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It's official: I am a grad student! Today I started classes at Columbia's Spirituality, Mind-Body Institute 🙏🏼 #gratefulforitall

Watching you grow weaker was the hardest part of the fight. 🎗 We will always carry your spirit with us, and your words of god. Until we meet again, I will forever cherish our memories! ✝️ #cancersucks #breastcancerawareness #godsplan #gratefulforitall

Trainhopping pedicures.. loving life on the road.. #summertravels #gratefulforitall #simplethings

Gratitude always WIN! When we're grateful we give ourselves an opportunity to learn & the ability to learn is a gift even when pain is our teacher.#GratefulForItAll

"Let all that you do be done in love"

1 corinthians 14:16


View from my absolute favorite spot at work. This is the perfect place to soak in some marvelous Mother Nature goodness when I need a little me time. 🌺🌲🌿🍃🌻🌼 #gratefulforitall

Seven months and still counting. 👩🏻‍🍳💛👱🏻‍♀️ #love #happy #life #gratefulforitall


I have been waiting for what feels like forever to be an auntie!!! This sweet little boy gave me that. I feel blessed, grateful, honored and much much more to be his auntie!! 😍🌍🏆🏆 I will fight for you, protect you and love you forever baby boy. You are aunties favorite little man!!! 👣💑💙💙 He reminds me of my dad so darn much!! The way he wears his hat, his hair and his facial expressions!! Everything about him really!!! 💖💖🙊 #winning #blessedlifeilive #auntie #nephew #thankyougod #lifeisbeautiful #gratefulforitall

On way home from my sushi date with my sis I decided to make a little detour to the beach ⛱ and while I may not have had the right shoes on, and tbh just didn't feel like taking my sneaks off 🤷🏻‍♀️ boy am I happy I stopped! Talk about peace and calmness 😌 I used to go to the beach all the time at night in NJ, so will ya please tell me why I don't do it more often here when it's minutes away?! #plainsilliness .
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#jerseygirl #soflolivin #jupiter #sneaksinthesand #gratefulforitall #saturdayouting #beinthemoment

Trainhopping pedicures.. loving life on the road.. #summertravels #gratefulforitall #simplethings

🙏🏽 Too Many Slips So Many Falls 🥃 #gratefulforitall

Went to visit my grandfather last night cause daddy and I wanted to take him out to dinner. Sadly, he wasn't up for the trip. Took this picture to sent to mommy.
Yesterday and today reminded me that I'm extremely lucky for all that I have and am so grateful for my family. I ended up chatting with a stranger who's car broke down next to mine in a parking lot. He reminded me that we all struggle and life hits all of us.

Everything seems to happen for a reason, even though it may not be clear at the time. I feel like he needed to talk to someone, and I need to remember to look past the struggles and enjoy the good of every moment ♡

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"Blue skies are coming... but I know that it's hard." ✨🦋 Feeling sick in my tummy.
Staying in bed. Maybe all day.
My body is vibrating w/ change
But all I can do is allow it to electric-shock-through me
And breathe
And cry
When we choose to awaken + experience life more fully, it's not all rainbows + good vibes
Sometimes it hurts
Sometimes things that had been pushed down need to come up + be experienced
I know it'll be OK
I'm actually grateful for the experience, always, always heartbreakingly grateful.
I know blue skies are coming.. but I also know that it's hard
If you're feeling down in the dumps
If you're feeling like there are grey clouds everywhere you look
Let me be the one to remind you will get through this
You will see the clear blue sky again
Remember, it won't always feel like this
In the mean time this pain, hurt, anxiety, + depression is happening FOR you
This is what healing feels like
Listening to blue skies by @noahandthewhale on repeat.

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