unforgettablemoment #unforgettablememories #instatravel

Feel so chuffed and blessed to have watched this incredible man race this morning. #Legend #UsainBolt #IAAFworlds #London2017 #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime

It Was a Great Run in Basketball & Great Accomplishment I Have A Truly Blessings Thank you Coach Dan Ryan & Coach Wanye Get Me Opportunity to Be Part of @specialolympicsfl Family Since 2006 & Get Play Basketball Amazing Very Amazing I Grateful + + Three Time State Champion & 2013 Special Olympics Athlete Of The Year Wow I Look Back 5 - 10 Years For Now I Still Have A Amazing Accomplishment & Accomplishment Career Of The Game Of Basketball I Still Keep Practice & Stay Positive & Stay In Shape Of Ages 31 Years Old I Really Don't Have Anything Left to Prove All I Going to Do Is Having Peace & Enjoying Life & Postive & Postive Attitude Looking forward to Next Chapter of My life Besides Of Basketball My 2 Goal I Want to Do Is # 1. Helping My Few Friends & Get a Mentor Help Me About Life & Many More & # 2 . Staying Postive & The Best Is Yet to Come #tbiytc P.S U Never What The Future Holds For Jeffery Mcfadden Jr - Legendary #BigAccomplishment #Grateful #4Ever #GreatCareer #Legend #Legendary #J22 #J23 #GreatOpportunity #NeverForGive #TheFutureIsVeryBrightForJeffery #GodIsGreat + + #tkic + #SuperStar ☆ ☆ #Successful : ) : ) : ) #VeryBlessed #BlessUp #Thankful + #VeryGrateful + #ThankYou #EndOfEAR #MrLegendary #MrBasketball #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime 3 Time State Champion - 1 Athlete Of The Year One Beat 4

So, fingers crossed, I'll get to see Usain on Saturday morning!! #London2017 #WorldAthletics #DreamComeTrue #Legend #GreatestAthleteOfAllTime #UsainBolt

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the greatest to ever step foot on a football field @deionsanders #primetme #neondeion #goat #wedemboyz #cowboysnation #deion21sanders #twentyone #dallas #greatestathleteofalltime

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