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Sunday Kisses 😘 .
Sundays are good days appreciate the beauty around you. There are so many different ways you can thank God especially when it is hard to be grateful. Perhaps looking at some old pictures that bring back good memories is a place to start. 🙏🏼😊 #positivevibes #gratitudejournal #sundaymood #reflectingtime #akhealthy #healthylivingwithamarakanu #keepkeepingon

Happiness is catchin' it :: the slivers of silver as clouds sweep the sky; the moon kisses sun, their destinies collide. Totality in Helen, Georgia just before 3:00pm 🌙💫🌞#eclipse2017 #totality #lytlefoto

You monkeys! My sides still hurt from laughing about nothing🙊🙊🙊 Thank you for the madness and the hugs ❤ #gratitudejournal #day32/30 #kochi

Lost and insecure, you found me. ❤️// The world has a special way of holding you.
Look around you,
notice it. 🌸

Now that the solar eclipse is winding down, who's ready for Fall?!? @kathybydesign shares with us her wonderful printer's tray, filled with autumnal goodness, including a fabulous, Fall folio. #bountifulcollection #authentique #authentiquepaper #autumn #fall #homedecor #diy #acorn #leaves #craft #printerstray #folio #tutorial #gratitude #gratitudejournal #madeinusa

Tara with our guide Phinh. We have learned so much from her. She is from the Black Hmong tribe. We've learned about eating banana flowers, how rice is grown and harvested, how to follow a buffalo path through the forest, how to cure headaches, how to pay closer attention to the movement of the clouds, how to recognize the indigo plant, how to weave hemp, how sadness just is sometimes, and of course, again and again how to deepen into gratitude for being able to have enough food to fill our bellies and community to nourish our soul.

Algo que me encanta de dar cursos, aparte de tener la oportunidad de conocer a muchas de ustedes; es que los cursos son un espacio para que juntas compartamos experiencias, productos y consejos. Estoy súper feliz con la comunidad tan linda que hemos ido formando de "Beauty Hunters" 🌸 Espero que juntas sigamos creciendo y aprendiendo muchas cosas más #corazonagradecido #gratitudejournal #TBHcourses

Today I went back to katangora market where I used to buy my Christmas cloth. Last time I was there was 18 years ago
I went straight to where I used to buy my short dresses and guess what? I found my 'customer'. He didn't recognize me. I reminded him he used to put dresses aside he thought I'd like. He still didn't remember. I cried...He's so old now and we had a long chat
18 years later this man is still where I left him and his wears are not as robust as they were then. For some of us, life gets better...for some, it remains the same, for some, it gets worse
Never forget where you're from or you'll forget to be grateful
Full post on my trip back to the basics coming up soon
See my instastories for some videos I made while at the market
#DANG #gratitude #gratitudejournal


When my fiancé can't deal with my depression, it broke my heart to million pieces and I began to question our wedding which is two months to go.
Yesterday I made this spread from the Mighty's article, read it carefully so if your loved ones suffering from mental illness, they will not end up like me 😊

I'm looking forward to this Saturday. Working on that foundation and focusing on all the things your grateful for. Raising your vibration and connecting with like minded people. I got to get my gift for the gift swap. The idea of giving something to someone of substance that you don't know is just powerful. As you receive the unexpected knowing that you was gifted with good intentions. Roll on Saturday click the link in the bio to book your tickets. #gratitudecircle #attitudeofgratitude #gratitudejournal #instagood #rootchakra

🌟highlight of the day! missing lovely Sarah very much. Thank you for lunch!🤗 @_sarahism #gratitudejournal #tuesdaymotivation

Arra az esetre, ha tudod, hogy a hálaadás energiája mennyire felemelő, mégsem kezdesz bele. Ebben a naplóban kérdéseket, bölcs gondatokat és színezni valókat találsz. És persze sok helyet, ahová írhatsz 😊 #mutimitolvasol #krisztaeztolvassa #gratitudejournal #mik

好像拍到东西了 😱😱😂
#throwback weekend activity

#grateful for the Thank You goodies from an amazing person at work! ☺️❤️😋
#gratitudejournal #goingtomissher #thankyou #sochuffed

Suuuperrr darling friend!! Feliz aniversario! Muitos desejos por amor e luz!!!!!!!! 😍 😘 😍 🤗 😍

😂😂😂 I tried to draw a little world for my gratitude entry for today and it's so ridiculous that it's cute. I'm in love. (Except that little N. That's just sad) Seriously though, with the eclipse today, I was overcome with gratitude for this amazing world.
#gratitude #greatfulheart #gratitudejournal #gratitudedaily #journaling #journal #bujo #recordyourlife

Day 3: Thankful for long walks at our all time favourite place, the #singaporebotanicgardens. Today, we even discovered a whole new section called the learning forest. The look of wonder on our faces say it all. Yay to long walks, exploring and adventures!! What are you thankful for?
#thankful #gratitudejournal #seeingthegood #positivity #therapydogs #walkingwithdogs

Recomeçando meu #gratitudejournal #gratitudediary So many things to be #grateful !!! 🙌🏻🙏🙌🏻🙏🙌🏻🙏

This week's gratitude spread. I completed last week and knowing I'm going to jot things down at the end of the day is making me more aware of all the things to be thankful for during the day 😊
#chicsparrow #chicsparrowfans #gratitude #gratitudejournal #watercolor #travelersnotebook

A bit behind on my Gratitude posts... Day 4: I'm grateful for deep belly laughs with the people I love most ❤️

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