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@gracevanpatten looking like a million bucks 💵💰💴 last night at the @elleusa #WomenInHollywood event last night. Hair by @streicherhair. Makeup by @fionastiles using @fionastilesbeauty #gracevanpatten #fionastiles #fionastilesbeauty #redcarpet

The very gorgeous #gracevanpatten for #tiff #makeup by me and hair @sheridanwardhair

@gracevanpatten for @papermagazine 💕
For this story I was interested in shooting all the girls in the same elevator. All their careers are going up and up so an elevator came to mind as the location. Styled by @tasmeeenmeyer

It was a special night at the ELLE Women in Hollywood event last night! #GraceVanPatten #RileyKeough (with her mom) and #ReeseWitherspoon (with her daughter) attended the special evening #ELLEWIH


Are you ready for Grace! 🔥❤️
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No one seems to be talking about #GraceVanPatten as #PaginaMan in #TheMeyerowitzStories 🤷🏼‍♀️


One of my favorite films of the year, #TheMeyerowitzStories is a fascinating & absorbing #ComedyDrama that's as offbeat hilarious as it is deeply affecting.
This is #AdamSandler's best movie & performance in a long time, and it's a worthwhile blast. His performance is #OscarWorthy & deserving of talk come #AwardsSeason. It's an amalgamation & showcase of all his best traits as a comedian & actor placed w/such aptitude & versatility. We feel as many awkward laughs, as we do tears from his character; so much of it is due to Sandler's talent & likability.
#BenStiller is fantastic as well, playing the straight everyman w/a bit more bittersweet anger & awkwardness that's very entertaining to watch. His scenes w/Sandler, as well as Hoffman, are a joy; a dream pairing executed to perfection. The legendary #DustinHoffman is still wildly entertaining, even playing such a overbearing & intolerable character.
#NoahBaumvach captures the essence of family dysfunction w/poignant insight. Shown through a bittersweet lens & episodic structure, we see patience tested by love stretched out to where its emotional fireworks are underlying to occur sporadically -- all to notable scenes. Plenty of lighthearted moments are placed as levity to prevent the tragic & 'all too real' situations from having the film experience getting too grim. There was a fun #AlexanderPayne/#WesAnderson vibe to the humor, which i enjoyed. He also comically sprinkles in plenty of art & film #satire along the way
Baumbach plays such a delicate balancing act (although getting a little rocky in its final act), resulting in this family crisis feeling #universal, as well as the film being strikingly perceptive, entertaining, & all very enjoyable. We grow fonder of the characters as it progresses, and they're all well-layered as displayed by the great performances all around. #Sandler, #Stiller, & #Hoffman amongst many were provided w/such great characters; & as a result provide stunning performances w/greatly subtle comical touches & emotional gravitas. Amongst the other great folks in the remarkable cast were #EmmaThompson, #JuddHirsch, #AdamDriver, #ElizabethMarvel, & #GraceVanPatten.

nyc young bonnie and clyde with a bit more calmness. loved the two roles, actors and cinematographic approach.
두 신인 다 많이 뜰 것같다. 세미 인디필름같은 매력.. #trampsmovie#gracevanpatten#callumturner#adamleon

The Meyerowitz Stories is written and directed by Noah Baumbach and stars Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, and Dustin Hoffman as a somewhat dysfunctional family that is brought together by crises. This film has a great cast and the writing and dialogue between them is so good, that you almost forget the fact that the three leads have primarily been doing joke roles the past 10 years. Sandler has had his more serious roles in the past and this is definitely a return to form for him, but Hoffman straight up steals the movie from Ben and Adam. So much so, that the film takes a noticeable dip in quality when he's not a part of the conversation or in the scene. Elizabeth Marvel is also very good as the sister and black sheep of the family, but her character is kind of deluded to taking second fiddle to Stiller and Sandler once the movie kicks into gear, which was a mistake to me. This is a film that has a lot of heart and gets good to great showings from everyone involved and while I had a few issues with some of the story and character decisions, I would definitely give a solid reccomendation for one of the better Netflix originals this year. 8.25/10 #themeyerowitzstories #newandselected #benstiller #adamsandler #dustinhoffman #elizabethmarvel #emmathompson #juddhirsch #gracevanpatten #adamdriver #noahbaumbach #cast #performance #movie #film #netflix #original #review #family #brothers #dysfunctional #art #sculpter #gallery #jewish #murphybrown #drama #comedy #hospital

🎞 Film Review:
"The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) (2017)"
• Writer/Director: Noah Baumbach
• Cast: Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Elizabeth Marvel, Grace Van Patten, Judd Hirsch
• Genre: Comedy / Drama
#GildedHalfwing #IACFilms
- Baumbach may have directed another awkward, quirky character dramedy, but this time focusing on a flawed, dysfunctional family and it was interesting! "The Meyerowitz Stories" is about an estranged family reuniting together for an event celebrating their father's artistic work, but is told through different personal perspectives from each sons (Sandler, Stiller) and daughter (Marvel) dealing with their father (Hoffman). I'm no stranger to Baumbach's work, I'm actually a fan of his, mostly everything after "Greenberg (2010)." He's like a more grounded Wes Anderson with a sprinkle of Woody Allen and his latest film is like if Allen directed "The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)." I honestly enjoyed this film for the most part, it felt like I was hanging out with my uncles and aunts all day watching them yell at my grandfather, it's amusing! There's a lot of great dialogue and dynamics with the characters and it's also due to it's great cast! There were a lot of great performances here! Adam Sandler... Oh man, I'm happy to see him "act" again... This is his best performance in many years! Also Ben Stiller gave a great, emotional performance and it's funny to see him and Hoffman having a "Fockers" reunion, playing father and son again! Dustin Hoffman is great as always, as well as Emma Thompson! But the breakthrough star here is Grace Van Patten who plays Sandler's daughter. She was great! As for issues with the film, I think that there are certain parts that felt a little too sporadic and certain scenes overstay it's welcome... Overall, I enjoyed "The Meyerowitz Stories," I think it's a good, quirky dramedy, with good writing and great performances! 👍 (7.9/10) (B) - MichaelAngelo

#TheMeyerowitzStories #NoahBaumbach #AdamSandler #BenStiller #DustinHoffman #EmmaThompson #ElizabethMarvel #GraceVanPatten #JuddHirsch #SigourneyWeaver #films #movies #cinema #Netflix #NewReleases #family #MovieReviews #MovieReview

#TheMeyerowitzStories Es in film de drama y diría con algo de contenido de comedia, en el que una familia totalmente disfuncional, se reúne en New York para celebrar el trabajo artístico del padre de la familia. Está es una de las nuevas producciones de @netflix y demuestra que ha crecido no sólo en series, sino también en contenido cinematográfico. Está historia está protagonizada por un reparto estelar, Dustin Hoffman, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller y Emma Thompson, entre otros, quienes están compenetrados y realmente da la impresión que son una familia, además de esto lo que más atrae de esta historia es la dinámica y las situaciones que plantea la historia. Adam Sandler y Ben Stiller, ofrecen tremendas actuaciones, y demuestran que son muy buenos en la faceta dramática, ojalá siguieran inmersos en proyectos como este, en lugar de las clásicas comedias que siempre vemos de ellos y que resultan ya poco graciosas. Creo que todos nosotros nos podemos sentir identificados con algunos de estos personajes, ya que no hay familia perfecta, y está en cada uno de nosotros aceptarnos como somos y de ser posible hacer las pases con el pasado. El film es dirigido por Noah Baumbach quién tiene excelentes films en su repertorio y adopta un estilo muy similar al de Woody Allen. Excelente opción para los que tienen Netflix. Puntaje en base a cinco estrellas: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2

#TheMeyerowitzStoriesNewAndSelected #DustinHoffman #AdamSandler #BenStiller #EmmaThompson #GraceVanPatten #ElizabethMarvel #JuddHirsch #NoahBaumbach #Netflix #RandyNewman #Movies

Prochainement. #thewildewedding #johnmalkovich #glennclose #patricksteward #damianharris #minniedriver #gracevanpatten #noahemmerich #yaelstone @low_mud @sirpatstew
Synopsis :
Après lui avoir fait une cour effrénée, l'ancienne gloire du cinéma, Eve Wilde, prépare son quatrième mariage avec Harold Alcott, un auteur Anglais de renommée mondiale. Elle a invité de nombreux convives dont son premier mari. Tous espèrent que ce long week end estival permettra à chaque famille de faire plus amples connaissances....

I love when some work I’ve done finally comes out a year or more later. Still gets me every time. Check out @gracevanpatten and #ElizabethMarvel in #TheMeyerowitzStories on @netflix now.
Hair color by me. #clintcoloredit

Family affair. Our review of The Meyerowitz Stories is at www.whatiwatchedtonight.co.uk/the-meyerowitz-stories

#MovieReview #themeyerowitzstories #noahbaumbach #adamsandler #benstiller #dustinhoffman #emmathompson #gracevanpatten #movie #review

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) is brilliant.

@Gracevanpatten and I share a love of fall, cozy sweaters and SWEATPANTS🍂 Get to know #TheMeyerowitzStories star on @netflix... Thanks for the fun GVP❤️ Our full segment is on YouTube & @younghollywood .com

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)(2017)- I absolutely loved Adam Sandler in this. He should be doing more restrained characters like this imo. He also gets angry a lot, which is truly one of my favourite things in the world. I would recommend this film to anyone that likes Punch Drunk Love, Wes Anderson or Woody Allen. Dusty Hoffman was also a real stand out. Ready to watch on Netflix right now. #themeyerowitzstories #adamsandler #benstiller #dustinhoffman #netflix #emmathompson #gracevanpatten #elizabethmarvel

endearment of characters unreached potentials / bittersweet disfunction.

The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Selected) - Dir: Noah Baumbach (2017)

@gracevanpatten for @papermagazine 💕
For this story I was interested in shooting all the girls in the same elevator. All their careers are going up and up so an elevator came to mind as the location. Styled by @tasmeeenmeyer

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