Everyday we make small decisions that change the direction or outcome of something. These small decisions are like 1 percenters, choosing to take your reusable coffee cup or not getting a coffee at all, remembering to take your shopping and produce bags to the supermarket, saying no to produce wrapped in plastic or plastic straws, the decisions are constant and endless. Trust me, once you miss out on a morning coffee because you forgot your cup or you have to juggle your groceries to the car because you forgot your bags, you learn pretty damn quick to remember them! Small decisions, every single day add up to a huge amount of impact. Where can you change your decisions so that you can steer the health of the environment in a positive direction?

Part 2, Day 2 - #hallsgap #wonderlandloop #grampians #grampianspeakstrail #hikingadventures - As we made our way to the #pinnacle it was a little crowded we did have to fight off a couple of unruly tourist but we managed to snap a quick pic at the top and we then set off to #bugigahikercamp what an amazing little diamond in the rough this place was with platforms for our tent and toilets that were a little too full for our liking (yes the poop was almost to the rim💩🤭) but that aside what a great place to pull up for the night there was a shelter for eating, with some home cooked spaghetti bolognese on the menu how can you go wrong.🏕

Had a fantastic weekend visiting @madeline6126 with @stacelee_ and checking out the Grampians. Loved every minute of it 😊

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Part 1 Day 2 - #hallsgap #wonderlandloop #gpt #grampians #grampianspeakstrail #hikingadventures - The morning consisted of egg and bacon pie from our favorite bakery and a chocolate muffin, it's the brekkie for champs, then we set off to park ther car and say goodbye to civilization as we knew it, the start of the Grampians peaks trail, what a rippa track to be strolling along with 20kg stuck to your back🎒 day one consisted of 8.6kms of sheer awesomeness it took us through #grandcanyon, #venusbaths so many stairs were climbed to reach the #pinnacle but each step was well worth it even when the drizzle was falling it added to the amazingness of this spectacular place it continues to take my breath away.
*Continued in the next post* 😁

White-Eared Honeyeater snacking on an ant at Mt Arapiles Western Victoria, Australia.

Running to find more kangaroo poo to eat 🐾 #oscarthespoodle #Grampians #australia #kangaroo

Autumn falls with ruby reds and chocolate browns. It paints the greens and consumes the edges, for in order to renew it must first wither away.
#autumn #renewal #leaves #colour #nofilter #beautyinthebreakdown #words #photography #focus #grampians

We had a top afternoon meeting Simon (and pups Ruby and Ernie) at Clayfield Wines in the Grampians, and trying his wonderful Shiraz. We’ll be bringing back the big, bold Massif Shiraz to go on pour at Smithward as we head into winter. Delicious!
#winehunting #roadtrip #grampians #grampianswine #clayfieldwines #victorianwine #localproduce #winebar #smithward

Mother nature putting on a show at The Pinnacle...
#grampians #grampianspeakstrail #visitmelbourne #wandervictoria
Pic by @samil_shoot

It's like a Moro's house.
There is the worldview of "The Princess MONONOKE" here.

#australia #grampians #grampiansnationalpark #thebalconies #weekend #theprincessmononoke #mononokehime #morohouse

GrAmPianS!! Were fun #grampians #victoria #hiking #hallsgap

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