Its go time for Hyperleague Racing at 8pm gmt tonight! (Friday 20th July)! It's been an epic year and I'm humbled by how the game has been received by everyone over the last year!
There will probably be some shenanigans later from 7.30 at @grangelivegaming 😉

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1st game after 3 months recuperating and this little beast hasn't let me down once today 😊 #jdairsoft #evotek #vortex #actionsportgames #nuprol #GrangeLiveGaming #Bravo1
STAG Fire Teams:

sat_02 @hkairsofter
sat_04 @n60_ten
sat_05 @nathan.chapman.5030

sbt_02 @the_cws
sbt_03 @j_gittins
sbt_04 @kaz.kazik
sbt_05 @hydro_cube

@jdairsoft 🔫⚪
@EvoTek.uk 🔧🔨
@concepttactical 💣💥
Affiliated teams:


Stag Airsoft Team

Team patches by @tacticalroyal 👑

Happy Sunday Funday!

Over the last few weeks I have been working through my Birmingham @Buckt booklet and have enjoyed it.

You get 5 mystery “Things to do” in each subscription booklet. My booklet had
•Viewing 🎥@mockbirdcinema •Meditation 🧘‍♀️@meditateinbrum •Rage room 🤺 @grangelivegaming •£20 with 🥘@club_individual •Guitar classes 🎸@guitarlessonsbirmingham **Click on the link in my bio for more information** All this for two people would cost over £80 but with the Buckt Subscription Duo box it’s £25.

If you are always stuck for what to do, this is a perfect Subscription Box.
For a limited time enter MOSTLYFOODANDTRAVEL at the check out on the Buckt (www.buckt.uk) to get the Duo box for £12.50 📷 Bramble Cocktail I enjoyed whilst dining @piccolinobirmingham when spending my Club Individual voucher

Always a great night at Bravo One with the guys! Missed loads of the gang tonight but great night none the less 😝
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