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nueva intro de @graysondolan.
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Brothers for life❤️😍we are hotties #openrp #singlerp #straightrp #dolantwins #graysonrp #ethanrp



тop left: вeѕт ғrιendѕ
мιddle leғт: ғrιendѕ
вoттoм leғт: eneмιeѕ
вoттoм rιgнт: ғreneмιeѕ
мιddle rιgнт: cloѕeѕт ғrιend
тop rιgнт: ғaмιly
мιddle: love ιnтereѕт
leт мe ĸnow wнaт yoυ wanт тo вe :) (anyтнιng eхcepт ғor love ιnтereѕт)
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Im sorry ive been so inactive

20. Leo. 1/4 Incan. Independent. Single. Blunt. Honest. Truthful. Sarcastic. Generous. Helpful. Intuitive. Creative. Clumsy. Baby luvr. Animal luvr. Bug luvr. Lazy. Sometimes can be a little self absorbed. Still has a tendency to pick her nose when she thinks no one is watching. Self-taught dancer. Artist. Photographer. Astrologist. Enjoys listening to old R’n’B and Hip hop. Biggie and Tupac enthusiast. Has a massive sugar tooth! Has 4 fillings. Owns a couple of cats, looking to expand her collection. Loves meeting new and interesting folk! Would consider herself as kind and easy-going. Has a goofy side. Comfortable just around anyone.

Enjoying the sentient fact that people actually think I like them/have a thing for them when I just fuck them, or flirt with them occasionally. Honey don’t get me wrong, I’m not a bitch but you better be damn good looking and you better be smart. Long conversations and words that make me tremble when they come from you. I’m picky when it comes to the people I romantically like, sorry to burst your bubble.

Bitch, I wish someone felt this way about ME.

You know what feeling I find really underestimated and highly satisfactory?
Pulling off strands of eyelash glue from your eyelids. It’s like Elmer’s glue you used to douse your hands in as kids, but it’s more INTENSE. MM YES FUCKING SCRATCH MY@CORNEA

Mags (Margaret) Rose. 🥀
20 years. Never thought the world could be so big. at times, it can be so scary to exist.. I’m sure the general population would agree to that statement. a hypnotic gaze drawn from her cerulean eyes that entices the very next stranger she meets, full sensual lips as pink as a rose when she talks. She walks like an egyptian queen, though her ethnicity need not apply. she was born into this world to make a statement. To make the people think with their eyes and speak with their minds. beauty after all, is only skin deep. Has an unsettling obsession with the dead. Conspiracy theories are a must, aswell as a meaningful conversation with just about anyone who is willing to speak. Sexually identifies herself as a lover, and nothing more. Environmentalist, astrologist, photographer, dancer, an artist that thinks with her mind and uses her hands to create. Open-minded, to an extreme. Logical. Fierce. Loyal. Unusual, a little peculiar to say the least. Confident. A shy extrovert. Very honest. Opinionated. Feisty. Witty, and charming. Creative. the actual definition of a human lioness.
Wants to befriend another little soul like yours.


I just ate a bunch of Halloween candy and now I feel icky.. no wonder I’m starting to get chubby. I EAT IT FROM THE MORNING I WAKE UP TO THE MORNING I GO TO BED

Me, getting my jush in this wheat field. you can get your jush ANYWHERE. find your jush, LOVE YOUR JUSH!!!

I just haven’t had anything clever to say today, my timing has been way off! Who the heck is stealing my thunder today?

They're just GIRLS breaking hearts
Eyes bright, uptight, just girls
But she can't be what you need if she's 20
They're just girls.

How tragic is it to know that you are no longer missed by me?

Being 17 doesnt stop me does it baby? ;) @slim.thck

nueva intro de @graysondolan.
da creditos si usas o guardas.
tambien puedes seguirme en: @dylanboludo
#boyrp #newopenrp #graysonrp #dolanrp #graysondolanrp #daddyrp

Comment for a tbh

Hey babygirl, sorry im late! Happy two months 😘 i dont think you understand how happy you make me princess ❤
I love you Carter

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