Can I have some morrr please!! 😂😂😂 #grandpahouseonfriday #grandparentsarethebest

🤭 Confession Session: ⠀⠀
😕 Yesterday wasn’t one of my best days . . .
I let things that I had no control of get the best of me: 😖 😥 Watching my grandparents health decline and the challenges that brings on them...
😣 The stress my parents and youngest sis are dealing with in the process of moving to be closer and more available for my grandparents...
😤 The frustration of people not letting their yes mean YES! It’s a sad reality that not everyone does their best to live by that principle - especially if you run a business and it effects other peoples businesses. (I apologize to all my clients this week for the unorganized mess at the salon! The construction was suppose to be done yesterday! 😐)
This morning - I realized somethings . . .
1️⃣ I let the negativity pull me down and therefore I was negative in a lot of my dealings with others yesterday! That’s not me!!! 😔 I never want to add to the stress or frustration of ANYONE else! We all deal with so much as it is - I want to be the reason someone smiles!!! 2️⃣ I didn’t drink my Pink Drink yesterday! 😳 (my normal schedule and routine was just off!) While that little gut-balancing microbiome enhancing drink isn’t a cure all - it sure does help to keep me focused and balanced mentally and emotionally!
3️⃣ Most importantly - I need to be grateful for every moment with my loved ones! 😌♥️ I’m so thankful I have my family! Not many adults can say they still have both sets of grandparents in their lives that support, love and encourage them! ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

Jude’s first trip to the beach! #grandparentsarethebest #homeawayfromhome #orangebeach

So today is my birthday and my darling hubby is taking me on a little surprise adventure... I received this romantic email last week.... where do you think I’m going today? 😃 😍 🤔

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~ "When I'm a big girl, can I have a necklace like yours, Grandma?" Moments to treasure, memories to keep. 💕 ~ #sarahdeephotography #momentsofconnection #grandparentsarethebest #brisbanefamilyphotographer #wynnummanlyphotographer

Off to see my two favourite people this week❤❤❤ Feeling rather emotional about visiting my Nana' s grave for the first time since she past away😢 But this is all part of the process🙏 She will always guide me and give me the strength I need💪❤❤❤ #BigUpMyAncestorsYo 🌱 #GrandparentsAreTheBest

Love having great grandparents as guest readers in the library! #grandparentsarethebest #raisingreaders #RISEArkansas

So in ❤️ already ! I can’t wait to spoil Baby Jaxon!! #grandparentsarethebest #soinlovewithmygrandbaby #youcantspoilababywithlove

Dubai date night 💑🥂 #dubai #grandparentsarethebest #baileys

Soooo..... my Dad had a heart attack. And then triple bypass surgery. In Dubai. He came from Canada to visit us at Christmas. But something wasn’t right. He walks 8 miles a day. He takes care of himself. He wasn’t feeling well. And then, boom. I was also 5 months pregnant at the time. And I suck at pregnancy. I mean award winning levels of sucking at it. 🤰 🥇
To say this shook me to the core would be an understatement.
He is back in Canada recovering. All these months later, it still feels raw. Seeing my Dad after the surgery, hooked up to a million tubes, brought me to my knees. I sobbed. The ICU nurse kept saying: ‘He’s okay, this is good. He made it through. ‘ I kept crying. Easily the most terrifying moment of my life to date.
Not sure why I am sharing this today. Didn’t really plan on ever sharing it on social media tbh. But I’ve been working on my ‘why’ lately - why is it so important to me to shine a light on the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren? I feel an even greater sense of urgency around this now. The grandparents in my children’s lives are getting older . We only have a set amount of time to make sure they are connected. To ensure a deep bond. To make sure they have memories. Being far away , living this expat life , truly brings this to the forefront . If you’ve read this far, thanks for listening. I’d like to keep sharing and creating ways to connect grandparents and grandchildren. Please do keep following along if this matters to you too ❤️ #connectyourclan #connectgenerations #careswelling #keepthemconnected #expatdubai #expatmom #expatmama #expatmum #canadianexpat

Tiny hands and tiny feet, perfectly preserved with our non-toxic ink 👣
-Our non-toxic ink hand and footprint keepsake frame DIY kit makes for a lovely way to remember - and display - exactly how small your baby's hands and feet were while they're still so young. 👶 These make the perfect gifts for yourself, a baby shower - and with the holidays coming up, you can be certain your loved ones would melt if they unwrapped a pair of prints of the special baby they adore! 🎁
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@memawf and Puppa weren’t excited to come on up to meet their newest grand baby either! 😜
📷: @moosepiks #firstpicswithablossom #memawandpuppa #grandparentsarethebest

~ Patty recently celebrated a significant birthday 🎂🎉 (well, every Birthday is significant, isn't it?) and when asked for a list of gift ideas, she said she wants just one thing - "Photos with my grandies". The perfect gift for a woman who adores her grandchildren, as Pat does. 💝

Here's Patty with her youngest grandchild, baby Giselle. ~ #sarahdeephotography #momentsofconnection #grandparentsarethebest #wynnummanlyphotographer #brisbanefamilies #brisbanefamilyphotographer

Skipping stones on the Seine,hearing the bells and organ at Notre Dame, walking the Louvre grounds at night while dancing in the wind and rain with her Momo and DD, this kid may have found a bit of her ❤️ in Paris. #adventuresinParis #magical #grandparentsarethebest

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