One last show off!

#abagforgreatbaby is finished! Fully lined, with interior pocketses.

I also wopped up a quick matching changing mat and a zippy pouch with waterproof lining because I wanted to give them ALL the dinosaurs.

The lining is assembled and then stitched in by machine. This involved a great workout wrangling it through the machine, many bad swears and a couple of visits from the seam ripper but I did it!

Now going for a lie down in a darkened room.

P.S. gorgeous dinosaur fabric from @youmeandmabel

#adventuretimebackpack #greatbabyisnearlyhere #grownupsewing

This couldn't have arrived at a better time @jodiericrac
As soon as I'm out of my pjs I'll be wearing this!

#sewinginmypjs #abagforgreatbaby #greatbabyisnearlyhere #getamoveonmoog

I reckon if I stick a black bin bag inside it won't need a lining.
Or to put it another way...the outer is finished and it's nearly wine o'clock!

This bag is HUGE!! I'm so so delighted with the gorgeous dinosaur fabric from Sally @youmeandmabel It's perfect for the unknown gender child to be of an archaeologist and a paleobiologist who had crocheted dinosaurs on their wedding cake!

The contrast fabrics are from a raffle prize at last year's #stitchgathering and the brown vinyl was a lucky score at the Scrapstore.

The large zips were reclaimed from an Ikea sofa cover - another Scrapstore find.


The lining will be done tomorrow. I promise.

#grownupsewing #ididagusset #abagforgreatbaby #greatbabyisnearlyhere #getamoveonmoog #adventuretimebackpack

Seriously though, all grumbling aside, this really is a stonkingly brilliant pattern.

I opted to use vinyl for a few bits of the bag, including the outers of the handles.

No part of me believed I'd be able to turn these through but the little trick in the pattern worked like a charm.

I can't stop looking at them!

#abagforgreatbaby #adventuretimebackpack #craftsypattern #greatauntiemoog #greatbabyisnearlyhere

Friday morning chores are done and it's time to crack on.

I'm on page 12 of the 20 pages of instructions so nearly on the home stretch #eternaloptimist
The plan is to get #abagforgreatbaby finished this weekend. Or today.
Depends how soon the clock strikes "wine". #adventuretimebackpack #greatauntiemoog #greatbabyisnearlyhere #hurryupmoog

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