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Happy Thanksgiving to our American chums! 🦃 Good morning from the beautiful ancient cobbled streets of Rye, East Sussex, England. Big thanks to @visualair for permission to use this shot...perhaps some of you saw it on Reddit? Well, @visualair (Sam Moore) is the author of this brilliant photo. Love this view, always reminds me of the classic computer game Escape From Monkey Island!
On the right of the picture you can see the ancient Mermaid Inn. It's cellars were built in 1156AD - over 600 years before America as a new nation was founded. The Mermaid was also a haunt of the notorious Hawkhurst Gang of smugglers, who would often celebrate at the inn after a successful smuggling exchange on the nearby shore. Can you imagine the amount of grog-filled stories told here? Amazing. Originally granted to the Abbey of Fecamp in Normandy in 1017, Rye was reclaimed by Henry III in 1247 and blossomed as a Cinque Port, vital to England's defence.
The French regularly attacked or raided Rye and even the Spanish did on occasion. Some attacks were worse than others; in 1377, a French assault resulted in the complete desolation of Rye town by fire. The bells from St Mary’s Church were also stolen on this occasion but the men of Rye and neighbouring settlement Winchelsea sought revenge and set sail for France. This retaliation was fruitful as they returned with the bells and an assortment of other goods that had been stolen on a previous French raid!
I’ve not gone daft mentioning an American tradition on a British page, it's one event I wish we had similar here. Any excuse for a good slap-up dinner! We've already "borrowed" Black Friday and the American-style of Halloween. I lived in the States for 10 years and I'm seriously craving pumpkin pie right about now. Please send me an emergency slice. Fancy an American connection? Rye has attracted many artists and writers, including the much acclaimed Henry James, the American novelist, who was resident between 1898 and 1916. Big thanks to @visualair for this great shot. Have a lovely day! 🦃 🇬🇧

Always a showstopper! 📸 by @wanderforawhile ✨🎄🎅🏻 #ivychelseagarden #christmasdecorations #prettylittlelondon

From our home to yours, happy Thanksgiving day my American friends!!
For all of you, may you have many many things to be grateful for!
I wish this was our cosy lounge but it’s not. Beatrix Potter has great taste in slow country living!
#lovegreatbritain #theprettycities #iamatraveler #living_europe #mytinyatlas #theweekoninstagram

London is...
...the colours of Liberty!

🇬🇧If London was a colour, it would be a beautiful blend of all of these!
🇫🇷 Si Londres était une couleur, elle serait faite d’un joli mélange de toutes celles ci!

The Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms, ca. 800.

Wiki: “The Heptarchy is a collective name applied to the seven petty kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England from the Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain in 5th century until their unification into the Kingdom of England in the early 10th century. The term "Heptarchy" alludes to the tradition that there were seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, usually enumerated as: East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Mercia, Northumbria, Sussex and Wessex. The Anglo-Saxon kingdoms eventually unified into the Kingdom of England.”

“Though heptarchy suggests the existence of seven kingdoms, the term is just used as a label of convenience and does not imply the existence of a clear-cut or stable group of seven kingdoms. The number of kingdoms and sub-kingdoms fluctuated as kings contended for supremacy. In the late 6th century, the king of Kent was a prominent lord in the south; in the 7th century, the rulers of Northumbria and Wessex were powerful; in the 8th century, Mercia achieved hegemony over the other surviving kingdoms, particularly with "Offa the Great". Yet, as late as the reigns of Eadwig and Edgar (955–75), it was still possible to speak of separate kingdoms within the English population.”

Please complete my (short) survey for my bachelor thesis about access to a healthy food supply! By participating in this survey you can win one of 3 custom engraved drinkware products of your personal choice made by @jacedotdesign. You can find a clickable link to the survey in my Instagram profile or use this url: tinyurl.com/amapadaysurvey

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❤️Я выбираю вкладывать свою энергию, внимание, чувства в любовь
к жизни…
Об этом все чаще и чаще говорю себе, когда не знаю, что делать, когда совсем непонятно, что дальше, когда нет привычных ориентиров, когда слишком хочется обидеться или когда натыкаюсь на очередное ограничение.
Все чаще и чаще в такие моменты, да и вообще напоминаю, что я выбираю любить жизнь, а не уродовать ее, культивируя трудности, обиды, разочарования, раны прошлого и прочее...
Главное, что я люблю жизнь и хочу вкладывать себя в любовь… к жизни.❤️ I choose to invest my energy, attention, feelings in love
to life…
I'm talking about this more and more often when I do not know what to do when it's completely unclear what's next, when there are no usual landmarks, when I too want to be offended or when I run into another limit.
More and more often at such moments, and in general I remind that I choose to love life, and not to disfigure it, cultivating difficulties, grievances, disappointments, wounds of the past and so on ...
The main thing is that I love life and I want to invest myself in love ... for life.

Our new movie “GOBBLE GOBBLE: It’s Turkey Time!!” Is set for release November 2069 🦃🦃🦃 @lucascruikshank


GREAT BRITAIN is a SPECIAL nation and ALWAYS will be. LIKE if you agree. #IAmBritish 🇬🇧#greatbritain #greatnation #unitedkingdom

Black Friday matters

Happy bargain hunting

Came out my meeting yesterday and was greeted by this beautiful sight. Gotta love autumn 🍂 #thegoldenhour #shiningpath #sunset #fall #autumn🍁 #england #greatbritain

19.Nov.2017 MEETing in Nov💖
We met again in 2 month!!
We heartily ate🍴and drank🍺😋 HAPPY sunday night-💕
but they early tired, becuz not young girls. Lol
#daily #meet #drinks #beer #eat #girl #friends #delicious #food #like4like #followme #greatbritain #tired #sunday #diet #소주 #합정 #상수 #어른이대공원 #정든집 #맛집 #일상 #술스타그램 #친구 #좋아요 #팔로워 #友達 #いいね返し

Esa flema británica de las ardillas londinenses... ésta en concreto habitante de St James's Park. Nota: hay muchas, pero muchas muchas, y no les gusta el pan con mantequilla y mermelada, son unos roedores muy sibaritas. :)

We wish you all a fantastic Friday ❤️ Whatever you’re doing, enjoy it. Xx#vape #vapelyfe #liverpool #greatbritain #positivevibes

#Esplendorosa mesa y #opiparo almuerzo #prenavideño el ofrecido ayer por @marta.azpeitia en su residencia de Madrid, después de tres años de ausencia en #greatbritain. Pronto nos sorprenderá con sus decoraciones florales aprendidas allende los mares! #nextime #comingsoon # arreglosflorales #whitechristmas #flowerpower
#flowers #britis @ad_spain @countrylivingmag @houseandgardenuk #decor #decoaction #handmade #reentre

빨간 공중전화 부스와 빅벤 ☎️🏫 @hye317
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