What is your favorite person/thing to cuddle up to? Do you have someone that you are grateful to have in your life? Comment below!

Wherever you are as you’re reading this, can you take a minute to look up from your screen, look around you, take a deep breath and feel into this moment.⠀
Right here. Right now.⠀
Whatever is happening is something you’ve cocreated. Good, bad or ugly. Take that in... and move forward accordingly.⠀
If you knew that your actions right now would be creating and impacting your tomorrow, next week and next year (and of course, they are!)... what would change?

Always be grateful that you live another day, make most of it, really think about it...🙏

Hello from Bali!
I first came to Bali when I was 19 and studying Indonesian at uni. I had no intention of staying any time at all on the island that had a reputation for attracting partying Aussies, my friend and I had planned a back packing adventure around Indonesia, but we were soon seduced and stayed in Ubud way longer than intended. Ubud is unrecognisable 20 years later, but there’s still a very special something about this place.
I’m grateful to be back #capturingratitude

What are you grateful for? 🙏🏼 Moving to Jersey gave me confidence, independence and determination for brighter days.🌟💙 When I face a challenge I look for daily gratitude. Today I am so grateful for the #islandlife

Be grateful for your life, we only have a small amount of time to find our purpose, lets do it in harmony😊❤️🙏

✌️Two-Minute Gratitude Challenge! (I heard about this idea on @jimkwik’s podcast.) 💻Spend the first two minutes of your work day writing an email to ONE individual. Remind them what makes them so special. 🗣Gratitude is a big deal. Spending time focusing on acts of gratitude will require the way our brains work. 🧠 “You are more peaceful, less reactive, and less resistant. Gratitude is the most effective practice for stimulating feelings of happiness.” #Gratitude #gratitudejournal #gratitudeattitude #gratitudeisthebestattitude #gratitudechallenge #gratitudedaily #gratitudeadventure #gratitudeeveryday #gratitude365 #gratitudepad #gratitudepen #gratitudes #gratitude30 #gratitudeismygrowth #gratitudespeak #gratitudeisanattitude #gratitudedocumented #GratitudeGuru #GratitudeGang #gratitudeforlife #gratitudeiseverything #gratitudealways #gratitudepost #gratitudeistheattitude #gratitudequotes #gratitudeproject #gratitudepractice

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