Are you loving the barn door look? I have seen it done several ways + think it adds a pop of excitement to a room. @homedepot sells a kit if you’re not creative one. #barndoor

We were waiting for a winery to open before we started our drive home from our birthday trip, so he suggested we drive to the overlook we found the day before in the redwoods 🌲🌲🌲. I got out of the car onto the one way dirt “road” with the dog and we picked the spot where our family photo should be taken. Babe surprised me big time when he proposed on one knee overlooking the most incredible scenic view and asked me if I would marry “them”+ Berklee almost pushed me down the mountain ⛰ in her excitement. This 📷 says it all. #howheasked #isaidyes

Watch more sunsets 🌅 than Netflix 📺. Goals 101, be submerged in nature 🌲 more, go to more 🎶 shows + get my yoga on every morning ☀️. What are your goals? #goals

Today is a busy one✨🤸‍♀️❤️. From prepping 🏡 showings with clients who are just starting the home buying journey, to scheduling signings ✍️ for those who are just completing the process. Mondays are amazing + I am thankful for the opportunity to thrive 🤘🏽. Coffee + music this am keeps me happy 😃 #coffee

Okay Realtors! Here's another twilight shoot I did few weeks ago. This home is beautiful inside and out! It's definitely a home you don't want to miss out on! If you like to see more of this property? Visit my Facebook page or my news page on my website. Links in bio to my website... Ps: twilight shoots start at $300. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have... #twilight #realestatetwilight #realestate #granitebay #california #justlisted #luxury #granitebayrealestate #granitebayrealtor #granitebayhomes #realestatephotography #sunset #homesweethome #pool #kitchen #livingroom #foyer #patio #glow #folsomrealestate #sacramento #sacramentorealestate #milesminnophotography #gatedcommunity

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. Nope, I am not at the beach again 😃, I am hustling away in my home office preparing for a very full week of making the 🏡 magic happen ✨. What is your Sunday routine? Do you grocery shop? Netflix + Chill? Go hiking? What makes you feel content? #sunday

I’m all about the dreamers but I am more about helping set dreams on fire 🔥 + making them a reality. Ready to stop ✋🏽 daydreaming about owning your own 🏡 + start making it happen? Let’s talk! PM me for my tips + tricks. #home

OKAY! I have the greatest friends + family in the world, it’s official! I was surprised with an engagement 💍 party tonight + I couldn’t feel more special. #blessed #isaidyes💍

Quick little trip to my favorite place @visitsuttercreek to swoop my wine 🍷 club dealio. Honestly... I chose my wine club so I would have a reason to come back here every two months. #wine

It is so warm outside today ☀️ I cannot believe next week will peak at 85!!! Tootles jeans 👖, hello spring 👗! This is my favorite time to show property 🏡 because the sunshine makes everyone smile + plus, I get a free tan 😂🤸‍♀️💗. #sun

Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that my name on everything in my life (including my business cards) is going to change to Potter?! Ummm could a last name get any more perfect? 👉🏽PREPARE FOR CUTE STORY👈🏽 the day after we got engaged 💍 babe came up to me super smiley 😊 and said “I made something for you but I can’t wait to give you it.” You guys, he created + reserved my email from realtoremilymontoya to realtoremilyPOTTER 😍😍😍 come on, if that isn’t the sweetest thing you’ve heard today, you’re lying to yourself. #isaidyes

I’m all about that light + bright minimal feel in homes. It’s freeing + pure. These stair details 👌🏽 of course the insanely talented @joannagaines takes the credit for this one. That magical being, she is 🙌🏽 #stairs

Isn’t having a dog one of the greatest joys in the world 🌍? I mean this girl loves me, ALL of my days ALL of my seasons. She’s furry as hell, super smart + goofy. She’s my sweet + apparently today she wanted to be in the morning instagram #coffee post. #dogsofinstagram #rescuedog #whosavedwho🐾

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