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Homecoming Season #graduated5yearsago #thatswild

It was a few years in the making but I finally finished #knitting this scarf for @charlottewilkins
Happy graduation! 🎓 #graduated5yearsago 😂

#graduated5yearsago 还记得大学时我们同窗的日子。

Throw🔙 to graduating 5 years ago and saying goodbye to my favourite person 😥😂🇯🇵💪🏽❤️ He put so much effort into me for 5 years, He never gave up🙂


Homecoming Season #graduated5yearsago #thatswild

#graduated5yearsago 还记得大学时我们同窗的日子。

deep thoughts

This little gem won me a contest for "best user submitted" wallpaper! Look forward to see it on all the upcoming PCs in 2017.

Celebrating six months, on a small island off the coast of the pacific. Spent almost an hour rowing to get there but well worth it. Looking forward to many more adventures with my puffin! "We takin over" - DJ Khaled #islandlife #powercouple

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