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2 influential people in our family.
@mickayelaluke and adaquix.
11 years ago in 2006 I was leaving Australia to return to NZ. My contract with the Bulldogs had finished and they didn't want me there anymore. So I was heading back to Taranaki. Then I get a call from my wife saying that we are inspecting a boy. Straight away I thought of a way to find money for our baby. At the end of 2006 going into 2007 Souths offered me a little contract to train with the Top Grade side. Went back to Australia, I trained the preseason and got asked to stay up in the fulltime squad. Playing premier league for the North Sydney Bears. 13 weeks in the season is my birthday so my wife brings adaquix to me from Brisbane and that week we have a bye so I ask to play Under 20s. Played that game then the week after got asked to play First Grade for the South Sydney Rabbitohs. Adaquix would've been 7-8 weeks years old. Through this journey I've had my highs and my lows. But I think back to the sacrifice my wife made in having adaquix and then having to be a father I had to keep going. In 7-8 weeks I'll have 10'years in the NRL because of this little legend. He was the push I needed to get there.
Happy Birthday my son. 10 years old and I can't wait to watch you form your life and what it holds for you. You are Happy as they come as Caring as anyone and you Love your family. You are my HERO you are OUR Families HERO. Daddy loves you boy. ❤
Hope you've had a meke to the hone heke day.
#MySonIs10YearsOld #YoImOld

#GratitudeMoment 283: Today I am grateful for a lovely afternoon with friends. And of course a bit of dabbing. And macaroni cheese for dinner. Who wouldn't be grateful for all of that?! #embracehappy

Isn't This Shirt BEAUTIFUL😍🤔 Having The Opportunity To Win For Learning While Helping Others Change Having A Healthy Active Life IS PRICELESS ✨💚 #gratitudemoment #idoherbalife #enjoylife

I am grateful for being alive and able to appreciate the beauty of every place I can travel to #consciouslifestyle #selfempowerment #traveldiary #globalbreathingawareness #gratitudemoment

See those tiny mason jars? They have a solar panel in the top of the lid and a little LED light inside the lid so at night they look like a firefly inside. 😇

#gratitudemoment for my hubby! The butter to my bread! 🍞

Take a moment out of your day and give thanks... what you take for granted someone else is praying for

There is not one minute of any day that I don't passionately love what I do .... whether I am: swanning around in heels and pearls at my open homes ... to the dulcet tones of Frank Sinatra ... always; in bare feet, loading up and unpacking trucks full of my goodies; styling up a storm whilst fellowshipping with my wonderful sellers; tackling piles of paperwork, or searching for that damn elusive red pillow case in my very hot shed. I am truly grateful that I have wonderful variety in my work and that I am ABLE to work. It is such a privilege. I am also beyond grateful that I get to choose how I spend my work day and who I spend it with! I am sitting reading a trashy mag while I wait for my photographer .... as I am ahead of schedule!!! And I have no-one telling me I can't! I am so grateful. #whenthereisgratitudethereishappiness #gratitudemoment #takingabreather #beersareonice @real.estate.pics xx

Throwing it wayyy back to ... yesterday - lol, when this was my office view. #GratitudeMoment #GulfCoast #GumboLove


#GratitudeMoment 283: Today I am grateful for a lovely afternoon with friends. And of course a bit of dabbing. And macaroni cheese for dinner. Who wouldn't be grateful for all of that?! #embracehappy

Trying to conquer this week like I did this sand dune...anyone else looking forward to the weekend?

"When you complain you makes yourself a victim. Leave the situation or accept it, all else is madness". Find the silver lining. Make lemonade out of your lemons 🍋🍋 How's your work day treating you today?

#GratitudeMoment 282: Today I am grateful for a calm day. My brain was in overdrive this morning so I have booked a Reiki session for Friday which gives me something to look forward to. After lunch this afternoon, Ella and Sam played out in the neighbourhood which was great fun for them and allowed me to work while listening to them. Happy sounds, most of the time! ❤️ #embracehappy

#GratitudeMoment 281: Today I am grateful for my team. Day 1 of the Summer holidays and we tackled everything as a team. We had fun, laughed, lectured (me to them), played and watched Harry Potter (them). I'm tired but we did alright. #embracehappy

One of my favourite pictures of the @kinn_living range, have you checked it out yet, I'd love it if you would 💕✨

Hello Monday and a brand new sparkling new week!! Lots of exciting things on my to do list this week ✨

How can you add a little more shine into your week? Make a little time for the good, wonderful stuff as easily as you do all your "have to do's" #mondaymotivation 📸 @lornajaneactive

#GratitudeMoment 280: Today I am grateful for being on Summer holiday. We have no school run in the morning and today was spent at home relaxing and slowing down. I am going to remember to make the most of our days while not putting too much pressure on myself to entertain and do. What are you looking forward to about your Summer holiday? #embracehappy

Sunday morning gratitude (and seriously where have my babies gone?!!) 💕⛅️☔️ This morning I'm grateful for:
• My girls bringing me breakfast in bed while I caught up on sleep #spoilt
• Relaxing morning in my yellow chair while I type this, blanket on, feet up, coffee and the sound of cartoons, with no real need to move anytime soon
• Wonderful memories and freshly printed photos to prove it
• Routine being temporarily a little all over the place but worth it after 10 days away and my trip to Fiji coming up very soon, can't wait for that one
• An exciting week ahead of me. I've said all year that the start of the year was for enjoying life and that I'll make all major decisions when I return from Fiji- my last week I get to say that
• My wonderful Grandad turning 90 today- so lucky to have spent as many years knowing him like we have

Enjoy your Sunday! What are you grateful for today? xx

#GratitudeMoment 279: Today I am grateful for slowing down. Our first weekend of the Summer holiday and even though we had things to do and places to be, we did it as a team. Joyful Joyce's as Ella said. Life is good. #embracehappy 💐

#GratitudeMoment 278: Today I am grateful for my family and a happy first day of our Summer Holiday. It's the little things in life, you know?? #embracehappy 💜

Sunset in a busy sky last night.... no color adjustment done, just God.
#sunsetlover #gratitudemoment
#lovelifelive #boomers #weather #sunsetorsunrisemagazine

Just another gorgeous #eastarnhemland sunrise from the other morning. I should do this more! So grateful for Troy who dragged me out of bed for this one 😊 Join in our #techcleanse fun to win an essential oils care package. Upload your #techfree moments and tag them #techcleanse and then turn your phone off for half an hour!
#socialmediacleanse #socialmediadetox #digitaldetox #ohtheirony #ntaustralia #topendnt #exploreNT #sunrise #recharge #selfcare #thirdworldproblems #gratitudemoment #doterraessentialoils #restandrelaxation

#GratitudeMoment 277: Today I am grateful for goodbyes. So many goodbyes and people moving on to new adventures. And one person in particular who is finally at peace. ❤️ #embracehappy

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