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My style: Minimalist. (#planwithmechallenge day26).
This is me #bulletjournaling in a notepad today. Although my spreads change depending on what notebook I'm using, my style remains consistently minimalist.
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Nephrotic vs Nephritic pathology has me all like 😳😫 so far the first week of renal has been humbling to say the least haha. Buttttt TGIF!!!!!! What are your plans for the weekend???

This is the athlete's version of a sorority/frat house 🏋🏻‍♀️ Lucky to have had @livvtaylorr as an athlete, classmate and more importantly, a friend 🐾

MASTERS? Check. ✔️

I’ve been getting so many questions about my research on friendships lately, so I thought I’d share a bit about what I’m up to when I’m not busy writing for @theeverygirl_ or catching up on the latest Netflix series (suggestions always welcome)!
For the past five years, I’ve been working with other young adults to figure out how to help them make and keep close friends. I’ve been able to connect with so many people and hear their stories. Personal stories. The ones that really highlight the true meaning of friendship. Through these conversations (and other more technical questionnaires of which I’ll spare you the details) we’ve learned a lot about important aspects of friendship, including:
1️⃣The difficult situations that come up in friendships. The kind that really matter and can make or break a friendship. Situations where we feel betrayed (or maybe we’re the one who has messed up— we all do). Moments when we’re really worried about a friend’s safety or well-being. And those important experiences and hardships that bring us closer together.
2️⃣The different ways we can choose to respond when we’re in one of these situations. What do we actually say we’re trying to be kind or compassionate? How about when we  use humor to make a situation less heavy or scary? What’s the real difference between between being aggressive and being assertive? What counts as a white lie?
3️⃣Finally, (and most exciting!) what actually works? What can we and *should* we say to a friend who’s going through a hard time? What’s the best way to rebuild trust after we’ve said or done something we regret? How can we become better friends with someone we’ve only recently met? It’s not always clear and this is exactly what I’m in the process of figuring out!
I love sharing this work and am really passionate about helping others. This is partly why I started #FriendshipFriday— to answer questions about situations we all go through. To share little tips. And to start a conversation about what we can all do to make the most out of our friendships!
TL;DR: I study friendships and like Netflix — send me recommendations.

It is the worst feeling being in the medical field, going through all this schooling and training, and still having no power to help... especially when they're a loved one. This little man is SO tough though 💪🏻 and I know he's going to go home later today, sassy as ever, and make a full recovery. I am more excited than ever about my next peds (and OB!) rotation so I can help little ones like Liam get better! 👶🏻💉 #getbetterliam

How we celebrate when I am done with classes til June and 5 classes away from having a Master's in Business Administration @alistanii #bestfriendgoals #happy #gradstudent 🙌🏻☀️🎉

So they gave me this cute card after my submission today 🙆🏻 Life after the Thesis 😊 I laughed hard at this one : Seeing your friends and family who were starting to doubt your existence 😂🍓🎀 #whatsnext #phdsubmission #phdlife #phd #phdthesis #phdstudent #drtobe #gradschool #gradstudent #math #chemistry #linguistics #engineering


Cooking my Italian Baked Eggs dish tonight, a dish that'll last me for 4 meals! |link in bio| Spending the night-in studying for finals #finals #studying #gradschool #gradstudent #eggs #italian #food #cooking #weekend #fridaynight #blog #blogger

Even though I have a mountain of homework, I'm so happy I got to spend the day with this potato. #selfcare #cutestbabyever #gradstudent #finals

I'm gonna catch some good old vitamin D for a few before I have to get ready for work! It's 63 degrees but I'm just gonna pretend it's warmer 😂

Omg my amazingly talented friend just finished our invitations and the calligraphy! So thankful for all the people who have helped with our wedding! Also had my second fitting today and was loving the way my dress fit! 62 days!

My Ex is not important✍🏽 He can not afford it 👸🏽✨💰#gradstudent #workingprofessional

#BJMpickme MOTHER'S DAY CONTEST WE HAVE A WINNER!! @johnnysteen over dinner I talked with my daughters showed them all of the pictures and asked them to pick their favorite picture. THIS IS THE WINNER! They said they want her to take them to the jungle too! 😂😊 And I have to add your caption was everything 😍💙! Super beautiful family and an extra special momma. Thank you everyone who participated! If you participated but didn't win DM me your address I'll send you a small consolation prize for the mommy you nominated within the next two weeks. I appreciate you. ✌🏽💙🎨 #Repost @johnnysteen with @repostapp
#Mother. #Friend. #Baker. #Chef. #Professional. #GradStudent. Soon to be #BoardCertifiedBehaviorAnalyst. This woman shows up each day and makes life happen. I was immediately drawn to her on the first day of my new career adventure and for great reasons. She's incredible and makes this adventure that we are on perfect. I am stoked to one day call her my #wife, and to know she will be the #mother of my #children. #BJMpickme #MothersDayContest

The Orange bedroom! Looking good. Two more rooms to go, hopefully by next weekend all rooms will look good!

Received two new books in the mail today ❤️📚 #GradStudent #ThesisPrep #BookLover

BA ➡️MA. This smarty is graduating from grad school in a couple weeks! She spread her wings and now she is flying. So incredibly proud of you bestie!! Your future is bright and I can't wait to see what you conquer next! @its_jessmcc 🎓👏🏼🍾
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