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Cold weather is here and couldn't be any happier #gotthefever #🦆

Taking a bit of a dive into our archives this evening and stumbled upon this:⠀

"Dr. J. M. Ciaravella selects Marie Barclay - For Instance There Are Dr. and Mrs. J. M. Ciaravella, 3449 Gentilly blvd., who have about 100 plants with the same number of varieties in the garden representing about 25 years of devoted planting since they "got the fever." ⠀

#gotthefever #nolahomeandgarden #nola #southerngardening

I'm actually curious how real school is going to play out next year where there are actual attendance policies 🤒 #sickday #gotthefever

Getting some practice in today! #gotthefever

Life ❤️ #gotthefever

So happy we got to be here to celebrate Maylee's 1st birthday! Right now I'm just wishing I was Maylee 😙🍰🎊 we love alllllll the babies so much! #gotthefever

JB READY ✨🎤 #gotthefever

Can’t wait to get my hands back on one of these bad boys 😏 #gotthefever #burnit #nova


Cold weather is here and couldn't be any happier #gotthefever #🦆

When you are sitting in traffic and wish you had your drift spares on. #gotthefever #driftlife #gencoupe #genesiscoupenation #lunchtimefun

Beautiful #monaco has me feeling some type of way. I'm getting that fever again.... the one where my heart aches to see the world and appreciate the beauty built between God and mankind. My travelers spirit/soul/heart will never be fulfilled until I can complete my bucket list and Monaco is definitely top 10. I can't even begin to imagine how people go their whole lives without ever exploring this big blue and green playground 🌏 I've been up and down the east coast of the US, as far west as Texas, 🎼 Memphis TN was one of my favorites cause Elvis (duh), visited Greece, Turks and Caicos, the Keys, the Bahamas, currently living in my favorite spot in Florida, but I've still got a long way to go. #travelersheart #iwannaseetheworld #france #passportready #passporttoeurope #myheartisntmine #livingfromasuitcase #gotthefever

Can’t wait to get my hands back on one of these bad boys 😏 #gotthefever #burnit #nova

Did some prescouting for next weekend with these two. We did some tracking and spotted 5 deer total. 2 Bucks!! #gotthefever #organicmeat #weekaway

I love her sooo much, I wish she was mine lol❤️ #gotthefever

The last picture was the last day we were here, not mad for one morning if I do say so myself! This job and one more and my outta state hunting license is PAID FOR! can't wait for OPENING DAY

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