New furniture for the deck. #goulais #goulaisriver

if you'd like one still, I'd gladly deliver it to you today 🏵️ I mean unless you are in Goulais or something 😂 then maybe we can figure something else out haha I could send you the card to print for her. And remember you don't have to be a mom to still get in on the special ! $50 for a 5 Klass Pack (e-transfer possible)
- and first Klass is free so if she hasn't come to The Klub before, that's 6 Klasses for her !

Happy Sunday. #goulais #dogs

Goodmorning. The sun is poking through the trees. #goulaisriver #goulais #goodmorning

Nothing beats a warm, sunny day on the ice. Followed by campfires and a sauna. #northernontario #goulais #sundayfunday #nofilter

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