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A little act of kindness goes a long way.

Grateful for girls that make us take pictures, extra grateful to live in the shadow of a temple of God. #gratitudejournal

Luxury things I can't live without:
1. Monthly facials at @infinitymedspaandwellness
2. All organic food, kombucha, and alkaline water stocked up in the fridge
3. Super comfy workout clothes
4. Weekly visits to the chiro
5. My luxury, non-toxic hair care products to keep my hair on FLEEK 😍 24/7.

What are some of your luxury non-negotiables?

PS- if you don't have any maybe it's time you #TREATYOSELF!

PPS- CLEARLY you can tell my top priority is anti-aging related 💁🏼

To some, this may seem like your average every day iPhone camera picture that will probably only get a few likes and not many comments. And that’s ok ❤️

To me it is sooooo much more than that.

When I look at this picture...

I see a mother, taking in the scent of her little baby hat she might always remember that newborn smell - in gratitude of God’s beautiful gift.

I see a baby clinging to her mother, absorbing the love from a simple kiss on her soft skin.

I see a mother in gratitude for all she has been given, for life and for love and for simple moments.

I see the unconditional love and appreciation of a mother who has once before felt the anxiety in separation from her babies - but no longer lives with that burden.

I see a baby comforted, breathing in life from her mother’s touch.

A see a mother FREE from the burdens of leaving her babies with someone else to care for them.

I see pure joy as both mother and baby embrace in a moment of sweetness and the love that only they can truly know.

I see a bond that is unlike any other. Life created. Life loved. Life lived without hesitation in gratitude.

Good thing happened today :
Meet up sama mba cantik @vienna_malvina, yang tiap ke Jakarta kudu banget disempetin ketemuan trus shopping bareng 😍😍 Tiba-tiba keinget perkenalan pertama kita, jadi temen sekamar waktu training di Kanwil BRI Surabaya tahun 2009. Semangat selalu ya, mba 😘😘 Kita masih bisa bahagia kok, selama masih ada Chatime 😂😂
#day13 #gratitudejournal

Current favorite morning prayer 🙏... and
finding hidden blessings throughout each passing day.
. "I give thanks for arriving
Safely in a new dawn,
For the gift of eyes
To see the world,
The gift of mind
To feel at home
In my life,
The waves of possibility
Breaking on the shore of dawn,
The harvest of the past
That awaits my hunger,
And all the furtherings
This new day will bring." - John O'Donohue

Last week complete 💜🕸🍬

Last night I got three hours of sleep and Anderson accidentally chipped my front tooth (for the second time this year) with his toy dinosaur. I also left the laundry in the washer overnight so it smells like mildew and ALSO ripped a hole in my brand new leggings putting them on.🤷🏻‍♀️🙃 Not the absolute greatest start to the day but hey! I'm healthy and my family is healthy. I'd call that a win. Sometimes it's easy to get into a bad mood when it seems everything is going wrong, but I've learned all I need to do on days like this is widen my perspective. Here's to not letting the little things become big things. It's a beautiful life!🤗😘 www.kelseywells.com/app


Still sober in October? Apart from the brain, the liver is the most complex organ in the body.
As well as removing toxins such as alcohol from the blood, it fights infection and illness, facilitates blood clotting, releases bile to break down fat and ensure good digestion and keeps cholesterol levels in check.
Signs and symptoms such as weight loss, jaundice and fluid retention don't tend to appear until liver disease is at a late stage, at which point treatment is
less likely to be successful.
What can you do to keep it in shape? * Don't detox - Your liver is your detox machine- no amount of juice
cleansing or detox dieting can clear your system of nasties. Unnecessary
elimination diets are likely to cause your liver more trouble long-term.
* Reduce on sugar - Some experts believe that the liver handles high
intakes of sugar in a way that is damaging to our health, especially if we are overweight or not physically active. * Stay hydrated - Staying hydrated is essential to keep a liver
healthy. The British Liver Trust suggests that drinking green tea could
have a protective effect on the liver due to its exceptionally high
antioxidant content, although further research is required to confirm this. * Coffee - Researchers from the University of Southampton and the
University of Edinburgh examined data from 26 studies, involving 2.25
million people concluded earlier this year that drinking two cups of coffee
a day can reduce liver cancer risk by a third. * Resistance training - Resistance training in particular may help to
reduce fat in the liver according to a study published by the University of
Haifa in 2015.
Use @balanced_lifestyle_journal To keep a note of your alcohol free days.

#liverhealth #soberoctober #alcoholfreeliving #balancedlifestyle #selfcare #selfcarecoach #healthyhabits #dailyhabits #mindful #balancedlife #wellness #wellbeing #mindbodysoul #mindfulness #selfcarematters #journal #planner #journalforsuccess #positivitypower #positiveenergy #positivemindset #lifestylechanges #vision #stayhealthy #gratitudejournal #determination #energyflow

GRATITUDE // As of late I've been trying to end more of my days with an entry into my journal that highlights the things I'm thankful for. Whether the entry is short or long, it's a good way to debrief, get things out of my head before trying to fall asleep, and of course, thank God for His blessings...whatever form they come in. Tonight I'm especially thankful for the following:
-Early morning visitors...extended family @warken.ed sent a text around 8am letting us know they were driving from SoCal back to BC and were on their way through the Bay Area. They joined our bleary-eyed and messy-haired crew for breakfast and a lovely catch-up. Dawn + Ed, you were truly a wonderfully unexpected blessing and perfect start to our week!
-A husband who takes Lauren camping overnight just because, and friends to join them for a mini adventure.
-A dear friend to spend a low-key afternoon and dinner with...the people you don't have to be 'on' for are the best kind of people!
-Special, uninterrupted time with Natalie...she wasn't quite a fan of being left out of the big sister fun, but I know she likes the attention of one-on-one time. And since I'm a quality time person, I love personal time with each of my girls on their own.
Anyone else out there doing gratitude journal entries? Tag someone in the comments below who you're especially grateful for today!
#gratitudejournal #thankfulness #thatsawrap #notbadforamonday
In IG Stories: a selfie of us four before the camp out, disheveled, tired, and not quite ready for Monday.

I create as I speak endless possibilities into play.
Something is going to enhance my life greatly by way of a new acquisition. I am gifted with the best angel team. We have worked together in so many ways and we have served with our best possible effort everyday. I speak for myself I am loving the process 😃Ahh I love them so much ❤️all this divine energy is attracting others of the same frequency & lots of new faces are bringing many new opportunities which is the most exciting feeling/time ever 😃🙏 miracles are upon me. May we continue to co-create blessings everyday and raise lots more @love_lightx together it is working ever so beautifully 😘✌️💝🌟💫
#makingmagic #creatingmiracles #byserving #selflessly #selfloveisthebestlove #creatingthenew #creativehappylife #creativityforlife #creativityiscontagious #gratitudejournal #gratefulheart #gratefullife #gratefulforyou #gratefultogod #gratefulforeverything #gratefulliving #angelsarereal #iambecomingdivineagain #divinesoul #divinelove #divineunion #divinetruth #divineliving #divinelife #healingarts #fairyart #fairyarts #foreverlove #loveandlight #blessyouall ❤️💚🍃🌺🌈💐🤣👼✌️💝🌟💫

GRATEFUL for: Being aware of the moment ✅ finishing errands ✅ preparing fermented veggies ✅ the way nature delivers the most beautiful paintings everyday ✅ You? / Şimdinin Öneminin farkında oldum ✅ bugün yapılması gerekenleri tamamladığım ✅ fermente sebzelerin hazırlığını tamamladığım ✅ doğanın hergün bize sunduğu muhteşem manzara resimleri için ŞÜKREDİYORUM. Ya sen? #gratitude #grateful #beinggrateful #gratitudechallenge #gratitudejournal #life #lifestyle #yasamtarzi #hayat #şükrediyorum

The biggest gift we can give our loved ones is to be happy within ourselves... and the second biggest gift, is to share it. Let's create and share our happiness today!

This is the first frame going up. These Cambodian men work like demons using simple yet very efficient building techniques with big smiles on their faces throughout. They climb shoeless like limber, agile monkeys, balance high up on thin frames whilst holding heavy wooden beams and bang nails like you can't imagine. Each frame is up, floorboards down and it's looking like a house already. This afternoon will consist of us sweating like pigs and getting the roof on. As ever I am very grateful to be given this opportunity to witness such strong, resistant people helping one another with the view to creating more positivity within the world. Any chance the temperature can be turned down though please? .
#spreadpostivity#spreadthelove#spreadkindness#simplelife#simplethings#gratitudejournal #gratitude#livelife

We can introduce Allah to our kids in many ways. One of them is through 'earthing'.
'Earthing' is a contact of the human body with the surface of the Earth (grounding or earthing). Research has revealed that earthing produces intriguing effects on physiology and health. Such effects relate to inflammation, immune responses, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases (Oschman et al., 2015) . When they walk and play while earthing, we also can tell them how precious is our hands and feet as one of Allah's greatest gift ❤
📷 taken from #LTL_AllahGaveMeTwoHandsandFeet (Available in stock)
Source :
James L Oschman, Gaétan Chevalier, and Richard Brown. "The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases". J Inflamm Res. 2015 (83–96).
#kubepublishing #theislamicfoundation #bukuanak #bukuimpor #bukuanakimpor #bukuimporanak #bukuimport #bukuanakmuslim #bukuanakislami #bukuislam #AllahTheMakerSeries #pancaindera #gratitudejournal #boardbook

Today I'm grateful for: my yoga practice, without which I would be a mess; the opportunity to learn more about my personal boundaries and how to navigate with them; the birds and squirrels that play outside in the morning.
What are you grateful for today?

#gratitudejournal #grateful #yogasavedmylife #knowwhentosayno #motherearth #critters

What plans are you making? What goals are you setting? Are you sticking to them? ✨
I may fall short some days but I’m always moving forward. The @bestselfco journal has helped me tremendously in visualizing my goals and how to achieve them. Everyday is a new day. Everyday is a day that can get you closer to where you want to be if you are intentional about moving forward. Guys. 10/10 recommend this planner/journal.😍
Set your goals. Focus on them everyday. Plan and make shit happen. GRIND AND GROW.🙌🏼 #notsponsored #notanad #ijustloveit

I am filled with joy by all of the birthday posts, messages and calls I received today.
Thank you 💕🎂

My little meow! 🐾 Often I talk about being a cat lover and my own cat inspiring so many of my stamp designs... Well, here she is...my beautiful ten year old kitty! 😊💕 She still loves being hyper, exploring the garden and of course sleeping in the sun! Do you guys have pets? I'd love to hear about your fur friends too!! 🐶🐱🐹

Our home for the next week ✨

Home is whenever we feel grateful 🏩👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👶 *alhamdulillahilladzi bi ni'matihi tatimmush shalihat*

#lifeinKL #homesweethome #kamerahp #littlethingsinlife #pakehape #daytoday #dailylife #dailypic #smartphonephotography #samsungphotography #simplelife #gratitudejournal #S8

This just seems to be happening more and more (like every Monday)... there are 6 millionaires in this picture who took time out of their night to share nuggets on their rise to success. 💫 None of us are financially linked to each other. It also happens to be Tyler and Kelley’s anniversary! So grateful for a company who encourages personal growth and collaboration ❤️ PS don’t mind the 🎥 weirdness, the last update messed it up

#365DaysOfGratitude Day 288
Today I am #grateful for the #sunrise & #sunset. -
This time of day is such a sacred time for me. My daily goal is to spend a few minutes enjoying at least one of them, but today it worked out where I could experience both. -
I was at dinner when I realized what time it was. I got up and ran outside and stood on the side of the road marveling at the sun's decent. -
As I did this, the busy highway in the distance seemed to fade away. Absolute magic!
That's me for today. Now it is your turn. What are you grateful for?

#grateful for a day that was both productive and relaxing. #gratitudedaily #gratitude365 #gratitudejournal #soultoskinyoga

Life ain’t easy. Take a moment to let out the emotions, then get up and be grateful for all of the bad in your life. For the bad is where the food come from 🙏
Gratitude challenge day 4 -
1. Painting pumpkins with my sister and my dad
2. My mom baking cookies that make the house smell like pumpkin spice 🎃
3. To have the reminder that everything in this life is temporary
4. The feeling I get when I’m not fitting in
5. Being comfortable with who I am
6. My sister letting me take 5 pictures of her while under protest
7. Mom listening when I’m having a tough moment and just need to cry, talk, and eat at 7pm
8. A small and quite voice that shines as a light of hope during a meeting that makes me feel as if I’m being heard even when I’ve just been bulldozed during my time to speak
9. Sticking to my principles of no coffee, no booze, and leaving early to get in bed on time even when circumstances tempt the other way
10. A kickass morning of launching myself into action to get up at 4:00 am, run, shower, and have a chat with a good connection all before 6am .
#gratitude #gratitudejournal #gratitudeeveryday #courage #courageous #bestrong #thankful #thankful #lifestylephotography #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #journal #beyourself #selfless #love #loveyourself

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