This moment meant the world to me. This is what sisterhood and family is all about. Supporting Each other and Championing The Successes Of Other is what it’s ONLY about! Got To Stop and Lift Each Other Up. Thanks Sunny for being emphatically and beautifully you! #gottostop #sunnyhostintheview #alphakappaalpha #deltasigmathetasorority

It’s all about GTS Gather. Think. Serve! It’s the miseducation and lack of communication that divides us! It’s time to connect to something much greater! “Got To Stop LLC...It’s not a Movement. It’s A Lifestyle!” #theview #gottostop #sunnyhostin

The timer dings, the oven opens and the wave of delicious hits you... Fresh hot bread... I have no self control. I literally schedule to leave the house when I'm going to bake it #knowyourself #noselfcontrol
What's your weakness?
#darktruths #donthate

Thank you for supporting us! It’s not a Movement. It’s a Lifestyle! #gottostop

Wake Up America! Watch, Share, and work together to do something about it! #gottostop

This right here! Don’t know where it came from, who the original poster was, or under what context this meme was created, HOWEVER WE APPROVE OF THIS MESSAGE! Do you? #gottostop

#currentsituation 😖
Good day on plan with minimal carbs today to try and limit this a little but nothing is helping! All my usual remedies are doing nothing 😤
A few days of not eating well and I pay for it big time for a week after #myownfault #whenwillilearn
#bloatedwhale #stickapininme #icouldexplode #ibs #tummyache #spasms #bloatedbelly #bloated #payback #unhealthyeating #unhealthyfood #backonplan #gottostop #iknowwhatworks

The moment after Monday’s workout when you realise that the weekend antics of to many beers 🍺 catches up with you 😂 #weekendantics #gottostop

Beautiful British countryside, perfect driving weather ☀️🌞🌳🐾🌿🌱☀️

The question is what are the societal issues and the environment that would attract anyone to sex work and what are the consequences of those choices financially, mind, body, and soul. Where we may disagree on many things we must agree that Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children is Intolerable!! Don’t you agree? #gottostop

#thesetnyc End Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children! We must band together as one to protect our children. #gottostop

Got To Stop! Gather. Think.Serve We are uniting communities through dialogue and manifesting visions through theatre! #stmathewsbaptistchurch #ccny #gottostop

Thank you @ambercreighton for your support! You wear it well! #gottostop #thesetnyc

Cute T-shirt. Great Cause! #gottostop #thesetnyc .
Honored to model for the Set NYC Fashion Night and support this great cause. Call your New York State representatives & insist that they increase child protection laws to be equal with those of the rest of the country. @gottostop2018

Anyone else all about self sabotaging like me? In for a penny in for a pound and all?? Ordered a caramel iced latte, may as well have a caramel shortbread to, why the devil not?! And it’s not just with my diet, I do it with everything. So if anyone has any tips I’m all ears! #selfsabotage #gottostop #helpme #dieting #failing

This is just heart breaking 😕💔..... people have no morals have no heart 😕 I know how it feels to lose a close one its heart breaking and it’s worse when stuff like this happens!!! First X was shot on some bs and then a 15 year old brutally stabbed and nobody is going to do anything about it? I grew up around this shit and it’s fucked up if you don’t think about that person and what they have for they self just because you not happy with your life don’t mean you got to take theirs and have their family hurting ! Recovery from a tragic death don’t happen over night 😕 its ya worst nightmare when someone passes away so if you plan on killing someone think about what’s going to be your nightmare when you are sitting in prison for the rest of your life from taking a life like this!!! I pray for X’s family and Juniors family if anyone needs a ear just to listen always here ❤️ .... I know what the darkness is like when a loved one is gone and it’s not fun 😕... like before you kill anyone think about they family and if they have children like two innocent people gone for no fucking reason when is this going to stop 😕 LIKE WHEN ??? It’s uncalled for like what makes you so fucking low to kill someone no matter if it’s an argument or if ya got beef fuck that and go on with your life sheesh this shit gotta stop!! The next generation I don’t think is going to be any better sad to say that the world we live in is like this for real man 💯💯 #justiceforjunior #xxxtentacion #rip #resteasy #angels #gottostop #ripxxxtentacion #ripjunior #junior #endtogunviolence #endtokilling #heartbroken #resteasybabyboy #flyhigh
First video: @tbh.3ditzz
Second video: @juniorswurld

#catwalking (literally in a cat mask & leopard print coat) for the creative, playful, alter ego line of @pimcomedy
Very honored to be asked to model for Fashion Night Out 2018 to help end child trafficking and raise awareness for the need to increase child protection laws to be equal with those of the rest of the country. Video provided by PimComedy and Set NYC.
#setnyc #setnyc💒 #fashionnightout #thetravellingfitmommy #catwalking #gottostop thetravellingfitmommy.com

"For heaven's sake! I'm not a steak. #Friend #NotFood #Family #FurKid Please. Speak out. We can't." The cruelty and torture suffered by dogs in China during the Yulin "festival" cannot be tolerated by a #civilizedsociety. My heart is broken at this time every year when I think about what these dogs suffer for... tradition? Manliness? Superiority? We don't understand. Please speak up. This has #GotToStop. Not familiar? Google it - but brace for impact. 😥🐾❤️🐕😡 #stopyulin2018 #stopyulin #stopyulinfestival #stopyulinforever #stopyulinnow #crueltyfree #dogsofinstagram #dogsoftoronto #muttsofinstagram #doglover #animallover #bekind #stoptorture

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