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Mil siglos después y terminé esta ilustración🖤 #yay 🏳️‍🌈

💦Comment words starting with 'M' (1 per comment!) MENTOR Motivation 🌟Hey, y'all! Kate here of @paintingperrydise Thrilled to be participating in Aaria's Mentor Motivation series over @surelysimplechallenge This week's theme is NATURE!!
♢♢♢Ever since childhood, art and the outdoors have been two of my main passions. Watercolors offer a way to explore those passions together. Today we start off the week with MOUNTAINS! •
♢♢♢To create the sunset first, I start with bold blue of your choice, adding water to pull lighter blue down the page. Next, start with a peachy color at your horizon line and pull up towards the light blue, just until they touch. If you blend too much at this stage, the colors will become muddy. Let your sky dry COMPLETELY I'll layer distant mountains first and move lower on the page to create depth. Notice each mountain section grows darker with each layer. Note: make sure each mountain range is completely dry before beginning the next layer.
♢♢♢This week we'll explore watercolors, masking fluid, line drawings with ink pens, values of watercolor, and landscapes!
♢♢♢Supplies: Arches 140lb cold pressed paper, Shinhan Premium watercolors (cerulean blue, cadmium yellow orange, opera, indigo), and Master's Touch Round, size 24 brush

Join in NATURE WEEK 🌺 starting now and use the tags #surelysimple #surelysimplejournal be sure to follow @surelysimplechallenge @surelysimpleblog for more tips and tutorials!

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Pre painting the face as to practice for the next painting because I know I will struggle with it 😤🥊 I find profile views pretty tough to paint! Especially getting the eye direction right and the right expression of the mouth 😯
On a completely unrelated note I’ve been watching Jane the Virgin recently, on season 2 so far and I’m #teammichael all the way 😂
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💙🎶 I know you, I've walked with you once upon a dream 🎶💙 my MOM asked me to draw aurora, and how would I deny the woman who gave me birth? I think that, as a child, sleeping beauty was my favorite disney movie! Obviously no princess stands a chance when Mulan is involved, but the gorgeous designs and colors are still a marvel! I never had a doubt about my preferred dress color tho, blue ftw!!!! #inktober #watercolor #gouache #inktober2017 #disneyprincess 🎶🎵 Foi você no sonho tão lindo que eu sonhei 🎵🎶 minha mãe me pediu pra desenhar a aurora, haha, e como eu ia negar? quando criança eu assistia esse filme umas duas vezes por dia! Foi minha princesa favorita por algum tempo, mas essa parcialidade não sobreviveu depois que eu vi mulan. Ainda assim, é um filme lindo e mágico!
Uma coisa que eu nunca tive dúvida porém foi a cor do vestido que ficava melhor... Azul pra sempre!!!

This original illustration is now available in the shop ❤️Use FALL20 for a 20% discount on prints & originals

Modern day Caitlin Fairchild! 💖

First time I was introduced to @jscottcampbellart's work 💖 feeling nostalgic just thinking about the comic run :) Hope you guys like it! Done in gouache and watercolors! 💖
#commission #gouache #traditional #watercolor #art #artph #illustration #artistsoninstagram #gen13 #caitlinfairchild

El azul es el color más cálido/ Blue is the warmest color💙🌊


#working #process #tommylangra

#Ink #Gouache
#Test (I hope none of you mind the frequency of posts but I'm going through development issues and I've got other stuff I'm doing ;) )

Pink Chromagirl time!
a ella la hice de las últimas pero termino siendo de las primeras en mi corazón <3
#chromagirls #gouache #mywawas

I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who took the time to respond to my previous post ❤️💜💙 Words can't describe how much I appreciate your feedback and your support ☺️ Thanks to you I am inspired to #create and share more every day and I am so so #grateful for this amazing community 💋💋💋💋💋 I painted this #happy #unicorn because I am feeling happy and grateful today and sending you lots of love! 💌 Based on everything you've said I promise I will continue sharing both #watercolors and #gouache explorations (and occasional ink and metal if I happen to work on something different like a coin) and I won't shy away from sharing new work even if it doesn't "fit" with my usual style ... and lots of process videos of course 🎨 XOXO Anna 💗 #creativelife #unicornsarereal #gouachepainting

Here is a solider of the 1st Louisiana Special Battalion - Wheat's Tiger RIfles. This regiment was organized in New Orleans under Major Chatham Roberdeau Wheat and was dressed in a Zouave uniform in 1861. The uniform consisted of Zouave styled trousers made of blue-striped bed ticking and a short blue French Zouave Jacket that was trimmed in red as shown here. Wheat's regiment was one of the first units to engage units of the Federal army during the first battle of Manassas (Bull Run). Though the Zouave Uniforms did not last long, the Tiger's tenacity for attacking and fighting their enemy would become legendary over the course of the Civil War.
Prints and original Artwork Available
#Art #Fineart #Louisiana #Civilwar #Confederate #Watercolor #Gouache #soldier #history

"Amyglada", changing your view of God transforms your life (My Idea of God)
#gouache #surealism #painting

#Inktober2017 - Lucilla
Reference: Anariel-Stock.deviantart.com

when you can't decide which part is your favorite or if it's done #studionight #alissapolan #art #curator #collage #gouache #waterfalls #cityscape #mountains

Hands, why art thou so hard to draw 😩 #gouache #ink #intober2017 #art

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