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60 anos depois, vestido de Grace Kelly, continua sendo considerado o vestido mais bonito dos últimos tempos. E inspira vestidos de noivas atuais.
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Grace Kelly. Born: Grace Patricia Kelly. 11/2/1929 - 9/14/1982. I saw this quote and when I spotted this pic I knew they were meant for one another! Class. Elegance. Style. Beauty. Intelligence. Believable actress. "Mogambo" #GraceKelly #PrincessGrace

Your dress should be tight enough to show you’re a women and loose enough to show you’re a lady #gracekelly #allblack #classy #birthdaygirl #detroit

Told Y'all She Was My Baby! Watup @dreamdoll__ I love you girl always have always will! Remember tonight #beammeupscotty 😱😱😱Its Fire !!! #Hiphop #Rap #Dope #Fire #Lit #DreamDoll #FemaleRappers #PayAttention #Amazing #entreprenuer #Feminist #Feminine #Hot97 👈🏽WE ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW! With #GraceKelly! #TalkToMeNice ! #ScottieSquad #ScottieNation #ScottieGram #ScottieScouts !!! 👀🔥🙌🏽😱😱😱

First drawing for a while. The beautiful Grace Kelly. Drawn on A3 Bristol board, graphite and conte noir. #gracekelly #realismart #art_realism #art_hyperrealism

To Catch A Thief is a 1955 romantic drama/thriller starring Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis, John Williams, and Brigitte Aubard.
When the jewelries of millionaires are stolen in French Riviera, the former burglar and member of the French resistance John Robie "The Cat" is the prime suspect of the police. John convinces the Lloyds of London insurance agent H.H. Hughson that a copycat is committing the burglaries and he offers to chase the thief to prove his innocence, requesting a list of possible victims in the spot. He befriends the wealthy American widow Jessie Stevens that is on the list and her spoiled daughter Frances Stevens falls in love with him. When Jessie's jewelries are robbed, Frances blames John, but her mother believes in his innocence and decides to help the retired burglar to catch the real thief.
The direction from Hitchcock is really good in this one, the way he shows the setting, and how it relates to the characters and plot. It's a bit more of a different style of film Alfred Hitchcock, as it is more romantic rather than a suspenseful thriller, but I feel that works to its adavantage. The cast are very well played by the actors in their respective roles. Cary Grant is at his usual charming and funny, yet is perfectly contained and smooth throughout the picture. The beautiful Grace Kelly (hey, I'm a sucker for blondes, what can I say) is also fantastic in her role as Frances, and she has wonderful chemistry with Grant. Jessie Royce Landis is hilairious in the film as Jessie Stevens with her witty one liners, she almost steals certain scenes from Grant), and John Williams is good as Hughson. The atmosphere captures the romantic feel of the French Rivera, as well as the mystery of the story and how it will end. Speaking of the French Rivera, it's put to wonderful effect in this flick, including people actually speaking French as as well as the different sights and sounds of the place, which gives it an authentic feel. When I first watched watched this one a couple years ago, I was not a fan of it, but on this second viewing, I must say that I seriously enjoyed it this second time around, it's a pretty great flick.

I love them❤ much sweetness 💫

Deus seja louvado! ❤ hoje o dia foi de uma criatividade concreta e expansiva!
Uma visita a Apae de manhã, 4 peças de roupas, mais um body pretinho que não está na foto, com duas a serem transformadas... alguns livros legais... "Perguntas e Respostas sobre a doença de Parkinson", incluindo, meditação... "Novos Caminhos da Alimentação", que fala sobre o alimento terreno e cósmico, entre outrasss... e o "Descubra sua Missão de Alma" usando a Astrologia Karmica, de Linda Brady, editora Nova Era.
Tudo de bom né...!!! Mais uma vez essa história de estudo karmico cai na minha mão... enfim... Peças lindas de roupa, uma camisa listrada, um top de onça, um vestido que vai virar saia e uma blusa meia estação em tricot prateada brilhante! Do jeito que eu gosto! Linda!
Foi bem legal! Tudo 1 real! Olha que maravilha! Ainda dei um outro livro pra minha irmã de presente... A vida nos dá melhorias! Todos os dias! De forma fácil! De boas! Tranquilo!
São nessas afirmações que eu vejo o hoje e o amanhã

Isso é o princípio do que eu chamo de moda consciente e sustentável. Tendeu?! No fim dá tudo certo, e a gente tá aprendendo, já sabendo... Uma rede de nylon camuflada virou dois cortes de saia em peças de tecido, que vou fazer, e uma vai ser masculina... a outra vai ficar pra mim, claro né!
A tesoura é o meu tesouro, com um corte mágico a laser que nunca acaba! Nunca mais precisa amolar! Coisa maravilhosa! Topíssima, minha companheira, amor da minha vida ❤
E nunca para! E escrevo mesmo! Vai ser assim agora! Pra todo mundo ver! Rsrs...
Estou me assumindo... Somos Nozes!
Ahow! Gratidão! Haribol!

Grace 🗺 ⭕

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Frosted pink och Grace Kelly ✨
Oh, would you look at that 👌🏼🍬

East Of Eden (1955)

Probably one of the most utilized and photographed earrings ever worn. Acquired by Grace, under unknown reasons and time period, while still a teenager. Simple yet elegant.
Acquired, and may have been a gift, Grace wore them to her High School Prom.
She also wore these earrings to the Academy Awards Ceremony in 1955. The next time the world got to see these earrings was at her Wedding to Prince Rainier III in April 1956.
Grace wore these earrings at the formal wedding.
Grace continued to wear these earrings for very formal occasions complete with multiple Royal Jewelry pieces for the rest of her life. This piece and others will be available on QVC show January 23rd Tuesday at 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4 pm PST. Many more photos (#Howellconnant) and the full story behind the jewelry will be revealed. #earrings

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