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My strength to get to this ❤️❤️ @valentinaferragni 🎓🎉🍾 #GraduationDay #LucaAndVale

And there she goes! My biggest accomplishment in life accomplishing something for herself. You're off to great places my dear Ellie! You are on your way! I am so proud of you. #graduationday #theBelle
📷 @abbyasistio

Daddy would be so proud, momma we did it, Thank you Jesus!!❤🙌🏾🎓🙏🏿😁
#graduationday #witsgraduate #witsie #mommy

Always be my special one 💕 #graduationday #specialday

#Chooseday 👩🏽‍🎓👩🏽‍🎓Nizandixolela betuna.. #Graduationday

Training autogeno da 1 mese e mezzo, scarpe recuperate sotto casa mia a colazione di domenica mattina, nodo alla cravatta fatto dal sottoscritto 10 minuti prima e abito senza impunture rosse (??? @valentinaferragni) 😅 direi che se avessi postato la foto in posa non avrebbe avuto senso, mica questa laurea è un placement eh!!! Auguri fratello @lucavezil#graduationday #brotherfromanothermother

[Graduation Vibes #1]
Adakah yang lebih indah selain melihat senyum bahagia dari orang tuamu? Papa & Mas Adi Insya Allah tersenyum juga kan disana?😊
Terima kasih atas segala doa,nasihat,serta kesabarannya selama ini ma. Alhamdulillah anak ragil mu yang jarang pulang ini telah menyelesaikan studinya di kampus perjuangan.
Tidak ada kata terlambat ataupun terlalu cepat. Setiap orang tentu sudah digariskan untuk mengisi setiap waktu dan garis yang telah disiapkanNYA. Jalani menurut versi terbaikmu dan berikanlah manfaat sebanyak-banyaknya untuk sekitar. YaAllah berilah hamba kekuatan dengan ilmu dan tanggung jawab ini agar dapat lebih bermanfaat dan berguna untuk masyarakat,bangsa,negara dan dunia.
Viva la Kampus Perjuangan ITS Surabaya

Sorry for the long hiatus, plus unreplied dms, because we were busy preparing for our master degree graduation. That was it, we were done with japanese educational system🎓😍. 2017 Master's degree in mechanical & electrical engineering. Alhamdulillah and thanks to all for your dua' ! .
We will be replying your msgs asap! 🔥
#graduationday #卒業式 #お礼 #jtcrafters


Bodie practicing the leave it command #graduationday #goldenretriever #ilovegolden_retrievers

Telat ngepost #graduationday 💛🎓📓
After 5 months waiting, finally Alhamdulillah 📋☺️#remisedesdiplomes
💐💐Sponsored by @alreedhaa

This day, was when I have certainly was the most proud of you.. It is a little bit funny to say with all that we lived but I realized that you had become according to the years my model.. You taught me the big values of the life, you knew how to replace dad's square when he is left and some time having mom's role when I knew my puppy love and when I have never so had pain as when everything is finishes. You hate people with me just because I hate all of them. You are of course, the brother most annoying with the whole planet but what I love you ! Congratulation my brother you are an engineer finally !
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A simple dinner celebration even though u deserved more@jaydeedecena02

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