the series 11 finale was pretty disappointing no cap. hopefully the writers use what they learned from series 11 for series 12🤷‍♀️

Although I've seen mixed reactions and comments regarding the eleventh New Who season, rubbish, harsh and nonsense reacts included, for me it was a brilliant first season for Jodie Whittaker aka Doctor Thirteen and her fam. The stellar guests are fantastic and the new monsters, aliens and bots, including Tim Shaw, the Kerblam men and the Pting, are the things we can scare (and too adorbs) for and surely, they'll put into the long list of spooky and creepy creatures in the Whoniverse. And oh, there's something that's now put into the list of "normal stuff that can be scary of coz of Doctor Who," bubble wraps!

Writing wise, I've seen hits and misses, but other than those I totally enjoyed each episode regardless esp the historical ("Rosa," "Demons of the Punjab" and "The Witchfinders") and the futuristic ones; and thus again and again, it seems that the show finally brought back to its roots, which I felt like I was going back to the first few years of Who with William Hartnell (which I have to include the classic series to my plan to watch list already). Also, I'm loving the references and nods in-show as well.

Well, I ain't gonna do my impressions on the show's latest season, also my first regularly watched one as a new Whovian, any longer, but I'd like to send my kudos to the cast and staff for a job well done! Though I already buffed out that the show will have a one year hiatus thus taking the chance to going back to marathoning past seasons, both classic and new, and giving consideration to the staff to take a break, I so can't wait to explore more about this amazing geek franchise that stands the test of time and space. Cheers for another successful season of Doctor Who! 😁 #doctorwho #drwho #thirteenthdoctor #13thdoctor #jodiewhittaker #grahamobrien #bradleywalsh #yasminkhan #mandipgill #tardisfam #teamtardis

It took till the end of the season but it finally happened. All the feels 💚💚
I might hate it but I’m passing my Liberal Arts class
Oh and my sister’s cat caught his first mouse and played with it till it died 👏 great hunter
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Two of the things that brought me so much joy in the past are being criticized very harshly lately. I miss being able to go on Twitter or YouTube and see no hate directed towards J.K. Rowling and to the subject of this post: #DoctorWho. My suggestions on YouTube are filled with "It sucks," "It's boring," "It fails," "It's dying," and Twitter is no different. However, as far as I go, I had not enjoyed Doctor Who this way in such a long while—throughout the duration of a whole Series. Yes, there were some weak episodes for me (#TheGhostMonument and #TheTsurangaConundrum), but I adored the rest. There were so many times in which I wanted to do a post regarding the episode that had just come out, but held back because of school or because I knew I'd be talking about them when Series 11 was over. #Rosa was an amazing episode and I was blown away with the story it told. It was like such a cool history lesson, something I don't remember ever covering during my education, which I think should've been done. Then there was the fact that the villain of the story was just this racist asshole trying to change history at a very important point in time. This episode was overall so well done. I really loved the episodes that were technically history lessons, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed #DemonsOfThePunjab as well—so very interesting, sad, and overall excellent. [1/2]

😱 season 11 is over?!! That was pretty short lived for a series I waited all year 😑 Can't believe it's goodbye already.. Please tell me I got a Christmas special to look forward to 😔 (Spoilers) Overall the season was great! Added bubble wrap and mud to 'The list of fears Doctor Who has given me' right next to killer statues and double shadows 😒 This season though, felt like a rerun of Fires of Pompeii. The Rosa Parks episode and The demon of Punjab episode in particular. Thirteen had to walk away even though she knew it wasn't right, but that she couldn't alter timelines with getting 'involved'. It was heartbreaking, really. Seeing her being forced to walk away...She got to try a lot of new things being a lady though 😂 and yes, I ship the doctor and Yaz. What will it take for Thirteen to meet River?! 😐

PS. The Kerblam episode reminded of this filler episode from Naruto called "Please Mr. Postman". Please tell me I'm not the only one who thought the concepts looked eerily similar 😐

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I don’t think it was as bad a series as people have been acting. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly and Jodie Whittaker has been brilliant. It’s flawed but at worst it’s okay. Also, Graham is the best. How can you not love Graham?

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Graham is the best. #GrahamObrien #Doctor Who #Fortnite #VictoryRoyale

One big Thirteen post!! ☆
Qotd: What do you think of season 11, Thirteen, and the companions?

I absolutely adore Thirteen!! She's just an angel and so amazing and so perfect and hilarious and gorgeous and just adsggshjfkglhagfhsjsk
Ryan and Graham's relationship has evolved wonderfully, and they and Yaz are fantastic. I must admit, I kind of ship Thasmin, but at the end of the day what I want is queer representation, and Doctor Who being the show to have scientific women and queer representation would be just so amazing. One small step for a man[show], one giant leap for mankind[global culture]. I really blame the writing *cough cough Chibnall cough cough* for this season's downfalls, but there were more good moments than horrible ones.
All in all, I feel pretty good about this season. Now we've got to wait for the New Year's special!

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