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Day 3 of my 30 day gratitude is a reflection on love. Let me start by saying there are so many different types of love and I am supremely grateful for them all, but the one I decided to focus on today is my love for my 2 greatest gifts from God - my daughters. Simply put, I genuinely do not think I had ever experienced a love so pure until I met these two people. They literally are my heart. I am at my happiest when I am with them. Watching them sleep, play, learn, grow and just be. We have the most amazing chats... and yes Rori speaks now and she is quiet the chatter box 😂😍 Love at this purest form is expressed simply by being fully present in every moment to savour it. Because you miss it, the moment is gone forever and the opportunity to learn and teach is missed. I thank God for them with every heartbeat and breath I take. They are my happiest place. #Gratitude30

“My sun sets to rise again” ~ Robert Browning ☀️ #gratitude30 Day 13: Optimism

Today I was thinking about all the hairstyles that I've ever had: pixie cut, bangs, hair extensions and even afro curls! This really inspired me to keep taking care of it with masks and vitamins. I just love my short, messy hair!💃❤
#gratitude30 #day4 #inspiration

This boy has done a lot of things in the last 20 years to make me proud but this was the.proudest.moment. He overcame a lot of obstacles to get baptized and I am grateful for everyday that I get to serve Jehovah along side him. I love you Nik. #gratitude30 #march242013

Day 2 Gratitude Challenge: Happiness
My love and my little bumblebee bring me so much happiness, sometimes it’s unbearable 🐻

Day 6 Gratitude Challenge: Kindness • is also a form of compassion. For yourself and others. For earth and water. For animals and plants. For those in need and in abundance. For those in pain and fear. Compassion and kindness are love, in a different form. With them we can create peace, both within and around 💙 #Gratitude30

I'm thankful for the colour pink cause it looks so amazing on this wonder woman sitting here. She looks amazing in what ever colour she sports. My baby ❤❤
#gratitude30 #mine

Gratitude Challenge Day 30 {growth}. “Everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occurs while you're climbing it.” ~Andy Rooney
Well, I did it! I made it through the whole 30 days! Today’s word is #growth and the fact I took a selfie must be some sort of growth or change because I NEVER take selfies and if I do I don’t usually post them. I couldn’t think of anything to take a pic of though to express how grateful I am for the growth I’ve made in my life. I used to think I needed to always get to the next phase of life and it all had to happen perfectly. Not anymore! The greatest area of growth for me has been progress not perfection. #gratitude30 #gratitude #progressnotperfection @positivelypresent


Hello. Yes you guessed it. It's another #gratitudechallenge day in our #artistic #journal

See below for #day3

Today our challenge is for you to graciously give in charity. Now let's face, money can be tight. So we don't want you to limit your charitable acts to your financial situation. But think beyond and we challenge you to be creative in your acts of generosity and gratitude.

Try to help a neighbour with gardening, a person cross the road, helping trolley shoppers in car parks, remove obstructions for others. Oh and a special wintry one.... Shovel the snow from people's cars or driveways or wherever you can go help others. These are but a few.

We would #loveyourcomments on what #gratitudechallengeAA steps you took and who you all helped.

Remember #gratitude is about always giving to those who need it

Thank you for listening.
Your friends and family at Aaron Arts

#aaronarts #newbeginnings #gratitude30 #gratitudechallenge #day3 #gratitudechallengepp #goaldigger #journal #journaling #ChildrenInNeed #relief

30 Days of Gratitude Day 3: I have a neighbour who lives on this house on the hill. A few days ago, knowing that I was intending to take a trip in the car, she walked through the snow to tell me to wait because the roads were bad (her little van had skidded almost off the road). I appreciate people looking out for one another. #30daysofgratitude #gratitude #gratitude30

Love overcomes 🌸 Love Note 9.
📝 #elizabethannelovenotes.
🔗 Link in bio for all Love Notes.
🗓 #gratitude30 Day 14: Challenges.

“With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?” ~ Oscar Wilde 🌈📚🌺🌕 #gratitude30 Day 12: Freedom

#gratitude30 The word for our 30 day challenge today is “laughter ~laugh#mindbodyfitnessmi


“You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them” #cmsedu #didcms #gratitude30 #graciasday23

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle” #cmsedu #didcms #gratitude30 #graciasday30

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation” #cmsedu #didcms #gratitude30 #graciasday20

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow” #cmsedu #didcms #gratitude30 #graciasday28

“Thanksgiving gives me a feeling of nourishment” #cmsedu #didcms #gratitude30 #graciasday10

“My sun sets to rise again” ~ Robert Browning ☀️ #gratitude30 Day 13: Optimism

Great workshop in South Portugal this WE with a fantastic young Dutch crew from Surfana. Stress management training, recovering using the ground, reconnecting to Nature with vitamin "Sea" and enjoying the sun and vitamin D, melatonin production in the middle of the winter ;-).Lots of progressive drills 2 by 2. Thank you, everyone, for the trust and the nice work. www.lifeforces.eu

Rompiendo eł ayuno, sumo de 2 naranjas, mis suplementos y extracto de propolis #gratitude30 #ayunointermitente #nopainnogain#feliz #mamaesarada#Bumbumnanuca #cuerposanomentefeliz #intermittentfasting

Hello! We are starting our days of gratitude. This time of year is one for spreading good will and gratitude to anyone and everyone that has helped us throughout the year.

Gratitude is an attitude we must adopt.
But how right?

Over the next few days, we will be showing you how to have that positive attitude and show gratitude.

Use your sketchbook journal to write a letter of thanks showing appreciation to a person close to your heart.
Show them you love them and thank them for their efforts and kindness. In turn, you show them the same. Simple enough. #wehope

#gratitude30 #gratitude #christmas #day1 #aaronarts #givethankspp #passion #thankyou #soulmate

#gratitude30 The work today is “change” from the Dalai Lama#mindbodyfitnessmi

Quien dijo q no sé podría 🤔zasca hay esta, yo cada día saco la motivación de mi misma viendo mis progresos, super feliz 😊, y eso que me porcentaje de grasa es del 23%y ya se ver los abs, 2 semanas de ayuno intermitente, y me veo más definida voy por buen camino. "todavía no sé posar para las fotos "😍😋🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️🏋️♀️🚺#gratitude30 #ayunointermitente #nopainnogain#feliz #mamaesarada #Bumbumnanuca #vamos #dedicación #quererespoder #lunes #intermittentfasting #vidasana

30 Days Gratitude Challenge Day 2: This lady that I get to spend my days with. She sleeps in until 11am and then frolicks outside with the spirit of a puppy even though she’s about to turn 12! Always up for some attention, she’s mastered the puppy-dog eyes so that she can get those pats and scratches. She’s completely unstressed; she’s happy and lively and shows no intention of getting old. Thanks for being in my life Tchoukie! #30daysofgratitude #gratitude #gratitude30

Christmas in the hood 🌿🎄🎶 #jungalowstyle #gratitude30 Day 12: Music

In the life-changing power of gratitude by Laura Long, Dani DiPirro gives a goal to complete The Gratude Challenge. For 30 days, find something to be grateful for.
Day 1: Beauty

To me, there is nothing more beautiful than accomplishing things from your bucket list. One of my bucket list item is to "fly a helicopter"
Today I had the privilege to accomplish that thanks to the help of @anthelion.helicopters in Long Beach.

#anthelionhelicopters #day1 #weekendadventure #bucketlistcheck #bucketlistitem #grateful #sundaymarbles #1000marbles #weekendmarbles #beauty

No.18 of #Gratitude30 is Home. There's so many places I feel at home, but sending all our merrier life and raining children here means Botswana is my true home and I'm grateful for that. We adore the house we live in, it's perfect for our family. A natural garden which is playground for the children, cats and dogs, a thatched roof which makes us feel like we are in the bush and enough space to fill with our diy! #homeiswhereyourfamilyare #beautifulbotswana #gratitude #bushlodge #familypets

30 Days Gratitude Challenge Day 1: So I’ve been thinking about doing this challenge as a way to bring the energy of appreciation more into my life. A month later than most (a November thing?) but it’s always a good time for gratitude! Here is a bracelet that my husband bought me with a symbol of the tree of life. I appreciate this reminder on my arm of the love we have for one another and for the life we are growing together. #30daysofgratitude #gratitude #gratitude30

#gratitude30 The word for the day is “weather”

Sunday lunch...vino, newspaper and Versace/Avedon😍😎👄❤👖👔🕶
#lunch #newspapers #versace #wines #fashionread #soulfood #gratitude30 #vino #grateful #sunday

It's Aaron here.
Our spiral bound sketchbook journal is the perfect fit for you.
Our design is perfect for your ideas.

This journalistic sketch pad is a paper pad designed with you in mind. Yes, there are no coloured designs or lines. This puts freedom into your hands to plot your plans and passions.

#aaronarts #newbeginnings #gratitude30 #giving #thankyou

#gratitude30 “Inspiration” is today’s thought#mindbodyfitnessmi

Hoy toca terapia de choque, toca piernas 😎💃🏋️🏋️🤙" No hay cuerpo imposible, sino mente incapaz" #gratitude30 #dedicacion #vidasana #vamos#vidafitness #mamaesarada #feliz #lifestyle#barbemonstro #ayunointermitente .,

Thankyou @alishaanjaiyabeauty @_malznailz_ @majormakeupandhair & @auramassageandbeauty!! I'm so grateful to win your complete pamper package with @australiancourtney - can't wait. Thankyou! 💜🥂👄💅💫 #regram

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