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67/365: Saw the sun 
and the sky. 
And stood in awe 
of its beauty.
Only pausing 
long enough 
to bask in the 
l i g h t. 
#wordsbyme #grampoetry #poetsofinsta #2tomsandaliz #fbf #thatonetimeinLI #faithfriendships #longisland #goldenhr #sunset #mliz365

Another one of my untitled poems. #poetry #poetsofinstagram #grampoetry
Dreaming that your love is great, my visions make my heart ache. I feel the difference of space in between us. Like my hearts magnetic reaction was now repel. Tugging at my heart it pulls , like a rope across the pond. Although oddly enough , there are times where I’ve closed my eyes and your sweet skin flows into minds like the sweet scent of a fresh bakery. Your daydreams are like time lapses back into the times, the time where you and I filled and twisted too small sheets. I always loved the heat between us, it was like the heat got hotter and we gripped on tighter. We didn’t catch the flame, but we were it.

"Hear this horror story, that began with your departure
The confusion and pain, formed me into an author
Everyone needs an outlet, I line up words to vent
Get stuff off my chest, been hard since you left
Don't associate with pain, if you're on my mind
Try to make you proud, workin' with pride
Collected all my tears, just watch I'll float.
Stranger things can happen, if we go down that road.
Can't love someone else, unless you love yourself.
Don't let the demons get the best of you.
Use your light to fight, the darkness.
Gather the sorrow and let it teach you." #GramPoetry #Poet #Outlet #ArkhiveRush #inspired

you never arrive if you don't leave
pack your bags and lock them up in the attic
don't open the locks until they come banging
the water is flooding your yard
and you cannot save this house of letters
old ink gets washed away and the paper will turn to mush
read them while you can
and save them in sight, in your sighs after you learn of lost men in wars and families that never made it back home
you've been hoarding them for too long
now I know why you stay up all night and take walks before dawn
in the morning
in the day
before nightfall
Four times.
so you can steal the letters that never got to the addressee who was too uncaring
the one who wasn't looking for it with their eyes all out
someone has to make sure they are read
you cannot save all these pieces of memory and news that got stuck in paper
read them while you can
find one that came for you when you weren't looking
take only that one
keep it where water cannot reach
and flee.
//Of Letters lost in transit// #igpoets #igpoetry #poetsofgram #linebreakpoem #spokenword #letters #deadpoet #grampoetry

Sometimes we never want to accept what isn't going to be, so we hold onto that little bit. #ToHaveNeverLovedAtAll #NikkiValley #GramPoetry

Untitled 1
Gram poetry project 2016
#yessister #fem #grampoetry

I burned the flock, buried the hatch, set fire to love while one does dance precariously. I've stoned the sinners, drowned the poor, drenched my home in gasoline. Now spread like corpses amongst the scene soon we'll be ash, and soon we'll be dust. Now I hope you see it is not just me, it is as well society.
I wake everyday to change. We are constantly shifting from day to day as our body's learn to wither away. The pursuit of happiness is no greater than chasing your own tail. Our happiness is directly affected by our relations to others. Solving the problems in our minds by drastic change is a quick resolve however, the question best answered is by positively affecting your surroundings and your relation with others will eventually resolve conflict with oneself having a longer lasting solution.
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Rainforest maybe Stripped and laid to beat Like the conga skins Hot salted in between the legs oceans lips Surfaced to be sunned downed and kissed Golden toasted glimmer bits Of sweat against my hips I'm your rainforest maybe not your beach 🌴 #rainforest #poets #poetsofig #words #writers #water #poems #poetry #grampoetry #instapoems

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