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Some people just champion you for whatever reason. 😍 I think it's awesome that they do. Thank you for the reminder and positivity @eseyomasodjewaugh . @nma_ofili @mcyej @pome_knight @ladyariyike @irenemajor @ijeoma_odet @adeliciousdiva @wisetola #akhealthy #gratitudejournal #makingmysunshine #healthylivingwithamarakanu

Silly face aside, I am so grateful for this dog/fur baby. What are you grateful for most? I just released by FREE two-week guidebook for developing gratitude (in bio!)
✨ Gratitude is a practice, people! Its something you need to single out ever yday and will alter your entire world once you've started integrating it.
✨LINK IN BIO to receive my gratitude guidebook directly in your inbox. No strings attached 👌🏼 #LetsGetGrateful

I know when I #appreciate , my heart drops down into a #peaceful Center. I don't just see the world. I feel the world. I feel the waves of appreciation for all the twists and turns in my life. I appreciate the dark, as it has made the #light in my life that much more spectacular. .
I appreciate this journey here on IG and the light it has brought into my life. I appreciate all of you and all you bring into this world. .
These flowers are for all of you, to remind you how truly #brilliant you all are. Appreciate who you are in this moment. Because from where I stand you are one beautifully shinning STAR 🌟
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First half of this week 💗🏝

😱Beyond humbled and blessed to be the owner of this brand new 2017 Chevy Silverado 🎀🎉
I wouldn't have been able to do it without my amazing and supportive wife @oliviagracellamas and the in laws (familia)💜
So thankful, so grateful.. hard work pays off.
Believe and you will achieve 🙏🏽✨
Don't give up on your dreams because they will come true 🌟

The summer lineup 👌🏼

Started a quick road trip with the besties... Thank you for the fun, the special care(pregger's privilege), the visit to our cafe, and the accompaniment! Sometimes life just needs a little and lots of girl noises 👩🏻🤰🏻👩🏻 #day7 #nics100daysofgratitude .
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Chester reminded me that he hasn't had an appearance on my newsfeed in a while. 😂 #thisdogisdrama ❤️ And since Mommy will be leaving him for 5 days when I fly out for @gabbybernstein #theuniversehasyourback retreat at @kripalucenter tomorrow I thought he might have a point. 🐶🤦🏻‍♀️ Here's to Chester, my lil beggar, banana 🍌loving slow poke ❣️ I love you like it's my full time job. 😍PS Last Call to get my Social Media Guidebook for $9 off with code "abundance" at link in bio. #nofilterneededformybaby #iamobsessedwithchester #shihtzulover

Our role isn't to be better than anyone else. Our purpose is to be our best self.


Anyone out there keep a #gratitudejournal ??? Picked up this super cute notebook and that's exactly how I plan to use it! .
Any tips for a #newbie ??? .
#grateful #gratefulheart #journaling #suckerforaspiraltopnotebook

Whilst watching a show in London, a character was asked - "Do you know what makes the stars shine?" My inner voice cried out - "the darkness" this wasn't how the script went on stage, but in that very moment, something resonated so deeply within me. Something shifted. Something changed. And then we ran through the streets of London while the rain soaked us through and the lightening lit the skies.. and it was beautiful and it was perfect and it was filled with love and dark skies and bright stars ✨ #love #gratitudejournal #perspective #souljourney #thestarslookverydifferenttoday #mystoryisntoveryet❤️#depressionwarrior #todaywasagoodday

Starting a daily gratitude list because I've been complaining so much lately but honestly there is so much for me to be grateful for.
#gratitude #gratitudeisthebestattitude #gratitudejournal #positiveenergy #goodvibes #selfhelp #selfcare #selflove

"Don't let the bastards grind you down." Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale 💃🏼 #thehandmaidstale #margaretatwood #oursharedshelf #bookclub #goodreads #bookstagram #gratitudejournal #currentlyreading

It's the little things. Day off. The sun is out. So much to be grateful for.

Feeling inspired after listening to @shawnachor Ted talk about gratitude and happiness. So I am taking the #21daychallenge journaling everyday, thanks to this adorable journal from one of my Stella mentors @lindsaywalsh #thefiveminutejournal #gratitudejournal #sdjoy

Once in awhile I get a really amazing surprise at the Pura studio... like today when my cousin popped in with her two beautiful children (whom I haven't seen since they were babies) to say HELLO! The bonds you make in childhood just keep showing you who you are. (Janice is a free spirit and has been living abroad for the last 25-years in Little Cayman, Turks and Caicos, and now on the coast of California.) ☀️My heart just swells and makes me realize how time is flying by, and how I don't always get to spend a lot of time with the people who are truly dear to me. 😭🙌🏻So to all my friends, cousins, 2nd cousins, sisters, brothers who aren't in Edmonton, (even to those that live close) I hope you know how much I love you and miss you. ❤️ And if you come and visit, I'll send you with many potions to love you up when I'm not around. 😍🙏 Photo by @emilyschutzphoto #ilovemyfamily #tribe #callyourmom #gratitude

My 5am morning routine. Shake, tea, tabs with personal development, writing in my gratitude journal, prayer. No better way to start out my day then getting my head right to ROCK the day and attract good positive vibrations. Always work harder on yourself then you do your Job-JR.
#morningroutine #prayer #personaldevelopment #gratitudejournal #herbastormnutrition

Some days I day dream about sitting above the clouds with @corey.mccomb in Cusco, Peru. But, most days I'm just grateful to wake up next to him, regardless of where we are. ❤️
LINK IN BIO! For my free gratitude journal, check it out and start feeling instantly happier ✨

Celebrating Seven //
Help us celebrate our 7th year at Shri with these special offers for you. For one week only 30 July - 5 August.
If you're a regular #shribee with a current pass bring a friend along with you to classes all week. One friend per visit, but as many visits as you like during the week, or share the love around friends! This offer is only available in studio, come along and let us know or sign in that you've brought a friend. .
In addition, any purchased Multi Class Pass, Unlimited Pass, or Intro Offer get 7 additional days FREE of unlimited yoga added on.
Available 30 July - 5 August only. Looking forward to celebrating with you old and new #shribees alike! Tag your friends you're choosing to celebrate with. #shriyogaurbanoasis #shriyogabrisbane

🌴Looking for Fitness loving, freedom craving, free-spirited, passionate, STRONG women. Is that you?🌴 *Meet Zakiyah*
She's a college Athlete that LOVES the products, community, and the income that she earns for making an impact! While she is in college her only income comes from being a health coach partnered with Herbalife Nutrition. SWIPE LEFT

I am looking for 10 motivated Queens 👸🏽 who want to get paid to motivate and inspire others through their fit journeys through 📲 social media.
You do NOT need to be a trainer, or nutritionist but, you must be ready to change your life! You can expect social media training, unlimited support, to earn a supplemental income 💰 working part time from home around your current schedule , earn a weekend getaway and I have more!
Must be a go getter and have a strong desire to be more and do more. inbox me for details

Aim to be better than you were before

Peas in a pod - looking at J is like deja vu when S was same age 😍. S loves kissing and cuddling her baby brother 😊😊. Our first Thursday together since S 's first birthday - we've cut out her Thursday mornings in nursery and she just does Tuesdays and Wednesdays now - saves us more £ than you would think for half a day! Here's my #lghpositivityjournal for today 🔸 having a slow morning because no nursery drop off 🔸having a good catch up with my mum friend who I hadn't seen in ages 🔸listening to S natter away to her bestie and heating them giggle together 😍😍 🔸making my friends baby son smile by playing peekaboo 🔸J looking grown up in his pushchair today 🔸potty training win (but I did bribe her😩) 🔸chatting to my oldest bestest friend this eve 🔸making it through solo bedtime 🔸my husband coming straight home when S was kicking off in the background after waking up an hour ago #twounderthree #8weeksold #gratitude #gratitudejournal

Melon smoothies are the perfect treat for hot, summer days 🌞🍉Did you know that fruit is even more hydrating than water because it hydrates on a cellular level? Remember to get your fruits in any way you can! 🍌🍇🍓🍊🥝
made with cantaloupe, watermelon, and chia seeds
#plantbased #hydration #healthyandhappy

[Reflection + Balance]
I came across this zen-like stacked stone figure at Keys View and it reminded me of my reason for visiting Joshua Tree National Park. It reminded me of the importance of + my need to maintain some kind of work-life balance. Some say that a viable work-life balance does not exist. I say...isn't life itself one big balancing act.
We're always focused on something...a deadline, a task list,  sometimes it's work that we're engaged in, sometimes it's caring for/spending time with family, sometimes it's catching up with friends, and sometimes we just need to carve time out for ourselves or indulge in a favorite hobby. It's one big juggling act.
As I stare at this figure and feel the wind brushing past my face all that I can think of is how much I am enjoying this moment of relaxation and peace and I'm just glad that I
am here and have found a way to balance the aspects of my life in a way that works well for me. .
#balance #timeforreflection #happyplace #KeysView #JTNP #desertlandscape #californiadesert #zen #Keepitpublic #outdoorgram #naturegram #capturinggratitude #gratitudejournal #IdRatherBeInNature #getoutstayout #mindbodysoul #wanderwhereyouwill #naturegram #livelifehappy #everydaywonder
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