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It rained all day today. It's suppose to rain all day tomorrow. So what do we do when life gives us lemons? We make lemonade!!🍋✨ or in this case, one drop of grapefruit oil in my water bottle + a few more drops💧in my diffuser = rainy day blues cured! Grapefruit is one of my most uplifting essential oils. I could go on and on about the benefits, but let's just say; if you don't own this bottle of gold. You should!! ✨ #sunshineonacloudyday #doterraessentialoils #doterra #doterralove #grapefruitoil

Distilling some grapefruit skins today!! Anyone want to brew a beer or cider with grapefruit essential oil? #grapfruitipa #grapefruitoil #essentialoil #distilling #craftbeer

How much do I love Grapefruit oil? Let me count the ways

1) Uplifting
2) Invigorating
3) Cleansing
4) Wonderful aroma
5) Great for smooth looking skin

Anyone have a #6?

#grapefruitoil #essentialoileducation #essentialoiltips #doterralove

Post-vacation got us like....😂👍🏻 The boys got doTerra probiotics (all natural and safe for kid tummies!) to get their tummies back on track....and I'm putting grapefruit essential oil in my water to de-bloat AND help with sugar cravings! Here's to a healthy week! 😉💕 #doTerra #naturalhealthsolutions #probiotics #grapefruitoil

Ughhh airport is a ghost town but only a few hours stand between me and my destination! #ylconvention #ylconvention2017 #fullofit and I have my @cocogonegreen tank on and #grapefruitoil so all is good in the world!

Need some encouragement at work? Diffuse in the office for its invigorating aroma. #doterragrapefruit #doterralove #sweetserenityoils #grapefruitoil #invigorated


SO excited that my monthly stash of oily goodness came in today!! This month I ordered Tea Tree Oil, Grapefruit oil, Peace and Calming II. Young Living rewarded me for being on the Essential Rewards program for 3 consecutive months by giving me a FREE bottle of Peppermint oil, which I was almost out of (YAY!) not to mention I have earned almost $60 in reward points to use towards a future order! What?!
**Keep reading for more information on the oils I received** TEA TREE OIL (Melaleuca alternifoliais) is a “jack of all trades” as far as remedies go. Tea tree oil is known for its topical antiseptic and anti-fungal treatment or infection-reducing benefits. It also has antibiotic properties and helps aid against a LONG list of skin aliments. #teatreeoil
GRAPEFRUIT OIL (Citrus paradisi) - this is a wonderful INEXPENSIVE oil to have on hand! Grapefruit oil when diffused can elevate your mood and energy and decrease your appetite while purifying the air. It can be used to clean and disinfect surfaces, repel bugs, and support your immune system along with many other uses. #grapefruitoil
PEACE & CALMING II is an essential oil blend containing eleven oils including ylang ylang, tangerine and patchouli. It eases stress, helps to unwind before bed time, and includes the naturally occurring constituents germacrene D, linalol, alpha-pinene, and bisabolol. It can be used safely with adults, children, and animals! #peaceandcalming
PEPPERMINT OIL (Mentha piperita) has so many uses! I use it in everything from my Allergy and headache blends to adding a drop to my mojitos (Yas!!) It's known to soothe digestive issues, improve mental focus, freshen breath, and relieve tight muscles among so many other things #peppermintoil #youngliving #essentialoils

Do your makeup brushes/sponges need a deep cleaning?
Try this DIY Makeup Brush/Bath Sponge Cleanser:
2 tablespoon FCO
💦5 drops Melaleuca 💦5 drops grapefruit
(I doubled the recipe and used water for the bath sponge)
1. Add ingredients to small bowel
2. Swirl brushes around for at least 30 seconds
3. Rub in the palm of your hand to help get Makeup out
4. Rinse under warm water till runs clear. Make sure to keep bristles pointed down
5. Let air dry on towel for 4 hours or until dry and repeat once a month
Grapefruit is know for its cleansing and purifying properties and Melaleuca is a great antifungal and a must have for all your cleaning needs
#diy #makeupbrush #doterra #essentialoils #melaleuca #grapefruitoil

Need some encouragement at work? Diffuse in the office for its invigorating aroma. #doterragrapefruit #doterralove #sweetserenityoils #grapefruitoil #invigorated

Millions of natural microbeads gently exfoliate and freshen in a blend of grapefruit and peppermint essential oils. 🙌🏽🎉 Clear away dry, dead skin in a flash and always put your best face forward! 🛀🏽🖤 Shop Today 🛍
➡️ https://www.perfectlyposh.com/KristinDeery/products/look-natural

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My Young Living team is offering a fun GIVEAWAY! Today and tomorrow only!
Up for grabs? A USB diffuser and a Jade Lemon! (A $45 value!) This is such a great pairing, the USB diffuser can plug into your computer at work or car for on the go! And Jade Lemon is citrusy uplifting, and tastes great in your water! .. Have you been interested in trying one of the below oils? Now is your chance! Buy one of the below and be entered to win! It's that easy (And there is a great chance of winning right now too!) .. *Note – a 15ml bottle has roughly 280 drops and 5ml has roughly 90 drops per bottle. So these will last you 🎉* .. Items available – .. 15ml Lavender Oil - $30.92
5ml Gentle Baby Oil - $27.96
15ml Lemon Oil - $14.80
15 Orange Oil - $14.14
15ml Stress Away Oil- $39.14
5ml Thieves Vitality Oil - $19.08
15ml Grapefruit Oil - $22.04 .. Drawing will take place Saturday at 8:00 AM. PST

Distilling some grapefruit skins today!! Anyone want to brew a beer or cider with grapefruit essential oil? #grapfruitipa #grapefruitoil #essentialoil #distilling #craftbeer

Black Pepper + Grapefruit Oil are both said to help with addiction and curb cravings. This powerful duo are reppin' my diffuser necklace so the aroma can remind me I DONT NEED TO BINGE TODAY...I don't need chocolate just because it's half price at the supermarket, I don't need a biscuit just because I'm having a coffee, I don't need icecream just because I've eaten dinner...so many faulty associations when you're an addict #thestruggleisreal #addiction #foodaddiction #bingeing #sugaraddict

Cheers to you for tackling hump day like the boss babe you are 💪🏻 Keep that energy going for the rest of the week with the essential oil blend over on my blog (link in profile)!

O óleo essencial de grapefruit apresenta uma particularidade em relação a sua fragrância, pois, ainda que o limoneno represente uma fração significativa da sua composição, o que é comum em óleos cítricos, ele tem um cheiro bem diferente se comparado à laranja ou limão, tornando-o único. Isto ocorre porque só ele tem 1-p-menteno-8-tiol, 4-mercapto-4-metil-2-pentanona e nootkatone na sua composição, elementos que, mesmo presentes em pequenas concentrações (traços), dão ao grapefruit seu único e delicioso cheirinho.

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#oleosessenciais #aromaterapia #oleosquinari #quinari #grapefruit #toranja #bemestar #vivernaturalmente #saúde #grapefruitoil #limoneno

While listening to my favorite Youtuber... Inhaling my favorite essential oil!! 🙌👧💆💆

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