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It wouldn't be #nationalpuppyday without a throwback of my Great Dane Azur who is now 6 years old! This photo was taken the day I got her. ❤️ #dogsofinstagram #greatdanesaregreat #greatdane #dog

Goose ..... How does it feel to be 1 year old?! #grinningDane #greatdanesaregreat #greatdanesofinstagram #GooseisGreat

One year ago today this little guy became a part of our little family! Zeus still wonders where the cute little pup went 😂 #happyanniversary #oneyearwithmrbelvedere #greatdanesaregreat #120poundsthinkshes30pounds #stillalapdog

Collage of my Great Danes. Who are awesome and I adore them.
#greatdanepuppy#greatdanesaregreat#greatdanelove#greatdanenation #greatdanesofinstagram

Incredible shot 👌
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Credit go to: @tbonesjones

The best sized canines are #lapdogs, right Calla Lily?


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Wonderful picture 👌
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📷 credit goes to: @jojo_and_angus

Stunning shot 👌
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Marvelous shot 👍 🐶
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Cute picture 😛 🐶
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Cute photo 😘
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Great shot 😘 🐶
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📸 credits: @panda.drug_

Fascinating shot 👌
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Fascinating photo ☺️ 🐶
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📷 photo was taken by: @abbottcostello

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