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When I grow up, I want to be this grandpa 🙌🕺
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All credit goes to Shanghaiist on Facebook. Make sure to check them out for more of their work.

Runs in the family.


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Never to young to start?! Only in #sweden #grandpa #grandson #family #drivinglessons #icantlook

Unfortunately I lost you 13 years ago Grandpa Terry if there's anything you taught you're kids and grandchildren before we lost you it was to stand proud and do what you believe is right. You did both of those things at the age of 17 you lied on you're draft papers because you wanted to be Marine, you served two terms both terms we could have lost you then but you were a fighter and came home both times from injuries that you were very lucky to live from. One that affected you the rest of you're life I remember how grandma Bobby would sign my birthday cards for you until the last year you were with us then you signed it the only way I could ever tell the difference is because you're hand writing was sloppier then hers because you're whole right side was crippled. We only knew for 3 weeks that you were sick before you passed away from cancer caused by agent orange just 3 days after you're youngest son who I call dad birthday. There was one wish you had on you're last day with us that we did not follow and that wish was not to tell you're oldest son what was going on but you knew we had to families fight but when it comes to losing one another we come together. I've been told this story all the time that night you threw a Mountain Dew pop can at you're boys because they fell asleep holding you're hand crying. You said you're final goodbyes to them and passed in you're sleep. Even though you are not her physically to see the things we have all accomplished in life I know you're up there proud of the family you have walking this earth. When I got my tattoo for you I decided not to get my roses colored in but to have you're name done in red because it was you're favorite color as a Whittredge you always reminded me what family meant to you and you would have done anything in you're power to protect us. Now we're all grown graduated from high school some of us have our own children now, that carry on you're last name. Even though you're biological not my grandpa I will always consider you grandpa that's what I grew up knowing you as and that will never change, I miss you #grandpa #vietnamveteran #proudfamily #missingyou #fighter #familyfirst #missinghim

That look on his face is worth not actually getting a qp

Calories don't count on your birthday, right? 🤔 @platformeightytwo #28 #Grandpa #IfItFitsYourMouth #BaeKilledIt

Where do I even begin here
#memeworthy #picoftheday #car #grandpa #wow

A beautiful life is a collection of unforgettable moments.💗 #Abschluss #2k17 #love #like #friends #bestfrieds #family #grandma #grandpa #muchlove

They're geniuses 😂 With who would you do this?


Tempat ini adalah lokasi dimana kami dipertemukan setiap hari raya. Disini kami berbagi kisah penuh canda tawa, mengenang masa2 kecil mamah2 dan ayah2 kami. Kelakuan lucu bocah mereka terkenang kembali saat itu 😄

Disini tak ada kesenjangan pengetahuan dan pendidikan, karena kami tau bahwa kami semua sedang menimba ilmu dengan cara kami sendiri.
Disini tak ada kesenjangan status sosial, karena kami tau kami adalah keluarga besar Yamadi.

Semoga tahun ini bisa terulang di tahun depan🙏 semua keluarga dari Garut, Banten, Cianjur, Bogor, Tasik, bisa kembali dipersatukan dalam tawa yang sama😘😘😘 #garden #pond #harvest #farmer #grandpa'shouse #mother #father #siblings #aunts #uncles #iedulfitri #happiness

پدربزرگ مشغول نوشتن با مداد بود.
نوه اش پرسید چه می نویسی؟
پدر بزرگ لبخندی زد و گفت :مهم تر از نوشته هایم ، مدادی است که با آن می نویسم،میخواهم وقتی بزرگ شدی مثل این مداد بشوی!
پسرک تعجب کرد ، چون چیز خاصی در مداد ندید.
پدربزرگ گفت پنج خصلت در این مداد هست ، سعی کن آن ها را بدست آوری
اول :میتوانی کارهای بزرگی کنی ،اما فراموش نکنی دستی وجود دارد که حرکت تو را هدایت می کند و آن دست خداست.
دوم : گاهی باید از مداد تراش استفاده کنی، این باعث رنج مداد می شود، ولی نوک آن را تیز می کند ،پس بدان رنجی که می بري ازتو انسان بهتری می سازد
سوم :مداد همیشه اجازه می‌دهد برای پاک کردن اشتباه از پاکن استفاده کنی ، پس بدان تصحیح یک کار خطا ، اشتباه نیست.
چوب مداد در نوشتن مهم نیست ،مهم مغز مداد است که درون چوب است،پس همیشه مراقب درونت باش که چه از آن بیرون می آید.
مداد همیشه از خود اثری باقی می گذارد،پس بدان هر کاری در زندگی ات میکنی ،ردی از آن به جا میماند،پس در انتخاب اعمالت دقت کن .
دوست دارم پدربزرگ❤️
پ.ن:تولد ۵ سالگیم😂😁😄😊

Dede kucakları da çok keyifli oluyor🤗
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please chick the top "lovephemia"😘
☺️I'm a photographer ,a mother.
❤️films 📷 nikon F3, nikon D4s,Leica M3
❤️ travel ,coffee ,oecan
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