Log off. Ride. Eat. Sleep in. Run and jump off the dock, laugh loudly, and connect with friends. Sit in silence and connect with yourself.
Breathe. Breathe in the air.

Alice and I have been heads down building THESIS for 8 months now, and there is much work to be done between now and delivery. But we've also come a long way in that short period. Our factory partners have supported us through countless tweaks and iterations. The bike is dialed. Those who've ridden are stoked and can't stop smiling. Mechanics and shops are reaching out to work with us and to welcome our riders for frame-up builds. Some have even visited us at our home in San Francisco. And when we invited people on the waitlist to buy an OB1 last week, many not only did so, they also added a second wheelsets and a dropper post. In other words, we've been building our thesis with your help, and with your help we're now proving it.

Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for this opportunity to build a new type of bicycle company around a honest, inclusive, and evidence-based ethos. And thank you Lake Tahoe for a weekend to stop and appreciate this particular moment in the ride.

Enjoy your ride, - R
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Anscheinend hat mir das kalte Wetter nicht gut getan. Oder meinem Körper war die Anstrengung der letzten Tagen einfach so viel. Ich hatte gerade das Gefühl, dass ich meinen Rhythmus gefunden habe und "angekommen" bin. Aber gut jetzt heißt es abwarten und Tee trinken. Danke für eure lieben Nachrichten und Kommentare 😘

Obviously the cold weather wasn't good for me or all the cycling was to much for my body. I just had the feeling I have "arrived". But now I just can wait and hopefully I will feel better soon. Thanks a lot for all you great messages and comments 😘

The 2018 @tusharcrusher is a wrap, with an incredible day of riding in Utah’s Tushar Mountains, 600+ riders would put their gravel bikes to the the test. 2 first-time winners would prevail in this point-to-point, mixed-surface grind. Check out our latest post that recaps the weekend’s event. 🐐 #tusharcrusher #gravelgrinder #racerecap #gravelbikes #utah 📸: Cathy Fegan-Kim

Congratulations to @franciscade @bikefitjames @bikerlawrence who have completed their epic #ProjectUSA trip from San Diego to Portland 🎉👏🙌 2,000 miles, 35,000ft of elevation.
Safe journey home ✈️
Repost @francisccade. Image @bikefitjames

XYZ Asymmetric Disc Brake Carbon Fiber Gravel & Cyclocross Road Bike Rim GC28, US $165 per piece ----------------------------------------------
Rim Specifications 👉 29mm external width, 28mm height, 14 - 36 hole, 3K | UD | 12K + twill finish, weight is 398 +/- 15 g, welcome to customize!
🛒 http://www.xyzbike.xyz/Product/748

XYZ Gravel & Cyclocross 650b Carbon Fiber Rim Disc Brake GC35, US $170 per piece ---------------
Rim Specifications 👉 30mm external width, 35mm height, 14 - 36 hole, 3K | UD | 12K + twill finish, weight is 375 +/- 15 g, welcome to customize! 🛒 http://www.xyzbike.xyz/Product/748

XYZ Super-Wide 30mm Carbon Fiber Road Gravel/CX Disc Brake Rim GC45, US $163 per piece -------------------------------------------------
Rim Specifications 👉 22mm inner width, 45mm height, 14 - 36 hole, 3K | UD | 12K + twill finish, weight is 450 +/- 15 g, welcome to customize! 🛒 http://www.xyzbike.xyz/Product/748

Oooooorany! Już w ten weekend się widzimy, my, Szprychy, wreszcie i nareszcie! @ministra_kolarstwa przyjeżdża na Półwysep Helski, do @agnieszka___l i wyjdzie z tego chyba dużo jeżdżenia na rowerze! Musimy sprawdzić, czy zakładany na Hiszpanię dystans około stówy kilometrów dziennie jest na miarę naszych... potrzeb. Bo na miarę możliwości jest na pewno;-) Trzymajcie kciuki za pogodę! A w następnym poście @ministra_kolarstwa opowie Wam o pewnej osobie z Hiszpanii, która poznała 9 lat temu podczas swojego samotnego tripa! Obserwujcie! Miłego poniedziałku, Kochani!
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Por las terracerias de Texcoco y pueblos aledaños 🌲🍺🍄🚲

Post-race recovery day spin quickly devolved into a pump track session because, you know, #gravelbikes.

Dirty Kanza - Waterville style. #gravelbikes #waterville #dirtroads

Midsummer! 🌞🌞🌞
#gtgrade #gtbikes #gravelbikes

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