Following cow trails can be so intriguing! Not only do we look for cow tracks but we also look to see who else is using the cow trails. Moose? Deer?
We also check the grass as we walk to ensure that there is enough pasture for the cows. This pasture is looking excellent! Snow, please hold off for a while longer.
Getting enough exercise on the ranch is not difficult. On this day, we had a short 1 mile walk to find the cows. All in all, 2 miles for this pasture check.

This beef ya’ll.....Bill and I unloaded it last night and just kept saying “Wow! Do you see this marbling?!”
Tonya comes in and looks at it this morning and started taking picks to send her husband because it’s that pretty....same with Denise.
This is PRIME Georgia Grown, Grass Fed, Grain Finished Beef.
We have filets, really large bone in ribeyes, Asian style short Ribs, flat iron steaks, a culotte steak, roasts , roasting bones and ground beef. It doesn’t get any better than this!
#prime #beef #steak #asianshortribs #georgia #local #shopsmall -#grassfed #grainfinished #premium

Organic raw cream is a household staple around here for everything from coffee and tea to homemade paleo whip cream 😋 ⁣

We have carried @organicpasturesdairy for years and trust it as the highest quality raw, grass-fed dairy. We proudly carry not just their heavy cream... but milk, butter, kefir, and even CHEESE. ⁣
Here’s a list of the RAW goodness that all milk starts with (but gets killed off by homogenization and pasteurization 😢) ⁣

1. Probiotics ⁣
2. Digestive enzymes ⁣
3. Healthy fats ⁣
4. Vitamins ⁣
5. Calcium ⁣ ⁣
This California farm never treats their cows with antibiotics or synthetic hormones. Go check out their page to see how they’ve changed the dairy game!⁣

Pasture raised cows = happy cows ♥️

Am heutigen Tag hat unsere Welsh Black Herde um Zuchtbulle Mustafa drei Neuzugänge bekommen 🐃😊
Ein herzliches Willkommen an Gertrud, Henriette und Idlinde 🐃🐃🐃 #welshblack #cattle #welshblackcattle #cows #ifyouarehappyandyouknowitsaymoo #dreiKühefürMustafa #grassfed #farmlife

Do you know where your food comes from? Ask Chef Justin Kingsley Hall. He recently traveled to Tasmania to learn all about the beef we serve our guest. @capegrimbeef_usa @capegrimbeef .
#sustainable #beef #sourceresponsibly #food #cook #travel #downtownlv #lasvegas #restaurant #meat #grassfed #pastureraised

Vi har uppdaterat Rocket Whey!👌Nu med 100% ekologiska ingredienser.☘️Rich Chocolate är sötad med ekologiskt steviaextrakt och smaksatt med ekologiskt kakaopulver. En ren och naturlig produkt för dig som vill boosta din kost med extra protein.🚀

Got Beef with Beef?
I want to promote my ol'friend Blake Hall' talk tomorrow at the @hillhurst_sunnyside. Blake and wife Angela will be talking about their farm @prairiegoldmeat. It's a great way to learn about grass fed beef and how sustainable meat production can be a thing when done correctly. Blake has been on this quest for a long time, is very knowledgeable and a tremendous speaker. Whether your are vegan, vegetarian or carnivore, this talk will prove valuable in moving forward our discussions on sustainability. I urge you, go check it out at 630pm!

Breakfast of @butcher_box pasture raised pork breakfast sausage, 2 organic @vitalfarms Pasture raised eggs in ghee, steamed broccoli, Japanese sweet potato with @fourthandheart Vanilla bean ghee and pumpkin spice, which is my favorite thing right now! If you hadn’t been able to tell 😊

I want to take a minute and talk about the difference and importance of grass fed and pasture raised animal products Vs mass produced factory farms. I grew up hating pork sausage, always gave it to my brother because it was weird. Had weird chewy pieces .. aka conventional meat. If you haven’t tried a great pork sausage .. when you do your life will change. @butcher_box has one of the most delicious and great quality pork sausages easily available. My other favorite is from a local farm @riverview_farms that you can get at the grant park farmers market and carter center market, AND they are opening up a store front in Kirkwood soon! Grassfed and pastureraised animals are not only healthier than crowded conventional raised meats, but are so beneficial with key nutrients we need. If meat is ‘weird’ to you or you cut it out for health benefits .. do yourself a favor and try good quality meat first before giving it up! Grassfed meats Are higher in beta-carotene, higher in vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol), higher in the B-vitamins thiamin and riboflavin, higher in the minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
Higher in total omega-3s, which is a key, have a healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids (1.65 vs 4.84), higher in CLA (cis-9 trans-11), a potential cancer fighter. Overall meat, eggs, and dairy products from pastured animals are ideal for your health. Compared with commercial products, they offer you more "good" fats, and fewer "bad" fats. They are richer in antioxidants; including vitamins E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. Furthermore, they do not contain traces of added hormones, antibiotics, or other additives. Sourcing can be difficult for some, but if you have the option keep it in mind. Your body will thank you.

I only ate one PP approved meal and one PP snack yesterday . (I’m always drinking nutrients of some kind ) 🆒This was my quick throw together snack bc I was gone all day to medical appointments and grocery shopping 🛒 🛍 . I dropped my bags into my RV home and pulled out my #grassfed yogurt , added some Inulin powder to feed my gut bugs, threw on
1/2 tsp #manuka honey to kill bacteria & viruses 🦠 Sliced a green banana 🍌, sprinkled bee pollen for energy (& more) , sprinkled hemp hearts, shredded compliant 🥥 coconut, & @navitas cacao nibs. Totally satisfying. Swipe ◀️ to see the brands I use. It’s snowing 🌨 in Washington , DC today ! Looks like a food prep day in the RV. 🚌
#grainfree, #plantparadox, #thyroidhealing , #autoimmunedisease , #foodismedicine, #sugarfree, #gutrepair #hashimotosdisease , #thyroidhealing

Proteins are essential for our body. Why do you think that is? All I heard growing up was that they made our muscles strong. It is so much more than that! But first, lets start with what they are. Proteins are combinations of 20 amino acids (10 are essential, meaning the body cannot produce them and 10 are nonessential and can be synthesized by the body), they are building blocks of the body and our body uses and assembles ~ 50,000 different proteins to form organs, nerves, muscles, and flesh. Here the main roles of protein in the body:
~ Enzymes: These specialized protein molecules act as the managers and catalysts for all biochemical processes ~Antibodies: These protein structures help fight infection and destroy foreign invaders
~ Hemoglobin: Red blood cells are specialized proteins that deliver oxygen around the body ~ Hormones: These proteins regulate metabolism and almost every key function in the body
So what are the best protein sources?
~ Wild caught fish and seafood, preferably smaller fish lower on the food chain to avoid bioaccumulation of heavy metals ~ Organic, 100% grass‐fed, pasture‐raised ruminant animals (e.g. beef, lamb, bison, buffalo, elk, goat, etc.) ~ Organic, 100% pasture‐raised poultry and eggs (e.g. chicken, turkey, duck, etc.) ~ Organic, raw, full‐fat, 100% grass‐fed or pasture‐raised milk products (e.g. cheese, cottage cheese, milk, etc.) ~ Soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds, and legumes (e.g. pumpkin, sunflower, almond, walnut, macadamia, pistachios, etc.)
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Stop and smell the brekkie.😌Served till 11am. #GreatStateBurger

Daily trips to the market make life a whole lot better
Placencia, Belize
September 2016
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Strive for greatness!

Get your Grass Fed Naturals Chocolate Whey Protein on:


Get your Chocolate Whey Protein. Link in Bio.

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Tess loves the snow and pounces about like a wild jack rabbit. Training high energy border collies takes years to accomplish and allowing them to develop their natural herding instinct when young is essential. This requires lots of patience, practice & perseverance. But the end results are very rewarding. When Dylan moved our heifers home he let Ebby and Rusty bring them the last 5 kms by themselves while he went home to set gates. The dogs walked them quietly right into the corrals. https://tkranch.com/shop/ .
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It’s a perfect cold, snowy morning here for some healthy hot chocolate. ☕️ Of course, in typical mom fashion, I only got 2 sips in before someone was calling for help. 😉 What are my STL friends doing on this snow day? ❄️

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