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Les matins de printemps baignés de lumière 💛
#homesweethome #gramovoxfloatingrecord #morninglight

New Record player finally came in #gramovoxfloatingrecord #NWA

Mail day. 📦 My precious. Finally. #gramovox #gramovoxfloatingrecord #vinylrecords

Latest addition to my whisky den. Waited 6 months for this hand built floating record player from Chicago.

#vinyl #floatingrecordplayer #gramovox #gramovoxfloatingrecord

My #gramavox finally arrived! It's soooo dope 😎 Totally worth the 12 week wait. #gramovoxfloatingrecord #pinkfloyd #stoked


Instant Gratification // Dance Gavin Dance - A band that no one would ever guess I listened to on a daily basis. While this is one of their newer albums, I was introduced to DGD with the song "Blue Dream" from the "Downtown Battle Mountain II" album. DGD has had three different lead singers so far, currently it is Tillian Pearce, but for the DMB II album it was Jonny Craig, who I love! Such a talented singer. I slowly started to listen to DGD more and more following my first listen to "Blue Dream". When "Instant Gratification" was released, I was so excited! The riffs in this album are insane and I can only imagine how fast Will Swan's fingers are moving. I'm still so psyched that I was able to go to their 10th Anniversary show last year! At the venue, the two previous lead singers, Jonny Craig (Now lead singer of the band "Slaves"!) and Kurt Travis (Another incredible singer who was the "A lot Like Birds" lead for awhile, but recently quit and now performs as a solo artist!), both performed with the band and they ended by all performing together and it was honestly the coolest thing I've seen/heard. My favorite songs off this album would have to be Something New, Awkward, Death of a Strawberry, and Variation. -B

Pools to Bathe In // The Japanese House - Such interesting sounds! What amazed me when I first listened to this album and band, is that there is only one person behind it...and it's a woman! At first listen, although there is a lot of effects and swirly echoes, I never expected the lead singer to be a woman. After watching a few live shows on YouTube, I found that this solo artist, Amber Bain, performs all her music with a guitar and a mixer of some sorts. She also puts an effect on her mic to give her vocals a sort of ambient effect. An incredibly soothing album to listen to, I feel as if I am underwater while listening. It is a short album with only four songs. While I love them all and could listen on repeat, my favorite would have to be the album's single "Pools to Bathe In". -B

Absent Sounds // From Indian Lakes - Both this album and band are so dear to my heart. I've listened to this album almost every day since it's release. As for the band itself? I legitimately listen to them every day. This is my absolute favorite band and has been for the past 5 years. What I love about From Indian Lakes, is the relationships I have been able to strengthen through listening to them. My best friend, Dani, and I never grow tired of them and they are our go-to band whenever we go out for drives. Whenever I listen to them, I think of her and fir trees :') In this album, each song is an extension from the last, but yet each has its own individual personality. The lyrics in each are simple, yet thought-provoking and I love it. They're a pretty small band as of right now, but I see them every chance I get! Definitely recommend. My favorite songs from this album are Breathe Desperately, Runner, Sleeping Limbs, and Am I Alive. (It's extremely hard to pick only four because I could easily listen to the whole album on repeat 100x and never skip a song.) -B

Now Floating: Joseph Loduca - Evil Dead 2 Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on 180 "Henrietta" colored vinyl (red, yellow and blue swirl), housed in a tipon gatefold jacket with amazing artwork by @phantomcitycreative. From @waxworkrecords. This is the first record from their 2017 Subscription. So very, very groovy.

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