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Chaddy spoiled me with Lush for my bday 😍 can't wait for a night away and whirlpool tub to soak in 🛀 #gratefulaf #besthusbandever

Tonight at dinner, we were discussing how addictive & destructive Sugar is... 🍩😈☠️
Now all I want is Fu*king Ice Cream 🍨🤤
So, instead I mixed my superfood shake into Greek yogurt -> tastes Really good & quenches my sweet tooth! Score! 🖕🍭 Take that Sugar Monster!! #pregnancywin
#imisswine 👈 #realtalktho

ⱽᴬᶜᴬᵀᴵᴼᴺ ᵂᴱᴱᴷ ²⁰¹⁷ | running on no sleep, lots of coffee, ketones, & mushroom coffee to keep me awake, on guard to keep the germs away, and a little bit of tequila for my sanity 💀 |


Trudging through the muck shows us how strong we are. (*always)
#24karatmagic #WonderWomanLoading

This is my first #CrossfitOpen and I’m dedicating #18.1 to my Dad. Today marks the 5th year that he has passed. I’m sad and retrospective, of course. But there is so much more tied up in his death and my life, the choices I was making and my ultimate surrender to the mighty #universe.
When my Dad was fighting stage 4 lung cancer in early Feb. 2013 and suffering immensely from his first and only round of chemo, I attempted suicide for the 2nd time in 1.5 years.
After my Dad’s passing, I spiraled into a drug induced frenzy. I was lying to everyone around me, most importantly myself. That emotional substratum of despicable behavior, relentless selfishness, zero accountability ultimately ended my marriage and left me mentally broken, spiritually destitute and a fragile shell of a human being.
One year and 5 days after my Dad died, I surrendered my will to the #universe, used my Good Old Dad as my higher power and have achieved almost 4 years of continuous, unbroken #sobriety.
This new life has afforded me so many fantastic gifts, but finding #Crossfit has been the pinnacle of my #sobriety. The community of athletes who have become wonderful friends help me in a myriad of ways. I was never an athlete or a competitor. Unless I was trying to out-drink or out-drug you. This community has taught me so much about myself that I was unaware of. I found this fierce, strong lady buried under all the bullshit stories I told myself and believed to be true.
I am not that person anymore. I may always be an alcoholic and a drug addict but today I choose to be a grateful and recovering one.
So today, I dedicate #18.1 to my Dad, my Mom, my family, the program of #AlcoholicsAnonymous and anyone who struggles with low self-worth, sadness, suicidal ideation, addiction, anxiety and fear.
This is for you because I know that pain, I’ll never forget that pain and I want to hurt for you and everyone I love..
#aa #sobermovement #godsavetheclean #fierceAF ##crossfitlady #scaledmaster #soberAF #gratefulAF #18point1 #firstcrossfitopen #214Reps

Life isn't a sprint, it's a marathon... but sometimes in life you need to sprint! Like this morning at 6am on the beach in #CostaRica when we did 10 × 30sec. 🏃‍♀️
Preping for @spartanracecanada season 💪
Train smart. Train hard. Train for life.
#spartancanadaba18 #sprints #liftingbuddy #bepresent #balance #connectwithyoursoul #functionalaf #somuchtobethankfulfor #gratefulaf #lifeisprettycool #intervals #gostop #trainerstraining #trainers #personaltrainer #girlswholift #strongwomen #fitgirls #fitness #becomethestrongestversionofyourself #theEPIClife #livingtheDREAM

More fun Uncle activities with my nephew @vincent_ismyname . We had breakfast at Mo's in @downtowncampbellca , went to get fitted for our suits for my wedding, and had some quality uncle/nephew time while running errands. I love this kid. He's growing so fast and his voice is changing!! It seems like yesterday I was holding him when he was only days old! Now, he's about to be 12! #UncleAF #UnclePerks #Vans #GettinFitted #Vincenzo #EngagedAF #RingDude #Mos #DowntownCampbell #GratefulAF #HappyAF

Adult WINNING!! 💤 Slept for 7 hours
🥓 Woke up to the smell of bacon (oven installed!!)
💙 The dude is home 🍼 Baby cloths are clean, folded & organized
🐰 Future-ling is kicking like Crazy!! HAPPY FRIDAY!! You having an ‘Adult style’ perfect night too? #nestingisnojoke

#Repost @twp.volunteers (@get_repost)
When I was given the opportunity to volunteer abroad I took it with open arms and quickly learned it would far surpass any expectation I had. 🌠

While in Dominican Republic I explored cities, visited schools and hospitals, lived with a local family and experienced day-to-day living. 👫 For the first time in my life I was witnessing true poverty and it shifted my perspective of our world. 😿 Basic health care was a privilege only for the wealthy, schools didn’t have supplies or learning resources and children played in concrete yards with raggedy soccer balls. ⚽📚

I prayed and begged to the universe to not only give help where it was clearly needed in the world but also to forgive me for the basic necessities in my own life that I have taken for granted: safe and clean water to brush my teeth and beds not infested with insects. 💦🐛

My gratitude, compassion and spirit grew exponentially while in Dominican. ✨ Every morning and every night locals were filled with a love and appreciation for life so strong that hopelessness and fear seemed nonexistent to them. 🌸

I initially volunteered abroad to make myself feel (or look) like a better person; to serve myself in ways I couldn’t achieve at home. 🙋 When my trip was coming to an end, however, and all the tearful goodbyes were done, 💧 I understood that it wasn’t about me at all nor was it about saving the world. 🌍 Dominican Republic and the soul mates I met along the way were the catalyst for living a life of gratitude and I carry my experiences and the people with me every single day. 💫💓

If I can give any piece of advice it would be to seize an opportunity that your soul craves with pure love and without judgement or justification. And be grateful for it all. 🙏🌈

I came.
I saw.
I made it awkward.

My friend showed me a shirt that said that and goes “Saw this and thought of you! ❤️” True tho☝🏻and for a really long time I thought awkward was a bad thing, an undesirable thing. But here I am building a business and making the best friends I’ve ever known BECAUSE I’m awkward 🦔 (idk why but I feel like hedgehogs are awkward) I attract other quirky weirdos and together we have a blast making our dreams come true 🖖🏻🔮 Wtf is undesirable about that?! If the people around you are making you feel like your awkward is unwelcome, I have some new besties you gotta meet 😏📲💌 Oh, and the friend that showed me the shirt? Wouldn’t even know her if it weren’t for this coaching opportunity and she’s 100% my people 👭💕 #gratefulAF

APARIGRAHA - is the last of the five Yamas, the first limb of yoga. It often translates to ‘non-greed’, ‘non-possessiveness’, and ‘non-attachment’. My steady practice of gratitude, upon awakening and even sometimes randomly during the day, or before eating a meal, really turns what I have into enough. Yes, of course, plenty at times I find myself wanting and desiring like the beautifully imperfect human that I am, but it’s this steady practice of gratitude that always brings me back to a state of contentment where nothing is ever lacking. A personal little practice I do in order not too accumulate or hoard on things is that whenever I buy or receive books and clothes, I also let go of some. Accumulating too many things make me feel cluttered in my mind. Non-accumulating, hoarding, possessing lots of stuff makes cleaning much easier, and in the event of moving, your future self will thank you too. Be energy efficient! 😜 #aparigraha #yamas #yamaniyamaassignment #ashtangayoga #eightlimbs #fridayreads #ff

If you haven't heard our new song, 'Sway' yet, its on Spotify, iTunes, and all the other things for your listening pleasure. Loving the feedback we've gotten so far. We had such a blast recording this song at @noisylittlecritter with Mike and of course, @donutthestudiocat 😻. We are so fortunate to be surrounded by such kick ass individuals. #gratefulaf #leomoon #🦁🌙 Photo awesomeness by @sciolidesign

A moment of gratitude candidly captured after my first time ecstatic dancing. A long time alcoholic turned hard drug user and suicide survivor, I have struggled each day of my life to find beauty and purpose in this world. I was asked at the beginning of this workshop how comfortable I felt in my skin on a scale of 1-10. I gave it a solid 2. I was asked to think of a time I felt totally safe and I was flushed with dread when I couldn’t find one moment. After being taken through a few exercises in eye contact and free movement, I discovered that the ecstasy I’d been searching for in the pills I popped each weekend is n fact readily available within me. I found myself in moments so profound, so clear, so free, that I threw my head back to smile at the heaven I know I deserve. Or to bow forward in a moment of overwhelming thanks for the earth that has always been there to hold me safe and catch me when I fall. We have everything we need. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Oh yeah. I found my tribe for sure. Photo cred: @lindsey_walsh #ecstaticdance #brooklyn #williamsburgbrooklyn #childspose #gratitude #amomentofsolitude #dance #yoga #gratefulaf

First run of 2018! I had to get over the weather, temperature and just spend time outside! Really enjoyed being able to move my body! I was really surprised! My ashtanga yoga class has really been helping me control my breath and be in the moment! Movement and ability were part of my gratitude list for today. What are you grateful for? #grateful #gratefulaf #runnersofinstagram #girlswhorun #womenwhorun #sayyoucan #justdoit #justkeepgoing #5k #yogisofinstagram #yogapractices

Snow on the red rocks. So grateful! 🙏

#DesertLife #DesertSkies #Majestic #GratefulAF ❄😍😄🔮💖🏜

@wildsexyabundance you have some bad-ass magical shiz on your page that I’m forever reposting.
Me today = #GratefulAF
Why? It’s been a really overwhelming week. In more ways then i can tell you in this short post.
It would be easy to focus on all of that, on what i wish went different.
I could find the things I’m grateful for instead and focus on that.
I know which one makes me feel better!
Because the first stuff I can’t change. Not yet anyway.
So here it is, I’m grateful AF
✅ for my health
✅ for my ability to be “working” (it doesn’t feel like work) doing what i love
✅ for the amazing support from my friends and family and especially @courtney_bianca_ this week shes my angel, my cousin and my soul sister who really “gets” everything
✅ that im incorporating a company (holy fu#k)
✅ for the abundance of opportunities, soul tribe people and wealth constantly coming my way from avenues i never expected
✅ and when I’m feeling stuck, I’m grateful for the universe, because it’s had my back 💯 so far. And EVERYTIME I’ve been like “wtf is this for?!” theres always been a reason, and a bigger opportunity to follow.
So if you’ve read this far, I’m intrigued...
What are you grateful for?
#grateful #gratefulAF #SOULWORK #universe #thankyou #acceptance #thatpelvichealthchick #pelvichealth

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