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2 influential people in our family.
@mickayelaluke and adaquix.
11 years ago in 2006 I was leaving Australia to return to NZ. My contract with the Bulldogs had finished and they didn't want me there anymore. So I was heading back to Taranaki. Then I get a call from my wife saying that we are inspecting a boy. Straight away I thought of a way to find money for our baby. At the end of 2006 going into 2007 Souths offered me a little contract to train with the Top Grade side. Went back to Australia, I trained the preseason and got asked to stay up in the fulltime squad. Playing premier league for the North Sydney Bears. 13 weeks in the season is my birthday so my wife brings adaquix to me from Brisbane and that week we have a bye so I ask to play Under 20s. Played that game then the week after got asked to play First Grade for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Adaquix would've been 7-8 weeks years old. Through this journey I've had my highs and my lows. But I think back to the sacrifice my wife made in having adaquix and then having to be a father I had to keep going. In 7-8 weeks I'll have 10'years in the NRL because of this little legend. He was the push I needed to get there.
Happy Birthday my son. 10 years old and I can't wait to watch you form your life and what it holds for you. You are Happy as they come as Caring as anyone and you Love your family. You are my HERO you are OUR Families HERO. Daddy loves you boy. ❤
Hope you've had a meke to the hone heke day.
#MySonIs10YearsOld #YoImOld

#GratitudeMoment 344: Today I am grateful for the patience of this boy. He comes to my Relax Kids class after school because he has to, he sits and waits for his sister at dance because he has to, he is desperately waiting for a Lego City Jungle set and readily reminds us how much he deserves it. Bless him. So good. So tolerant. ❤️ #embracehappy

Wowsers.... how exciting, we are in the running... thank you thank you thank you to all of you who voted for us... we are so excited to be considered... #gratitudemoment #finalist #weareinwithachance

There is not one minute of any day that I don't passionately love what I do .... whether I am: swanning around in heels and pearls at my open homes ... to the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra ... always; in bare feet, loading up and unpacking trucks full of my goodies; styling up a storm whilst fellowshipping with my wonderful sellers; tackling piles of paperwork, or searching for that damn elusive red pillow case in my very hot shed. I am truly grateful that I have wonderful variety in my work and that I am ABLE to work. It is such a privilege. I am also beyond grateful that I get to choose how I spend my work day and who I spend it with! I am sitting reading a trashy mag while I wait for my photographer .... as I am ahead of schedule!!! And I have no-one telling me I can't! I am so grateful. #whenthereisgratitudethereishappiness #gratitudemoment #takingabreather #beersareonice @real.estate.pics xx

"Anyone too Busy to Say Thank You will get fewer and fewer times to say it!"...Harvey Mackay.
Thank you Mum and Dad for the unmeasurable gift of the COZA Family Conference...I am Immensely Blessed!!

Sunday is my fave day of the week and today is no exception! Nick and I kicked things off with my first @corexcellence circuit followed by a sunny ☀️ patio refuel @rejuicenutrition 🙏🏻💓. #gratitudemoment

El agradecimiento diario es la mejor manera de iniciar el día, al final no sabemos cómo terminamos hoy pero por lo menos ya estamos arriba!! Buen día!
#gratitudemoment #gratitude #buenosdias #829music @829musicnetpublishingbmi

#GratitudeMoment she is my grandma sister 💚 i didn't meet her until i was 15 years old but she has a special part in my heart 😻 she is a doctor in cuba , so she literally saved my moms life one time. Im more than #thanksfull for that and she deserves everything in this life. She comes here to the U.S once in a years to spend some time with the family , and i remember last year she was here for a month and i only saw her one day 😓 yeah i used to have two jobs so i didn't have time to even see my mom. It was a really hard moment in my life but thanks to this amazing opportunity things has change. Today i was able to take her out , we had some jummy lunch 😋 and not only that ,i was able to take her to the mall so she could choose whatever she liked 😻 Im forever #ThanksFull for this opportunity and always remember guys everything happens for a reason, the circumstances that you are going through is making you stronger for whats coming. If you take the right decision everything will change 😻 Believe in yourself because DREAMS does come true 🌸 #herbalifenutrition #mission20🔥 #foreverthankful Disclaimer: Income depicted is unique to the individual and is not typical. Achievement required skill & consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statements of Average Gross Compensation at Herbalife.com .

Oldie but goodie. Happy Birthday to my amazing husband! Thank you for taking care of us and for my 2 beautiful babies! Love you! 💖😘. Day 11 of @yoga_girl #yogagirlchallenge no asana today. However, I since I wasn't feeling well I paid extra attention to awareness and staying positive! That was my yoga today. #yogaeverydamnday #gratitudemoment : the FREEDOM to own our own business and flexible scheduling. 😊


#GratitudeMoment 344: Today I am grateful for the patience of this boy. He comes to my Relax Kids class after school because he has to, he sits and waits for his sister at dance because he has to, he is desperately waiting for a Lego City Jungle set and readily reminds us how much he deserves it. Bless him. So good. So tolerant. ❤️ #embracehappy

These two.... 😍

Day 3. Thankful today to lunch with this 19 year old sister of mine and a cheesey smiled 6 year old.
Double denim, cider, a long weekend here in Perth and good food! What are you loving about today?

#lovethelifeyoulive #perth #mondaymood

Wowsers.... how exciting, we are in the running... thank you thank you thank you to all of you who voted for us... we are so excited to be considered... #gratitudemoment #finalist #weareinwithachance

#GratitudeMoment 343: Today I am grateful for focus on family today. Mark needed me, I was able to get jobs done for our family and felt a good sense of accomplishment by the time bedtime rolled around. And by that time I realised that I did not take one single photo today which meant It was time for a quick bedtime selfie with the girl. ❤️ #embracehappy

Watching the sun set over Brisbane after a lovely weekend with my hubby, I can't help thinking this is a pretty great place to start married life 💛

Family sandwich - I mean selfie ✨☺️. Feeling super grateful for having spent a beautiful day with this crew (even though this photo doesn't capture the flow we were in). I'd love to know, what are YOU feeling grateful for today?
#gratitudemoment #familyday

Day 2. I completely forgot to do this yesterday due to flights! But today feeling so grateful to be home, eating well, feeling refreshed after jumping around on my rebounder and to have enjoyed the last couple of days in Sydney for a girls weekend with beautiful warm weather.

Hello Sunday! 🌤🌈

Back in my happy place today. I have been feeling quite lucky lately - after a tougher spell over about an 18 month period, lots of good things have been happening over the past several months. I am GRATEFUL. I love meandering through the mountains on a Saturday, and counting my blessings. #themountainsarecalling #gratitudemoment #weekendvibes #motherrunner #nikerunning #instarunners #werunsocial #igrunners #canadianrunners #fitlife #runhappy #fitmama

#GratitudeMoment 342: Today I am grateful for the opportunity to attend a Yoga Relaxation workshop today with @stamfordyoga which was utterly lovely. I would like to bottle that feeling at the end of a class so I can take a sip when I need it most. #embracehappy

#GratitudeMoment 341: Today I am grateful for everyone having a bit of time for themselves once we got home from dance this evening. It's been a busy week with a lot of GoGoGo so to just chill out was much needed & appreciated. 💜🌻

I feel most at home by the ocean. It's my favourite place in the world. I've been coming to this beach for as long as I can remember and ever since I moved back to the Peninsula I find myself here almost every single day. One day it's my dream to live here, but for now I'll spend as much time as I can here as I possibly can 💙⠀

#GratitudeMoment 340: Today I am grateful for a dedicated dancer, a busy day and happy news for someone special. Life is good. #embracehappy 💜

Always be grateful for your life and what you have. Even on a tough day. This creates more abundance and opportunities. Be happy where you are. I am truly grateful for my life right now. What are you grateful for? #gratitude #gratitudemoment #begrateful #holistichealth #healthandwellness #healthcoach #wellnesscoach #nutrition #wellbeing #fitness #iin #iinhealthcoach #wuvip #wellness13

When I was thirteen years old my Dad gave me a rock 💎 and if you would of told me then that this rock was going to change my life, I wouldn’t of believed you (I mean, who would? It was just an ordinary rock!). I would bet my MySpace account, my iPod Nano and my collection of The O.C dvds that an ordinary rock couldn't change your life.⠀

But I was wrong. Because this rock really did change my life! 🙏⠀

You see this rock was my "Gratitude Rock" and is how my very first gratitude practice began. Even though I didn't know it at the time this practice would change EVERYTHING for me. And over the past 10+ years I've realised (and experienced first hand) how incredibly powerful this simple practice can be.⠀

Which is what led me to creating The 28 Day Gratitude Project — a simple guided 28 day experiment to help you add more gratitude into your life in a way that works best for you.⠀

I created this project because I want to show you that practicing gratitude can be simple, easy-to-implement and even fun! And I want to give you a whole lot of tips and insights to help you with your own practice.⠀

For the first (and last!) time this year I’m going to be running a LIVE round of The 28 Day Gratitude Project and if you’re wanting to add more gratitude into your life I would love for you to join us.⠀

When you sign up you get: Daily emails for 28 days to guide you through putting the 28 day experiment into action + an awesome 61 page digital eBook / workbook which will be your ultimate companion through the project and support you long after you've finished + live group gratitude Q&A call where I can support you with your gratitude practice + on-going gratitude guidance and support from me!⠀

Entry into the project is only $28 AUD and the live round is kicking off on October 1st.⠀

Sounds good? If you’re wanting to join us for 28 days of gratitude experimenting all you need to do is head to the link in my profile to sign up.⠀

I would love to have you join us for this special live round!⠀

💜 💜 💜

Thank you for being a blessing in my life. #gratitudemoment

Blessed in the path of migration! #monarchbutterfly #giftsofnature #gratitudemoment 🙏🏼

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