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let's talk about thirteen reasons why.
for those who don't know, @13reasonswhy is a show that tells the story of how a junior in high school passed away, by killing herself. the girl, hannah baker, recorded thirteen sides of tapes before the night of her death, each exploring a negative component of her past that she felt ultimately added into the reason why she would end her life. this person i've drawn, @dylan_minnette , plays clay jensen, the protagonist of the story, who is given the tapes and discovers the truth behind hannah's death. this show is heartwrenching, depressing, and an absolute work of art. i recommend it, but before you watch, please consider that the show deals with (and shows) acts of self harm, physical and verbal violence, rape, drug usage, and more extremely dark themes. use caution when you watch this show, but the message it carries is eternal. you are never truly alone, and you are genuinely loved by many. growing up is a difficult task, and the problems hannah baker faces are very real issues that kids face today, so it is no small feat if you've been through dark times like this yourself, and have made it out alive. suicide is never the correct answer. if you feel alone and dissociated with your environment and daily life, please speak with someone you know and that you trust. things can always get better. i believe in you, please stay strong. and, as always, much love.

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Happy birthday Jack Nicholson! Today the movie star turns 80. Over his 60-year career, he’s been nominated for 12 Oscars, making the most-nominated male actor in Academy Award history. Some of his most notable films include ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,’ ‘The Shining,’ ‘Something’s Gotta Give,’ and ‘The Departed.’ If there’s one word to describe him, it’s versatile. “My first acting teacher said all art is one thing — a stimulating point of departure,” he told us. “That’s it. And if you can do that in a piece, you’ve fulfilled your cultural, sociological obligation as a workman. What you’re supposed to do is keep people vitally interested in the world they live in.” To read more about Nicholson, head to RollingStone.com. Photograph by Jack Robinson

Hana WIP ~

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Hana's hair color is always changed when I paint her, because I'm indecisive 😂

I think I will use the blonde one this time.

Old is gold. Happy birthday @magzmehta 🙌🏻😘


Calls from beyond. 🌫

⚡ Tryna get zapped by lightning ⚡
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