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Spent some time with these studs at #grandeurpeak today πŸ€— @slcski #calvinthedog #blessed

Looking for love in all the right places. #grandeurpeak #nipplechafe #takeahike

Just can't contain my excitement for this 3.5 day weekend #utahgram #memorialweekend #grandeurpeak

... #goodtimes πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ²πŸ

i guess afternoon hiking wasn't enough yesterday, but had to get up to #grandeurpeak for #sunset too. #millcreekcanyon #saltlakecity #lifeelevated

Ten things (but really eleven because I am that extra) about #melissahikes.
1. I strongly prefer to hike alone. I WILL go with a friend, but 9.73 times out of 10, I'm solo on purpose.
2. If we do hike together, please don't expect to have a conversation on the way up, unless you don't mind doing all the talking. See No. 4.
3. I'm never afraid to hike alone. Almost every trail is well-populated and maintained, when I'm traveling I let the hotel staff and my sister know where I'm going and when I'll be back, I don't hike with headphones, I carry just-in-case gear, and where appropriate, I hike with bear spray. Only once ever have I been like "Maybe this was dumb" and I was still fine.
4. I'm horrible at pacing. I basically just go all-out, then die and stop, repeat until I get to the end. I never learn.
5. Anything that gains 1,000' of elevation per mile has my attention.
6. I would 100x rather go up than come down. The downhill is where shit goes wrong.
7. I always pack a book (like a real one) and a can of LaCroix for the top.
8. I call the mountains "church" because this is where I feel the most like myself, and the closest to God.
9. I say "hello" or "good morning" to every. single. person I pass on the trail. I am outside moving my healthy body in a beautiful world. There is no reason not to be overflowing with joy.
10. My favorite meal after a long (10+ mile) hike is a burger and fries. I still don't eat the bun but sometimes I get a cookie too.
11. Special bonus: I ALWAYS offer to take photos of people at the summit. They almost always take me up on it.
I'll be sharing more about my favorite trails, gear, snacks, and more. Stay tuned and follow along at #melissahikes.
Grandeur Peak, SLC, 8,299', Memorial Day weekend 2017. #melissahikesutah #utahisrad #grandeurpeak

Enjoying one of the few remaining warm weekends before snow begins at elevation #foreverautumn #snowypeaks #grandeurpeak


... #goodtimes πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ²πŸ

... S A L T L A K E C I T Y ❀️🍁

...Sunday mornings πŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ²πŸ

I've decided to take on a new challenge...nature modeling. It really just consists of awkwardly posing in an attempt to make everyone else feel uncomfortable. #grandeurpeak #utah #mountains #fall #adventureawaits #adventureisoutthere #awkwardfamilyphotos #reallife #liveeachmoment #futurelooksbleak

Top of Grandeur #grandeurpeak #utah #hike_utah

Enjoying one of the few remaining warm weekends before snow begins at elevation #foreverautumn #snowypeaks #grandeurpeak

Up on Grandure peak right now!!

Fortuitous find this evening while going out to capture some footage. MINIMAL editing. Just a bit o saturation and contrast. Epic #sunset #wasatchmountains #grandeurpeak @utahunique @werutah

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