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So I have been accused of not utilizing the full potentials of my Instagram account by filling it with highlight reels of my life, but the thing is, for the past three months, or at least since the new year began, I have been, in some ways stretched, it has felt like every month brought at least one "not-so-good" experience; first my phone was stolen, then my newly acquired laptop fell, to generally being emotionally spent. It has literally been a test of how patient, forgiving and loving I can be. But like every test, it comes to an end, usually with a reward. This test's' goody bag came in two days ago, wrapped in a fixed laptop, a new phone and an Instagram upload.😊😊
#FindTheLessonInTheExperience #GraceIsaG

Grace is me, I am Grace #graceisag

Cody came to #ElevationLKN today for the first time. He listened to Pastor @stevenfurtick say "the hardest person to forgive is yourself". Cody had been acting hard, but that was just a way to cover up the hurt. Today he realized that his mistakes are nailed to the cross, and if God forgave him, he can forgive himself. Cody raised his hand to accept Christ today! #SevenMileMiracle #graceisag

#sevenmilemiracle is doing a work on my heart. This weekend Pastor @stevenfurtick talked about FORGIVENESS. God's word is powerful - it was setting many hearts free today.

Forgiveness doesn't mean the scars won't be there. It means that what used to hold me doesn't hold me anymore! NO MORE NAILS!! #graceisaG #nomorenails #SevenMileMiracle

Happy Sunday #icarrygrace #graceisaG

When the sun decides to be your filter. #UndeniableExploits #UnderHisCovering #workingmywindow #GraceIsAG #DXB


It is by the belief is our hearts and by profession of faith with our mouths that's by Jesus we are saved. It's not just believing that God gave us Jesus and that He died on the Cross for us but having a personal relationship with Him. Living everyday for Him and having an everlasting faith in Him that can never be changed. Pray and get to know the Lord...now is never too late. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

These are just a few things that we should pray over one another. Prayer is powerful and especially when someone is being selfless enough to pray for you instead of praying for their own needs. Pray for someone else. Pray for things like blessings and protection and favor for friends and family. The Lord is good and hears our prayers. Be patient and still and quiet, waiting on His answer in His perfect time. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG #Pray #PrayerIsPowerful

Delight yourself in the Lord. Do His will and follow Him and the desires of your heart will become yours. His word tells us that blessings will come to you if you follow Him, whole heartedly. His word aye are better than ours anyway. So live for the Lord and He will bless your life. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Pray, talk and cry out to the Lord. He is the one who created the Heavens and Earth. Pray to Him and He will guide and direct you. Only He can show you things that have not yet come to pass. Your future is in His hands alone. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Gods love for us never quits. His faithfulness to us always remain unchanged. He is always with us. It's up to us to slow down and listen for Him. Keep your faith and love in Him for the Lord is good! #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

We do not belong to ourselves. Our bodies are a temple given to us by God. We should be using this temple to honor and obey God. Everything that we do should be for the glory of God. Show God how much He means to you by your actions and the words you speak. Honor Him with the temple that He gave to us, our bodies. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Jesus is a light to any and everyone that will follow Him. His ways are from God, our father, and are right and true. Jesus is our light in darkness. He can't be defeated, not even death could keep Him down. He is our light to the path of life. He will lead and show us the way and all we have to do is follow Him. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

The same applies to someone more mature but our goal should be to live our life as pure as possible. How do we do that? By obeying God word and living like Jesus. Living according to Gods word will encourage us to love one another and to treat each other with kindness and respect. So live by His word and you shall remain pure! #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Saved by GRACE 12/2013. It's real y'all.
#Repost @stevenfurtick (@get_repost)

Doing what is right is not always the easiest or coolest thing. Doing what is right is always what the Lord expects from us though. Doing the right thing pleases the Lord more than sacrifice. Life has a way of put you in between doing what is right or what is self satisfying. The right thing may not always be rewarding right away but God sees you and will reward you, in His time, accordingly. Assess the situation and do what you know is the right thing to do in the eyes of God. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

We need to seek the Almighty with all our hearts. If we do this we will find Him. We also need to pray that we don't stray from a His commands. Staying in His word will keep us close to Him. These are things His words tell us we must do. Obey Gods commands! #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Love is a lot of things but one thing it is not is that it does not celebrate or live with evil or wrong doing. It does however rejoice in the truth. Love also protects, is kind, trusts, hopes, and always perseveres through any situation. Jesus is all these things so in essence you can say that Jesus IS Love. He loves us more than our minds can comprehend we should conduct ourselves the same way. Go out and show someone the love of Jesus today. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Take advantage of being a part of another day that the Lord has made. Another day that the Lord woke you up. Praise and thank Him for another day. Be glad in all Gods goodness. If you are reading this then you have a purpose...you are alive so tell someone about Jesus today. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Not Because I Have It All Buh Because God Understands My situation And Keep Blessing Me..

This beautiful woman is an amazing mom and follower of Jesus. I get to call her my wife. She has an amazing heart that is full of kindness and giving. She loves the Lord and her family. She works her butt off for her family away from home and at home. I can't say enough how proud of her I am for what she does for me and the kids. I also can convey how happy it makes me that I get to call her MINE! Happy Mothers Day my Love! I hope you have a nice relaxing day...who am I kidding...those days are hard to come by with our 4 year old running around the house. Am I right @tasha_durren? I love you more than I could have possibly imagined. Keep chasing God and He will continue to help you keep our family strong. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG #HappyMothersDay #MomsRock

Finding that perfect someone that completes you is not easy but you have to remain patient. You can be charmed by someone. You can also be chasing beauty or perfection. These things are appealing but they do not last. But a woman, or man, that fears and respects the Lord should be celebrated. Find you someone that is chasing the Lord as hard as you are and they will compliment you. Praise the women, or man, in your life that loves the Lord as our King. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

Don't be ashamed of your weaknesses in life. If it be the way you speak, lack of kindness, the frequency of prayer, problems with lust, or things like not being truthful. Bring them all to Jesus. His power is greater in our weaknesses so bring them to Him and don't hide from them. Let the power of Christ work through you and turn your mess into a message. Then you can boast about your weaknesses because the power of Christ defeated them. #GodsNotDead #GodsNotDead2 #DoYouBelieve #TellTheWorld #CantStopNow #GraceIsAG

For those of you who don't know my hubs and I were in a horrible car accident on Saturday. One that could have taken our lives but God has other plans for our family, and I am so thankful for God's grace and mercy towards us! Thank you to the @sdtribe for such a sweet gesture to Coach Dubb! Due to the accident we missed the tournament this weekend and can you believe our boys walked away tournament CHAMPIONS! He's hanging this game bat in our new home office!! @will__watkins loves coaching these boys, it's been a personal goal for him to give back to a program and sport that he's so passionate about - I love you Coach Dubb! Baby and I are so blessed. #GodBlessTheTribe ❤️ #CoachDubbsWife

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